Just a Thing by Suzee

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Chapter Six

Spike couldn’t help but kiss her then. And anyone who expected differently? Anyone who expected him to just sit there after the woman he’d been in love with for years finally acknowledged her love for him? Well they were just absolutely bug shagging crazy and of no consequence to him.

“Buffy, pet, luv,” he murmured against her neck, “God I love you—so, so much.”

“I love you too William,” she said it with so much conviction that he couldn’t have doubted her even if he’d wanted to. Which he didn’t.

“Please, luv, let me….Please, kitten; let me love you?” It took Buffy just a second to realize that he meant in the physical sense of the word, not the metaphysical sense; then just a second more for her to make her decision.

Her fingers shook slightly as she reached down to pull the hem of Spike’s t-shirt from his jeans.

“This time’ll be different,” Spike said and Buffy thought it was statement, not a question, until he repeated it again—more forcefully this time. “This time’s going to be different.”

“It is,” she agreed quietly, “Better.”

Buffy wasn’t ever one to say much, at all, during their….well whenever they were intimate and this time wasn’t any different. She remained silent even as she pulled Spike’s shirt over his head and began to undo his belt buckle.

Spike, himself, didn’t make any noise—didn’t even breathe until she was unbuttoning his jeans. Even then he just drew in a quick, deep breath and all but hissed, “Luv.”

“Let me do this, Spike. Please?” She needed him to see that, after all the times she’d been so violent and hateful when he tried to love her the way he wanted, that she could do sweet and loving, too.

Buffy helped Spike divest himself of his pants and pushed him, now naked, back onto the bed before realizing that her door was still open and there were other people in the house.

“Probably should close that, kitten,” Spike told her when he saw what had caught her attention.

“Be right back,” Buffy closed the door firmly before locking it and checking three times that it had in fact locked properly. “Don’t want any interruptions,” she explained.

Buffy tried to ignore the flippy feeling in the pit of her stomach—the one that told her she hadn’t been this ‘honest’ with herself or Spike ever before, as she slowly undressed herself and made her way back to the bed.

Spike of course, sensed her nervousness. “Come on, luv; we’ll go slow this time, yeah? Do it right.”

“Yeah,” Buffy agreed, glad for him and his patience. Wanting this to be different, gentler, than any other time, Buffy laid down carefully next to Spike, the both of them completely nude.

“I love you, Spike,” she said as she reached out to caress his cheek.

“Love you too, Buffy,” Spike replied, sliding his hand onto her hip and pulling her closer to him as she leaned in to kiss him.

They kissed languidly for several more minutes, her hands sliding behind his neck to hold him to her as he held more tightly to her hips, the passion growing between them with the second.

Buffy, mindlessly, slid a leg over his hip and Spike guided himself into her quim, drawing a gasp from her.

“Love you, pet,” he murmured again and again as he began to move slowly, sensuously in and out of her.

Soon they were both gasping, in desperate need of release. With a hand across his neck, Buffy gently pulled Spike’s face to her neck, just as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Are you sure?” Spike wanted to bite her for sure—more than almost anything, but only if she was sure she wanted him to.

“Please,” she repeated and felt Spike’s face shift into his demon guise as she finished the word.

He’d only bitten he one other time…and she’d thought that had been Heaven, but…God, if accepting that she loved him and he loved her made everything this much better? Well then Buffy was the stupidest woman in the world for having not done so sooner.

“Love you!”

Spike could feel her walls fluttering around him as her blood pooled in his mouth and down his throat, it was divine.

Taking one last pull of her blood as he came, Spike withdrew his fangs and licked the wound carefully, not wanting to hurt her anymore than the obvious-hey-you-just-had-fangs-in-your-neck part.

“Love you so much, Buffy,” he breathed against her neck, the cool air against the bite marks making her feel all tingly.

“Have anywhere to be anytime soon?” Buffy asked, her meaning clear to the both of them.

“Not a one,” Spike answered, already flipping them so that Buffy lay under him, his cock still inside her.

“Want to keep my company for a while….my love?” It sounded strange to her, to hear herself saying it, but she knew that Spike would appreciate it.

Spike, in fact, more than ‘appreciated’ it; his face broke into a huge grin as he heard the endearment. “Never going anywhere else as long as I can help it.”

And neither of them did go anywhere for much, much longer…not even when Dawn tried to get them to come eat dinner and eventually gave up with a loud, very disgusted sounding, “Ewww!”


“Watcher boy have a Slayer history lesson with you or something?” Spike didn’t know why all of a sudden the Slayer wanted to know about vampires and claims and mating.

“If you don’t want to…God, Spike, just tell me. I was just wondering why if you love me so much you haven’t even brought up this thing that’s supposed to be like the end all and be all for vampires…the ultimate in protection and/or love…”

“You said it yourself, kitten, ‘for vampires’. You’re a Slayer, no saying for sure what a claim’d do to you.”

“So you’re not even willing to find out?” Buffy was beginning to get more than just a bit angry.

“I told you,” Spike insisted, vehemently, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“And what if I told you that a vampire claimed a Slayer before? What would you say then?”

“What happened to her?” Spike asked, wondering why he’d never heard of this.

“Same as every other Slayer,” Buffy explained, “Some vamp got the better of her and she died.”

“And her mate didn’t protect her?”

”Apparently he claimed her after some witches got mad and did some sort of spell to make the two of them think they were in love. She staked him when the spell was reversed,” Buffy explained, her voice dropping to a near inaudible level by the time she’d finished.

“But!” She continued when she saw Spike’s apprehension, “The point is that her being the Slayer and getting claimed didn’t result in anything bad. So, see? Nothing bad will happen to me.”

“You sure you want this, pet? Not going to stake me afterwards are you?” he asked it lightly but she could tell he was genuinely concerned.


“No, Buffy, what if that wasn’t just her reacting to the end of the spell…what if it was some sort of Slayer based reaction? One that you’ll have too?”

“I’m not going to stake you, Spike.”


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