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Summary: Summary: Buffy has done something very stupid. How will Spike deal with it when he finds out? This story is more about the actual spanking side of Spike and Buffy’s YKYWT world and the specific sensations evoked, although there will be some smut at the end (well maybe a degree throughout – you know me – just not as much as normal, thought I should warn you).
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Published: 07/05/2006 Updated: 08/08/2006

1. Ch1 - What the HELL was she thinking? by Sarah Aless [Reviews - 10] Liked (4056 words)
Hey guys,

Been a while but I have started a new interlude in the YKYWT world. It's a 4 parter and nearly finished so I'm giving myself that extra push by posting the first part.

Hope you enjoy it. Please read the Warning and Summary as there may be somethings you'd like to know in advance whether you've read my stuff before or not. Cheers



2. 2 – I know I deserve this but what the HELL was I thinking! by Sarah Aless [Reviews - 11] Liked (3027 words)

3. Never been religious but Lord help me!!!!!! by Sarah Aless [Reviews - 4] Liked (2773 words)
Sorry for the delay but please don't let that put you off reviewing. Please please give me reviews - I'm currently jobless and moneyless and therefore foodless and reviews fill me up soooo nicely!

4. Part 4 – Well, here’s what we’re both thinking. by Sarah Aless [Reviews - 10] Liked (4662 words)
Hey guys.
I'm so so so sorry for the delay - may sound like a crap excuse butI got a new job and it's working nights and has seriously messed up my body clock (not to mention my brain). Also I scrapped this whole part once and rewrote it. Hope you like it and it works for ya. Promise not to post the next one til it's 100% complete.