My Boyfriend's Back by Suzee

Chapter Notes: that summary is tentative. I'm horribly sick with a migraine today and even looking at words enough to do this has me feeling nasuous--add that up and yuo have my brain not letting me write a good summary and me not knowing if I've checked this chapter over as much as I should. And,btw, if you have read LC (first, thank you) and think I say I'm sick a lot...I am--I have some chronic health problems--just so you don't think I'm making it up whenever I give it as my reason for weird posting :-) Hope you like this nw fic of mine and when the other new one has a title I'll let you know about it...now I"m going back to bed--leave me nice reviews to counteract the bad one LC got? (I love you all for the nice ones though)

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Chapter 1

He went away and you hung around

And bothered me every night

And when I wouldn't go out with you

You said things that weren't very nice

August 2

"Poor, poor Elizabeth; you had the best boy in the school and just because you couldn't do without for one measly summer, you're gonna be all alone. So sad," Cordelia said as she appeared at Buffy's locker.

"For the last time, Cordelia, I didn't do anything with Angel." Buffy was really starting to get exasperated with all their accusations, ludicrous as they were.

"Then why would he be saying you did? What exactly do you think he's trying to get out of this?"

"Me." Buffy didn't even listen to the response as she turned her back on the girl and began walking to class.


May 27

"Please don't go, William, please." Buffy knew she must look a mess with her teary eyes and splotchy face, but she didn't care. Not when there were so many more important things to worry about. Like the fact her boyfriend was about to leave for 3 ½ months. And that he as going to be half way across the world. Never mind that it wasn't his choice. He was still leaving her.

"I have to, luv. Now, please, don't make me feel any worse than I already do. You know how much I despise Patrick and how much I love you. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out who I'd choose if I had the chance. But I don't so there's nothing either of us can do about this." She'd never know how much it was killing him to see her crying like this over something he was loathe to do. "So, let's not make this the last memory I have of you for two months, yeah?

When he'd moved here to Sunnydale nearly a year ago everybody—except for Buffy—had assumed he hated his stepfather because of how different they were, outwardly at least. Then when they'd found out he was going back to Kent to spend the summer with his father they couldn't understand why he wasn't jumping at the chance.

No one but Buffy understood.

"Two and a half," Buffy said with a watery smiled, deciding that he was definitely in the worse position here. Of course she'd miss him, but she'd still have her mother and some of her friends while all he'd have would be his psycho father who hadn't even attended his mothers' funeral and lived across the country from any of his old fiends. "You'll be gone for two and a half months not two."

"All the more reason to leave on a positive note then."


August 8

Buffy'd thought that after a week in school people would know that Angel was lying and would be leaving her alone by now. Even apologizing.

Apparently she'd underestimated the power of good gossip paired with jealousy. William was the boy that all of the girls, and probably a few of the boys, wanted. His girlfriend cheating on him when he was away for the summer, with his one enemy nonetheless, was just too good to pass up. Especially for the girls like Cordelia and, to a lesser extent, Harmony and Dawn who couldn't understand why their attempts to steal William away from Buffy hadn't worked. And they were still mad at Buffy, and secretly themselves, for her noticing him first.

There was no was they were letting this go, not until William got back—which was supposed to be today—and they filled him on everything and got him for themselves. Buffy could only hope that she hadn't underestimated William as well and that he believed her.

It was fourth period now and William was supposed to get there during lunch, sixth period. Buffy had talked to Giles when the schedules were mailed out so she already knew she and William had lunch, English, P.E. and Calculus together—every other period.

At least today would be the last day she'd have to suffer through math without him. 'Unless he believes Angel's lies and dumps me. Then- No, bad Buffy. He's not going to dump you, don't even think that. Pay attention to Mr. Pagels.'

Fifteen minutes later the bell rang signaling the end of class and Buffy realized there was only one more class between here and William. And just her luck it was art. Normally that would have given her 45 minutes of getting her mind off of things, even William. But not today, nope she was going to spend the entire class getting more and more nervous that William wasn't going to believe her.

"We haven't actually talked all summer so maybe he thinks I have up on him. It's all his stupid father's fault. His stupid father and his stupid 'no talking to anyone in California' rule and not having a stupid phone that he'd let William use. Stupid!'

'Oh stupid Buffy, he has to believe you. He's William. And you're Buffy. You're Buffy and William,' the more positive voice, and maybe not just a little bit more rational one, in her head tried to convince her.

'But still..' But she was Buffy and over a summer without her best friend she'd started to revert back to the insecure girl she'd been before meeting him. 'I just need to see him, then everything will be better.' And that was something that both of the voices in her head could agree on.


Buffy ran to the cafeteria as soon as the bell rang and stopped in the doorway to look for William. When she spotted him she decided it was a good thing she'd given herself her little pep talk; Cordelia was talking to him. Deciding she couldn't care less what the other girl did, she yelled his name and started running again, this time a bit slower to dodge the people.


June 3

"So, Buff, you want to go to the movies tomorrow night, maybe go down to the beach after?"

"First of all, to you Liam, it's Elizabeth, not Buffy and certainly not Buff. Second, did you suddenly get even more idiotic and forget that I have a boyfriend. Remember William, about so high, drop dead gorgeous, a thousand times smarter than you?" Buffy knew she was sounding bitchy, but she couldn't care less at the moment.

"Really Buffy," he emphasized her name, "What's he got that I don't?"

"It's Elizabeth," she corrected him, "And for starters he has me." Why she was even participating in this conversation she wasn't sure.

"So, no to the movie then?" he asked.

"Yeah, Angel, no to the movie and no to anything else you're ever going to ask me to do from this point on, so don't even bother asking." 'Could he get any more moronic?' Buffy wondered.


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