Summary: COMPLETED Buffy Summers is successful and content with every aspect of her life save one: her sex life. Sick of methodical vanilla sex with her current boyfriend, she still has never been able to achieve an honest first-rate orgasm in her entire life. Then one day she stumbles upon a mysterious escort service online that offers her hope of a perfect sexual experience and impulsively decides to seek out their help. What starts as a simple business transaction turns into a night of unbridled passion-filled sex with the handsome stranger the service pairs her with, leaving both of them to question if once is truly enough. Special noteThis is NOT porn without plot. Matter of fact it's loaded with plot. Please do not shy away from this theme as I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to what's really inside. Thanks. Comedy/Romance/Angst/& good Spuffy Luvin. Awards won: Round 12 of Spuffy Awards: Best Fantasy Author (readers choice), Best Fantasy Romance (judges choice), Best Fantasy "We Missed the Bed Again" (judges choice), and Judges Pick. Round 3 at Forbidden Awards: The Sensual Award. Spuffy Awards Round 13: Judges hand picked for special acknowledgment. Current Nom: Spark and Burn for Best pwp, best romance and best Spike characterization.
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Published: 06/05/2006 Updated: 09/30/2007

1. An Alternative by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 61] Liked (2147 words)
This is my first-ever attempt at spuffy fanfic. I chose one idea out of many that I felt was a good solid simple first-fic to write that has been roaming around my head for a while now. So before you review, be kind rewind and remember: it's my first and it gets better and better as time goes on, that's a promise. Warning: The intimate scenes will be described in detail to enhance the readers experience, however, there will be nothing too disturbing or over the top (at least from my POV, and hey, it's nc17 right?). So if you're easily offended by the above mentioned please stay away. I welcome constructive criticism only and simply will not reply to flames. I'll take the time to respond to everyone's reviews as I seek encouragement on my road to becoming a good author.

My special thanks go out to to Meg and Bri. And also to Karbea57, whose own work and advice as a veteran writer has been invaluable, especially on the technical aspects of writing good fanfic. One of her works was my first–ever 'read' welcoming me into the spuffy world that made me stay, she is an inspiration.

I hope you like the introduction to my little story that I hope will be enjoyed by all who choose to read. Thank you for taking time out to give me a shot at my imagination as it runs wild in the world of Spike & Buffy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Mutant enemy and Joss own all the characters, I merely use them for pure entertainment.

2. Be Careful What You Wish For by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 43] Liked (1329 words)
Ok, here it is as promised. It's the last 'short' chapter you'll see I promise, so if you like this one as much as the first, your gonna love chapter 3 once I finish. Enjoy. Oh and to those who are interested I did just join the LiveJournal via my friend Kar. I haven't had a chance to interact there yet, but will soon.

3. Lady In Red by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 30] Liked (4712 words)
Here it is as promised... a much longer chapter, and yes we meet Spike in this one. I hope you all enjoy this as much as the previous chapters. PLEASE read my note at the end for language translations and another disclaimer.

4. Breaking and Entering by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 29] Liked (5003 words)
Thank you so very much to all that have left reviews. It really does mean the world to me and gives great encouragment to my work. As soon as I post this I'm leaving to drive 18 hours (2 days) to spend the summer with my father in the beatiful rural country of upstate NY. There, in the quite countryside and rolling hills I'll be writing like crazy. As soon as I get settled in this weekend I'll answer every review for this chapter, and if at all possible sooner than that. Please continue to review as it feeds my muse... enjoy.

