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Chapter Three

One hundred and sixty three steps.

That was how far away Spike had to be. He’d watched the entire exchange between the vamp and his Slayer from down the street, behind a tree and knew that the Slayer hadn’t sensed him because he’d been one hundred and sixty three steps away. He’d tested it once. That was exactly how far away he needed to be for her not to sense him while she was in Slayer mode. When she was out with her friends he could cut it down to one hundred fifty, hundred forty if he wanted to push it; but she was sharper in Slayer mode.

So one hundred sixty three steps away and she wouldn’t even know he had been there. Watching. Protecting.

It wasn’t that he thought for a second that the vampire he’d sent with his message would be able to hurt her; no, he knew the Slayer too well to think that. But….he wasn’t willing to take any chances when it came to her safety. He loved her too much.

He watched as she fought the boy, eventually knocking him to the ground and straddling him, a stake held to his chest. He knew he had no reason to—Spike paused in his thoughts as he saw her pause in her actions. She was talking to the vampire, the stake was still at his chest but not moving down anymore. He hoped she wasn’t faltering—he’d be hard pressed to get to her before the vamp could hurt her. He’d be there before any real damage was done, he knew…but a hit or two…that, the vamp might be able to get in.

Apparently she was just trying to get some answers because Spike could see how she was getting more and more displeased and after just a few seconds, she had staked the vampire beneath her.

Spike studied her expression as she sat on her knees for several minutes. Spike hoped the look on her face—serious, thoughtful and slightly confused—meant that she was going to talk to her Watcher about what vamp boy had told her.

He didn’t feel like having to find anyone else to ‘warn’ Buffy. If he did…well, it would only get harder over time. Sure he knew that girl was great with denial; he just hoped she wouldn’t practice it this time.

Good ole Rupes knew enough about witches—of the not so good variety—to take what Buffy had been told seriously. Many a time Spike had cursed the Watcher for his overreactions and assuming everyone and everything possibly to be evil, but for once it was finally going to work in his favor.

He hoped.

Spike turned and headed towards his own ‘home’ hoping to get some sleep soon; taking care of the Slayer was hard work.

Buffy hadn’t slept well the night before, her Slayer self trying to figure out just why a vampire would risk life and limb to warn her about some curse. She still hadn’t figured it out though and hoped that maybe Giles and Willow would have better luck.

“So, Buffy, you wanted to talk?” Willow was waiting for her at Giles’ flat.

“Yeah, it’s about this vampire I slayed last night—something he said.”

Giles came down the stairs then and Buffy joined Willow on the sofa. “What exactly is it this vampire said?” he questioned, sitting down across from the two girls. It wasn’t like his Slayer to get worried over a vampire’s words so he was interested in knowing what had been said.

“Well—oh! It wasn’t on patrol, it was after I’d gone to bed last night; he was down in my front yard yelling for me to come out—“

“Interesting,” Giles interrupted, quickly realizing he’d given voice to his thought, “Do continue on.”

“Well, I fought him—which I mean, really easy…he wasn’t old or anything…but just before I staked him he told me to wait, that he had a message for me.”

“Don’t you think,” Willow asked, “that maybe he was just trying to stop you from staking him…buy himself some time?”

“I don’t know,” Buffy said, “it was like he was scared of not telling me…like he was scared of what would happen to him if he didn’t.”

“What did he say?” Giles asked when Buffy seemed to get lost in her thoughts.

“That a witch had cursed me,” she said simply, the worry returning to her face and her thoughts.

“Is that all…do think carefully,” her Watcher instructed, “The tiniest detail could be the key to all of this.”

“Just that a witch had cursed me—and that I’d better watch my back.”

“He didn’t, perhaps, tell you the name of this witch?” he knew it was too much to hope for but figured he might as well ask.

“Just what I said, that’s all…he didn’t seem to know anything more.”

“Well it’s obvious he was sent by someone else,” Willow quickly concluded.

“It is?” Why hadn’t Buffy gotten that far?

“His fear and lack of information lead me to believe that he was nothing more than someone’s…lackey for lack of a better word.”

“But why wouldn’t they just tell me themselves? I mean if they’re goal is to protect me…”

“Perhaps they feared they would be an unwelcome source, but wanted to ensure that you were still given the information,” Giles thought quickly.

‘Great,’ Buffy thought, ‘I have someone sneaking around in the shadows to ‘protect’ me…just like Angel!’ She chose to ignore that thought and moved on to more pressing matters, “So how do we figure out what this curse is if whoever it is that knows about it doesn’t want me to know they know?”

“Willow and I will have to look into any recent demon activity, see if any of it bears the sign of a witch’s magic…look for any unusual visitors….I fear there isn’t that much we can do. You’ll just have to be on guard until we can find something.”

“Unusual visitors,” Buffy mocked, “Right! So now I get to watch out for vampires and…This thing, this curse, it can affect me during the day, can’t it?”

“I’m afraid so, yes,” Giles answered her.

“Well yay.”


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