Just a Thing by Suzee

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Summary: Ever wonder what would happen if James Marsters got sent to Sunnydale? Would he even believe it was happening? Would the Spuffyness of seasons six and seven change? (A present for dasjessy)
Rating: NC-17 [Reviews - 142] Liked
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Genres: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
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Published: 05/18/2006 Updated: 07/20/2006

1. Chapter One by Suzee [Reviews - 23] Liked (1491 words)
I hope this is allowed on this site...having JM in a fic

Should have said this before...I'm personally not very big on RPF stuff and ddin't think I'd ever write it....for this fic just that little bit of JM in it helped the story along. I'm not pretending to know him or his character enough to write him--I'm making up a fictional character and trying to be as true as possible...I don't think I'm ever anything but kind and respectful...and don't mention anyone else in his life--except for maybe a sentence or two. I hope you can enjoy this story and know that I don't mean any disrespect to James Marsters in any way. (repeated at the end of the chapter as well)

2. Chapter Two by Suzee [Reviews - 17] Liked (1239 words)
I can't believe how many reviews the first chapter got.....THANK YOU......and this chapter is for my lovely Jess....
3. Chapter Three by Suzee [Reviews - 18] Liked (1325 words)
sorry my updates are becoming sporadic...I don't think I've ever gone out of town this much....ever, really.

I'll try to update while I'm gone...sorry for missing this past week's update

4. Chapter 4 by Suzee [Reviews - 17] Liked (1137 words)
so I'm finally, finally back and posting.....hope some are still interested in this fic.....and please let me know as for some reason I got super nervous about this fic...
5. Chapter 4: Part II by Suzee [Reviews - 16] Liked (1129 words)
next chapter will be up on Thursday--sorry for the odd timing of this post, couldn't get TSR to work quite right yesterday....SB and a drabble collection will be posted soon as well :) Please review? (I'm all sick and I'd love it extra today)
6. Chapter Five by Suzee [Reviews - 15] Liked (1338 words)
just a few more chapters to go......please review :)
7. Chapter Six by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (1377 words)
sorry I didn't update this one for a while...and apparently there's only one more chapter after this (yes, it is bad when I think my stories are longer than they actually are).

Once this one is done next week I'll try to get a new story posted soon but I have a rule of finishing fics before I post them and lately (as in this summer) I've been a whole lot better at starting fics than I have been at finishing the ones I have going....so it might be a little while...sorry. I will try to finish one up, though--and there's about a 95% chance it will be AU this time.....till then you could just read Silently Broken ;)

Also, with verything going on it took me until, oh...yesterday to realise I needed to have written a 4th of July fic for the 113 series....I'm working on it :)

8. Chapter Seven by Suzee [Reviews - 22] Liked (1678 words)
nothing I can think of...other than to tell you I'm working on getting a new story u soon so that people who don't want something as dark as SB can read something of mine :)