5. Breathless by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 55] Liked (8597 words)
SPECIAL NOTE: I had my first flame from someone who takes a strong stand on the issue of rape and how could I as a female writer "think this is acceptable "and "why is it so acceptable in fanfic". I have a few words for people like that... Spuffy fanfic sites have MANY stories that deal with rape and I bet there isn't an author out there who intends to upset anyone with their work. Bear that in mind as I will delete flames (only), not negative reviews, not criticism, not constructive criticism and I won't apologize or defend my decision or for anything I've written, no author should.
A/N: I realize that it’s been a few days since I posted last, unfortunately life happens as it usually does (I got victimized by Internet fraud and had to deal with a mess to recover $1500 of my $) AND while it did my muse cut out on me. Add in the fact my father puts me to work every time I visit and the muse was not ‘amused’. Incidentally, my dad is 78 y/o, lives by himself and has been suffering from a rare degenerative nerve disease the last 10 years. I felt the need to mention this, not for sympathy but only b/c he lives alone and has a hard time doing things for himself, therefore when I show up, there’s always a long list of things needing to be done. Though to some an explanation may not be necessary, I thought it best to put it out there anyway. I’d really like to thank everyone whose continued to review my work: Kar, Bri, Meg, cordykitten, Riahannon, blondiebear, brat, dusty273, klylu, luxferi, golddrake, daisy, PhotographyNut, Renee, MidnightGirl, Irishwoman39, Dolau, sarah g, Taylormaid, and CrazyInLoveWithSpike who I know is ready to strangle me. There are many more out there of course, but the list was getting long so I’ll just send a big hug out to everyone here. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the A/N at the end of the chapter when you’re finished reading, thanks.

6. It's Not Nice to Tease by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 38] Liked (5389 words)
OK, here it is. Sorry it took me so long, sometimes vacation isn't necessarily vacation, but I wasn't happy with this chappy for a long time till the muse woke me up at 4:30 one morning. A pot of coffee and 8 hours later found me 100% comfortable with what I'd written. I'd like to thank Kar (Karbear57), Marzbar, Jeanie, Jaime, Vicki, and Nicole for all their help, you guys are awesome. And thanks to all my faithful readers and those who have left reviews, it's like food for the soul. Warning: The sexual activities in this chapter will be graphic in nature and there may be some language/words used that may be offensive to some. Pleased be advised/forewarned if you are sensative to these issues, thanks.
Please read the authors note at the end of this chapter for the extra disclaimer. Thanks and I hope everyone enjoys.

7. Turn up the Heat by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 30] Liked (6057 words)
A/N: Ok, I have to say thanks up front to my betas and the readers who've stuck with me so far. I love all the reviews and encourage everyone to leave one, even if it's short. We are moving into the AO territory here, so if you're sensitive to graphic sex, please stay away, you've been warned. Thanks to Cordykitten for putting me in touch with Debart... she's the one responsable for the pic in the last chapter. She gave me permission and all the credit goes to her and her wonderful JM art. Important note: I wasn't supposed to see my husband for 14 months... he's deploying to Iraq. Needless to say he showed up at my dad's as a surprise to me and our kids. So if I don't post for 2 weeks... you know why. On that note, enjoy, I have to go tend to my soldier. SPECIAL NOTE to beasleysmom, girl, I know your friend /beta Vicky. She and I talked and you live practically next door to me. I tried emailing you and left a response to your review as well. I'd love to meet you face to face when I get back home this fall to pick your brain, I love your stories. I'm over in Shiloh Housing on SAFB. So if you want, email me.

8. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 57] Liked (5238 words)
I noticed that I have a lot more readers hits for this chapter without having read ch. 7 first. Just in case, I'm letting everyone know I posted 7 and 8 at the same time, so don't skip 7 or it may not make sense, thanks. You know whats coming - literally. The 'condom' issue will be addressed later for those of you that are wondering. You can always go back to read my response to your reviews. I've faithfully kept up with that promise. And yes, even though my hubby's here, I'll still continue to respond to the reviews.

9. Peanut Butter and Honey by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 43] Liked (4337 words)
Still in AO territory here, probably, no WILL be the next chappy or two. I wanted to say again that the lovely pic I used was created by Debart and she has given her consent. Thanks so much to everyone out there who left reviews for the last two chapters, it was nice to see so many positive reactions.

10. Do It To Me One More Time by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 38] Liked (6875 words)
Well, I'm back in my own house now, wheww, what a drive. I'm so glad to have my DSL back, dial-up sucks. Ok, I know that there is a lot of sex going on here, and in a way I apologize for it. We will be getting back to the plot (yes it has a plot - let's just call this story 'meaningful smut') in chapter 12 - you read that correctly. This night needed to be memorable for them both, each learning about eachother and going through a range of interactions/emotions. So bear with me please. As you can guess, we're still in AO territory, so be forewarned if your sensitive to graphic sex. To Beaselysmom, i sent you an email hon, so we can hopefully meet soon.

