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Summary: The new girl and the punk popular kid. Maybe in each other they will find what they want…what they need…what they desire…what they crave…
Rated: NC-17
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Genres: Romance
Warnings: Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations
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Published: 03/17/2006 Updated: 05/10/2006

1. New Beginnings by dbeaux [Reviews - 10] Liked (1179 words)
My first spuffy attempt. Please. bare with me.

2. Hanging Out by dbeaux [Reviews - 7] Liked (1038 words)
A/N: Thank you so much for the awesome reviews. I was nervous about it, so it was really appreciated. Sorry it took so long to update. As a stay-at-home mom of 3, it’s hard to update on the weekend, and the only other time I have is late night/early morning and my wireless was acting fruity yesterday.

3. What She Offered by dbeaux [Reviews - 6] Liked (1240 words)
Thank you so much again for the awesome reviews. Sorry it took so long to update. I was out of town (for my kids) and really busy with family coming into town right after we got back. I saw an ep of an old TV show that really got me psyched about writing this again. I hope I can make it work. Thanks again, and thanks for continuing to read.

WARNING: Non-consensual situations! Strong language! Be advised!

4. How Bad by dbeaux [Reviews - 10] Liked (1223 words)
Not sure if anyone is really reading, but for those that did review, thanks! It means a lot.