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Summary: S6 depressed Buffy must rescue Spike from the Initiative after he has been recaptured by a seemingly deranged Riley who is working out his "Spike issues" on the captive. Buffy, Giles and the Scoobies must rethink their feelings about the chipped vampire and work together if rescue is to be in time.
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1. Chapter 1 by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 2] Liked (3800 words)
Spuffy Kinkathon assignment: on LJ:
Writing For: denny_dc
The Kink requirements: tortured Spike, physcially abuse him, emotionally and sexually.
Three other requests: Buffy loves Spike and admits it. Angel turns out to be Spike's most loyal friend, Willow gets hurt.
Up to two restrictions: No Dawn, No bad Xander, No Kennedy
Rating preference: R to NC-17
I cover all the kinks listed so be warned…..no under 17 please and it gets kinda dark (but light at the end of the tunnel). Note I decided to "get rid" of Dawn before getting into the story to comply with the "no Dawn" portion. Cannon until S6.11 "Gone", when we get rid of Dawn, then cannon until 6.15, "As You Were". S6, goes AU from that point. Events in Older and Far Away, Hells Bells and Normal Again occurred, but with slight changes. Angel S3 cannon with some slight changes after 3.21, "Benediction". Again warning this fic gets quite dark in places.

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4. Chapter 6 and 7 by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 0] (2909 words)

5. Chapter 8 and 9 by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 0] (4348 words)
A/N *The demon in the adjoining cell to Spike is from cannon, Angel episode "The Bachelor Party" AtS S1.7, the peaceful, assimilated demon race that Doyle’s ex wife married into. (so, okay, they wanted to EAT Dolyle..)

6. Chapter 10 and 11 by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 0] (5606 words)

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16. Chapter 20 and epilogue by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 6] Liked (4101 words)
On The Divine Comedy:
Nearly twenty years after the event, Dante relates a vision granted to him (for his own salvation when leading a sinful life) during the Year of Jubilee 1300. In Dante’s vision, he passed through hell, purgatory and paradise over the course of seven days. Dante spoke with the souls in each realm and heard what the Providence of God had in store for himself and the world.

Virgil, representing human philosophy acting in accordance with moral and intellectual virtues, guides Dante by the light of natural reason. They journey from the dark wood of alienation from God, where the beasts of lust, pride and avarice drive man back from ascending the Mountain of the Lord, through hell and purgatory to the earthly paradise-- the state of temporal felicity, when spiritual liberty
has been regained by purgatorial pain.

Beatrice, representing Divine philosophy illuminated by revelation, leads him up through the nine moving heavens of intellectual preparation into the true paradise, the spaceless and timeless empyrean, in which the blessedness of eternal life is found in the fruition of the sight of God.

There her place is taken by Saint Bernard, representing the loving contemplation in
which the eternal life of the soul consists. Bernard commends Dante to the Blessed Virgin, at whose intercession he obtains a foretaste of the Beatific Vision.

The poem closes with all powers of knowing and loving fulfilled and consumed in the union of understanding with the Divine Essence, the will made one with the Divine Will, "the Love that moves the sun and the other stars".

From the Catholic Encyclopedia