11. Once More, With Feelings by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 46] Liked (4803 words)
Hi all! Bear with me for one more chappy of spuffy luvin, then it’s down to the business of plot. After this chapter, it’s not all wine and roses. There won’t be a TON of angst, but there will be some. Wouldn’t be a story worth reading (in my mind) if they got together too quickly, and hey... having too much fun writing this. I really want to thank kar for all the tremendous help she’s provided me, especially when I get stuck or can’t think straight. And of course to Jeanie, MarzBar, Nicole, and Vicki, cuz hey, without them and kar, no story to post. I can’t thank everyone enough who took the time to leave a review, they really do mean a lot to me. To list everyone here would be too long, but I send out a HUGE hug and warm fuzzies to all. I hope once we get into the story, that you all enjoy it just as much as you have so far. Yes, there will be some angst as I’ve mentioned, but, there will be many, MANY more steamy scenes to come.
Beaselysmom, you just email me whenever you’re ready sweety, I’m usually always at home.

12. William 'Spike' Ivanhoe, British Born Gigolo by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 50] Liked (6314 words)
Well, here it is. I do hope you all enjoy,.

13. Out of Sight, Yet in My Mind by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 52] Liked (3949 words)
WOW, I got nominated for round 12 in the Spuffy Awards. Whoever nominated me thank you, I feel truly honored that you thought enough of my story, I still haven't scraped myself up off the floor from my shock. As for this chapter, just remember I said it's not all wine and roses.

14. Waiting and Wanting by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 55] Liked (3217 words)
Thanks to karbear57 and Dusty273 for their help on this. I will have hopefully redeemed myself for any of those readers who may not have like the last chapter. Enjoy.

15. Arrested Development by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 64] Liked (3992 words)
I shan't say a word until the end, other than to say writer's block prevented me from posting this sooner. Thank you Dusty273, you are a beloved friend and inspiration. Thanks to her chapter 15 is now posted. Oh, I do have a note after all... to Dolau and Dirktavian... there is a glitch somehwere in the website and i wasn't 'allowed' to respond to your reviews. I apologize for this and hope it won't happen again.

16. Cruel Misconceptions by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 59] Liked (5361 words)
As some you already know, I had the flu-bug bad last week, and well, add that to RL obligations with my two young ones and I just couldn’t post any sooner. Someone asked if I had a set schedule as far as posting goes, and to be honest, no I don’t. I try to at least once a week, but if I don’t, just know that it won’t be abandoned. A huge thank you to whoever nominated Tailored Encounters over at Love’s Last Glimpse Awards, again, I’m beyond flattered. This story is my first and therefore my baby, and I’m just so happy that all the readers are enjoying it just as much as I do writing it, so thank you all for the support and the lovely reviews. Oh, one tiny spoiler before you read... your fist impression of Buffy’s inner slut (her statement), will be the correct one, remember, she’s her higher conscious and sees things for what they are. Enjoy.

17. Surprises by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 53] Liked (4498 words)
The muse has been kind, but not without the help of my dear and beloved friend Karbear57. A very special and warm thank you to her and the beta's that helped to shape and refine this chapter. Also, someone out there truly loves me. I’ve been nominated at a third award site: Burst Into Flames Spuffy Awards. I cannot thank whoever nominated me enough; I just wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally. One more special note; I have posted chapter 2 of my PWP, or rather, porn with a smidgeon of plot fic entitled ‘Language of Love’. Please check it out. I think you’ll enjoy the laughs, and my usual vein of smut, that it provides. Its 3rd chapter will be posted soon with a special question at the end for those seeking a sequel that will lead to a trilogy of Buffy’s special vacation in Paris with her new-found heart throb William – a Frenchman who speaks no English.

18. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 79] Liked (7300 words)
I’ll apologize upfront for the lengthy author’s note but there are a few things I need to say. A huge thanks to karbear57 for the banner she created for me, it’s truly lovely. And also to Kitty, who created the pic contained in the chapter and gave me the song icon as well. And of course thanks to the betas that help shape the final product you see today. I wish I could thank every reviewer individually, but that would indeed turn into a huge list, just know I love you all, big hugs and kisses from me and my muse. Ok, so I’m a huge fan of the 50’s & 60’s music even though I’m only 36 years old. In saying that, there are links contained within this chapter where you can click to hear the songs mentioned. I advise to right click on the icons and open in a new window or else you’ll go straight to where it’s stored. It will automatically begin to play once you’ve accessed it, AND, I’ll apologize for the size of the icon – it was a requirement to be a certain minimum size (200x200). This was my favorite chapter to write so far, not quite sure why, and I do hope you enjoy it too. If you really want to get the ‘full’ experience and the ‘feel’ that the muse tried so hard to put into this chapter, I highly recommend that you read it slowly, if you’re able, and that you click on the song links as they appear so you can hear what they hear at the same time – thus the magic the music has weaved around our favorite couple. SPECIAL NOTE: When I do finally post the sequel to ‘Language of Love’, the title you’ll be looking for is ‘Lessons in Love’. I have some great plans thanks to everyone who voted yes to a sequel – a huuuuuuge thanks for the votes of yes, my muse is most excited to get started.

19. Falling Deep by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 50] Liked (6011 words)
Okay, so I’m going there one more time – meaning the romance, so bear with me. Also, there’s one more song to be played. No worries, I’m not making this a habit or anything, its just that my dear friend Dusty273 introduced me to the song about two months ago, saying it reminded her of my story. I actually had never heard of it, so when she sent it to me I fell in love with it and knew I had to include it at just the right moment. I’ll apologize for any difficulty/extra steps in clicking the link to hear it... the regular site I use to store them isn’t functioning correctly for some reason. Special thanks to Suzee for helping me get the song formatted and stored elsewhere so it could be included. Thanks to karbear57 for all her help as well as Beasleysmom (to whom I owe a certain ‘sshhhh’ moment). Oh, almost forgot, thanks to everyone who voted for TE at round 12 of Spuffy Awards, it received 5 awards total, I found out while I was on the phone with Beasleysmom – we screamed like a couple of teenagers – not a pretty site for 36 year old woman (me), LOL. Hope you all enjoy the chapter.

20. Domesticated by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 56] Liked (6415 words)
Sorry for the delay in posting. Had to make two trips this week out of state, one overnighter to see my nephew graduate ARMY boot camp from FT Knox. He makes quite the handsome soldier standing at 6' 5". I hope you enjoy this chapter, it was extremely fun to write. Next chapter should be along shortly.

21. Between You and Me by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 47] Liked (6329 words)
The muse decided to play nice for this chapter. My friend 'K' gave me the idea for the game, so I hope you like it, I owe it to her for having it be such an essential part of this chapter... hugs and kissess to you my dear friend.

22. Jealousy by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 49] Liked (7907 words)
This chapter contains angst. As such, here are the warnings in hopes no one flames me... please read. William is no where to be seen in the latter part of this chapter. Everything is consensual. This is no where near canon in any way, I’ve taken liberties with everything. Remember Buffy and Spike’s ‘safety’ word? It’s important. Thanks to Karbear57, Dusty273 and Beasleysmom for all their help. The muse had a difficult time cooperating. I’m spending the week on vacation out of state for thanksgiving with my dear sister, whose husband is also currently serving in Iraq. I’ll have internet access and answer reviews, but plan on relaxing and spending some quality time with my family. I originally planned on dividing this chapter into 2 due to its length but decided against it, especially since I can’t predict when I’ll post next. Happy turkey day to all and enjoy.

23. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 51] Liked (4214 words)
Well, I’m back. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy holiday, it was great. I chose to stay away from the computer the entire time and my muse is quite active as a result. Thanks for whoever nominated me again over at Love’s Last Glimpse Awards and thanks cordykitten for letting me know about being nominated for The Sensual Award over at The Forbidden Awards. I had no idea, I didn’t receive an email. I’m continually flattered that anyone thinks that much of my little story and my muse is blushing profusely from the attention. I should probably mention that some of these award sites where I’m nominated at are now open for voting. There’s other wonderful authors/stories and multiple categories open so go and vote for your favorites, it helps in keeping those sites running. Thanks to karbear57, Beasleysmom and Dusty273 for their help. Beasleysmom helped me out with Anya's character for this chapter and lent her sense of humor with some qoutes I thought were side splitting. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

24. The Best of Intentions by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 45] Liked (5327 words)
My special thanks goes to Iza for nominating this story for an award. I’m so happy you told me so I could openly thank you here in my a/n, sweety – big cyber hug to you from me and my muse, we’re both very grateful and flattered for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone who has continually left me reviews and also a shout out to my girls who always help me with editing and keeping me on track, Karbear57, Beasleysmom and Dusty273. I do hope you enjoy the update and also see the a/n at the end of the chapter.

