Just a Thing by Suzee

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Chapter Four

“Spike! We’ve got it. Tara and I had to stay up all night looking through these old books that we sort of stole from the Magic Box because Anya said we had to buy them but Giles said they weren’t for sale and I’m missing my history exam right now,” Willow finally caught her breath after barging into the crypt, “But we found…it?” The last word was made into a question as she finally got a look around the crypt.

“Yeah, guess he buggered off some time during the night,” Spike explained. “Left his coat, might want to do a locator on it just to see if he got zapped back from his end or if he’s off doing some evil…doing,” he finished somewhat lamely.

“That’s probably a good idea. Tara had to get a few ingredients—that I guess we don’t so much need now. But she should be here in a few minutes and we can do the locator spell then.”

“Sounds good—ooh, he left this for you,” Spike handed Willow the folded piece of paper that he had actually refrained from reading.

I hope Spike doesn’t actually read this; he’s probably right about none of you needing to know too much about what’s going to happen…But this was just something I couldn’t keep to myself. In a few days—or maybe weeks, I’m not sure of today’s date actually—Tara’s going to come by the house to talk to you and Buffy’s going to be in the yard with Xander. Warren is going to shoot at Buffy and another shot is going to hit Tara as well.

Buffy will end up in the hospital but you’ll use some sort of magic to get the bullet out…But Tara, well, Tara’s going to die, Willow. She gets shot through your bedroom window. She’s going to die and you’re going to become completely evil in your quest to go after Warren and his friends. You’ll end up almost ending the world….

I’ve probably told you too much already, but…I’ve told Spike that you need to, somehow, get rid of Warren. I don’t’ think it matters how, just do it or you’ll all be worse for the wear….Or just have Tara and Buffy wear bullet proof vests…Just do something.

If Spike listens to me the whole situation probably won’t even happen, but…Just to be sure.

And if Spike ends up killing him—which he just might—don’t’ let Buffy stake him for it. It’s what needs to be done. Good luck to you and Tara, by the way; I hope you two work things out.

“Did you read this Spike?”

Spike, who had become concerned as Willow grew more and more ashen as she read the note, didn’t answer her at first.

“No,” he finally answered, “I, uh, thought that what he was saying ‘bout keeping things spread out was smart…Should I have?” He was worried that there might have been something hurtful towards Willow in the note and he’d made her read it.

He wasn’t going to examine why he cared, either.

“It’s probably really good that you didn’t actually. But—you’re going to have to help me keep Tara and Buffy safe from Warren, okay?” Willow figured that if the man had done enough to get Spike to believe he was who he said he was, then they needed to believe this as well.

Besides, if they didn’t listen then there was possibly world ending trouble that could result and if they did…well maybe they killed Warren and really how many times had he tried to kill them already? It wasn’t as if he was innocent in the slightest.

“You and Glinda can do the locator, make sure the bloke’s gone as it looks then we’ll work on a plan, yeah?”

“Just, uh…don’t forget whatever it is he told you, okay?”

“It say that?” Spike pointed to the paper.


“Got it. I’ll remember. Now, you and Glinda make up any?”


Willow and Spike had talked for the fifteen minutes it took Tara to show up and both found that, surprisingly, they could have a rather pleasant conversation and decided they needed to be open to doing so again.

Once Tara got there, they used James’ jacket to do a locator spell and the two witches determined that he was no longer in their dimension and assumed someone in his dimension had been quicker than they.

Spike and Willow made plans then, without Tara’s knowledge, to meet up the next day; that was when they came up with their plan—a plan that primarily consisted of not killing Warren but doing everything else to minimize contact, installing bullet proof windows in the house (without Buffy’s knowledge) using some of Spike’s money, and mainly, of Spike listening to what he had been told.


He’d known it was coming for weeks—had sensed it’s approach for the past four days. Still it didn’t hurt any less when Buffy finally said those words.

“I’m sorry, William.” It didn’t hurt any less and it didn’t make it any easier to watch her turn her back on him and walk out that door. He knew it was what he had to do, but it still shattered his heart into a million pieces when she vanished from sight.

Apparently, knowing the future didn’t make it feel any less real when it finally got around to becoming the present.

It was only the knowledge that it was what had to...Sod that, Spike muttered, It still fucking broke him…didn’t matter if he had to happen or not.


For the first time since the studio had given them to him, James actually watched his Buffy DVDs. He’d been just too curious to see if his time in Sunnydale had changed anything not to.

He watched As You Were first, knowing that was the episode where he would first—possibly—see the effects of his being in Sunnydale.

As the events of the episode progressed, though, he began to lose hope. Everything seemed to be happening the exact same way he’d done it years ago, without even the slightest change.

And up until that crucial scene in Seeing Red he’d thought that it had all been a dream—vivid as fuck but still only a dream—and that nothing was going to change. But suddenly….

Suddenly everything was different.

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