25. Damned If I Do by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 55] Liked (7497 words)
On this chapter, since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I wanted to remind everyone that if our couple could, at this point, pull their heads out of the arses long enough to see what’s in front of them, they would end up with each other today. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just bare in mind last chapter’s explanation of what is going on in their individual minds and they are both very, very stubborn despite what is obvious to us and the major attraction they have for one another. I hope everyone’s holidays were spent happily with family. It feels soooooo good to be back - I’ve been going through major withdrawals from writing. I’d like to thank everyone who gave me both holiday wishes but also well wishes in the time I got to spend with my husband who is now back in the desert, sniffs. I hope you all enjoy the chapter and a very Happy New Year to all.

26. Whenever You're Ready by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 42] Liked (4012 words)
I’m so very thankful for all the wonderful reviews from everyone who returned to continue following TE, you guys are simply THE BEST. Also a huuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to everyone who voted for TE over at the Forbidden Awards, I won the sensual award, squeeee – Tina does the snoopy dance. Thanks to Karbear57, Dusty273 and Beasleysmom for all your help, big smoochies to you guys. I’d also like to thank my friend ‘K’ for the lovely drabble she wrote that I’ve incorporated into the waking scene at the beginning of this chapter. I hope you all enjoy it.

27. From Bitch to Bride by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 49] Liked (4963 words)
Hi there. I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this story or LFL, but it’s not because I’ve abandoned anything, I would never do that, I just have a lot more stressful items on my plate these days with RL obligations and I took a break from the aforementioned fics to write In the ARMY Now because the muse wasn’t able to sit still on the idea at all and he insisted what free time I did have be spent on it. That being said, the next chapter of TE should be up in roughly a week, LFL, for those following, will be posted in a day or two and I’m currently working on the next IAN chapter, for those following that as well. Thanks to Dusty273, Karbear57 and Beaselysmom for all their help, you guys are awesome. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter. Buffy has some revelations and Anya meets Lorne, humor ensues.

28. Addicted by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 53] Liked (4833 words)
What can I say? I used late-night hours during the times when I wasn’t packing to move into my new house to produce a new chapter. For this latest installment, trust me, the plan/plot is still in place and the story will NOT be abandoned, it’s simply a matter of RL responsibilities allowing me the time to write/post. Please enjoy. I hope I haven’t lost many readers and that everyone understands my situation. I used a song within this chappy for which, unfortunately I cannot find a way to currently directly link readers to a ‘one-click’ listen to. HOWEVER, in saying so, when you see the link as follows: please copy/paste in a seperate window then click the song icon ‘Kelly Clarkson – Addicted’ as it is truly worthwhile and indicative of Buffy’s state of mind concerning Spike. Trust me, you won’t regret it, it’s a very powerful song that lends itself to the chapter.

Thanks to Dusty273 for her continued patience with editing all my stories along with our co-authoring effort of Someday, Somewhere, Somehow as well as my dear friend Beasleysmom, who’s been by my side, taking care of my two children while I prepare my family to move into my new home. You guys are the best.

29. PS I Love You by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 40] Liked (4758 words)

30. There’s Two Sides to Every Story... and Then There’s the Truth by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 43] Liked (4045 words)
My muse possessed me like a demon this morning and in no time flat, this next chapter was written. I didn’t want to wait to post it because frankly, I’ve discovered that neither my muse nor I really enjoy writing angsty stuff... it’s a real downer and I wanted to move the story along. And yes, I swear I’m working on IAN too, but when the muse takes over like he did today, I have no choice but to go with it. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks Dusty273, as always, you’re so good to me.

31. It’s Always Darkest before the Dawn by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 54] Liked (6225 words)
A/N: Pleeeeeeeeeeeease read. Thanks. A strong word of advice since this chapter get’s a bit intense. Read it slowly, take your time, pay attention to the lines in-between the dialogue. It would be all too easy not to see the whole picture for what it really is. In saying that, I know some of you are really going to be doing the snoopy dance while others, well, not so much. Thanks to Beasleysmom for helping with the dialogue, girl, you’re the queen when it comes to the oh-my-God-no-he-didn’t parts, LMAO. And of course thanks to my lovely beta Dusty273 who’s always there for me. Enjoy and have a lovely Friday.

32. I Hear You Talking, But... by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 58] Liked (7268 words)
I apologize for the delay in updating, but this chapter truly required MUCH more of my time, attention and focus than most before it. Okay, here goes... WARNING... this chapter is intense, maybe even more so than the last, but judge for yourself. I can’t stress enough when I advise that you relax in your favorite chair and read it slowly and uninterrupted, particularly the last 1/3 of the chapter. There are many, subtleties that I tried (key word ‘tried’) to weave throughout the entire chapter but even more so the last 1/3 and I can only hope that I achieved the objective the muse insisted on trying to achieve. *End of warning*. I had a review from the lovely ‘nightshift’ from last chapter that had me rolling with laughter. So I hope you don’t mind sweety, but I took your hysterical ‘mule’ analogy and incorporated it into this chapter. HUMONGOUS heaps of thanks to Dusty273 for her help in getting me over the ‘humps’ I faced in writing this chapter and for her beta skills. Another huge helping of thanks goes to Beasleysmom for her help in the dialogue and mood needed to convey it. You guys are the best. Smooches.

33. Return to Me by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 53] Liked (6218 words)
I know, long time no write… but I ‘m currently on (a month long) vacation visiting family in New York AND, while I was in NJ visiting the in-laws awhile ago, Beasleysmom and I went to the Fangoria convention where we both met James for the first time. Can I just say that man has done wonders for my muse – giggles. (new saying… James does a muse good!) I had so much fun there it should have been illegal. If anyone is interested, they can check out my piccie with JM on my LJ ( It was such a thrill meeting other authors/members of various JM/spuffy sites while there, hi everyone, *waves*. (Hi Lostboy – I’ll be reading your fic later tonight - I totally promise). I could go on all day here about my lovely trip, but I’d much prefer everyone read the latest chappy of TE instead since I’m uber excited to say… NO MORE ANGST – woo hoo!!! Thanks to my pals Dusty273 and Beasleysmom for their help and a special hug and kiss for my friend Karbear57. I’ll do my very best to keep up on answering reviews, just bear in mind that here in (very) rural upstate NY, I’m forced to deal with the slowness that is dial-up Internet & the occasional ‘getting kicked off’ – UGHH!!! And to my newest friend Nos (Dana) – go read In the ARMY Now… NOW girl. I’m not so far away that I can’t drive back to NJ and twist your arm or worse, make you do military style pushups – hee hee, smooches sweety.

34. Worth a Second Go by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 46] Liked (7435 words)
A/N: Sorry for the delay in posting – had a 16 hour (2 day) drive back home and of course a multitude of tasks awaiting me but YAY... I’m back to DSL baby – oh yeah! As soon as this chapter is posted, I’ll be going back and answering all reviews from last chappy. I gave up trying to answer but a few where people had questions - kept getting booted off with stupid dial up. Oh, and yeah – sappy warning here – had to have that ‘all romantic moment’ for our couple complete with (hangs head in shame) yet another song. I kept it brief though and the tune is Far Away by Nickelback (love that guys voice – its panty melting goodness, hee hee). Anyways, please enjoy the chapter and as always, thanks to Dusty273 and Beasleysmom for their help – you guys rock.

35. Sweet Surrender by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 34] Liked (3509 words)

36. Spike, Reintroduced by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 28] Liked (4882 words)

37. The Rest of Our Lives (Epilogue) by Im_bloody_English [Reviews - 115] Liked (3775 words)
A bit more smutty fun before wrapping it all up. Woo hoo, Tina does the dance of joy. I deem this fic officially finished, complete, beendet, rifinito, fini, acabado, whatever, all of the above. Here it is as promised without too much wait... THE END! Hope you like.