Piano Lessons

by PaganBaby

RATED NC-17!!! This fic is sexually explicit. If you're underage, please do not read this.

Warnings for: Adult content and language. Graphic, hardcore, explicit sex scenes, mention of F/F sex, sex between an older man and an underage woman, and some suicidal thoughts

If you have trouble with the thought of a male in his twenties getting with a 16-year-old female, give this fic a pass.

Summary: AU. Buffy is 16-years-old and not terribly lucky in love. Spike is 24-years-old and through with the idea of love. Their lives change forever when Buffy begins taking piano lessons from Spike.

Credits: I mention a few classical music pieces. You can find many wonderful midi files to enjoy at these sites: Classical Music Midi Page and the Classical Midi Connection.

'Great Balls of Fire' lyrics by Hammer/Blackwell. You can listen to this song (as performed by Jerry Lee Lewis), as well as other Rock ’n Roll oldies, here: Lost In the 50's - Oldies Jukebox.

Thanks to Elea for giving me some ideas for this story!

Mucho thanks to Spike_rulez for beta'ing for me!

Joss, ME and FOX own everything.


Chapter 1: Prelude

"Buffy, don't walk away from me!" Angel grabbed his girlfriend's arm and spun her back around.

"Don't touch me!" Buffy growled, shaking her arm out of his grip and glaring at him.

"We have to talk this out!"

"We talked. Or rather, I talked and you ranted and yelled at me! We're through, Angel."

"No! Come on, Buffy! Just because I won't...do that one thing?"

Buffy looked up in frustration and let out a heavy breath. "Have you paid attention to anything that I've said? That's just a symptom of the bigger problem."

Angel went to say something, but only groaned.

"It isn't going to work between us, Angel. It's better that we break up now."

"I can't believe that you're going to let a--" he looked around furtively to make sure no one would overhear. He whispered, "a sex problem end our relationship!"

The last hour had been spent arguing, Buffy had had more than enough. She held back what she wanted to blurt out. That his penis size was too small for her. He was her first lover (so she hoped it got better!), but the only way she knew that Angel was inside of her was by the way he grunted and rocked his body. Some guys (she'd heard) could make up for having a teeny weenie by doing other pleasurable things to their partner, but not Angel.

Instead of saying such a hurtful, psyche-damaging thing, she pointed out the main reasons she was breaking up with him. "That one thing that you won't do for me, is important! Not just the fact that I've done the equivalent to you and you should return the favor, but also that you won’t even try to make me happy!”

Angel screwed up his face, he hated going down on a girl. It was smelly, hairy and gross to him. Pussies were for fucking and touching, not using your mouth on. It didn’t matter how close Buffy trimmed her bush, or if she shaved or waxed, it still made him sick to put his face near it. Yeah, he’d asked her to give him blowjobs...but that was different!

“Buffy, you know I have issues with that....thing!”

“That thing is a part of my body! I’m sorry that my body is so disgusting to you! I did it to you, you should want to give me happys too! But you don‘t even care!”

“You’re being unreasonable!”

“Ohh, you got nerve! Like hell I am! If you ask me to put my mouth on your dick, you should do it for me too!”

“Lower your fucking voice!” Angel hissed, afraid of anyone finding out about his sexual inadequacies.

“No, I won’t! You’re a jerk! You expect me to do stuff for you, but won’t do the same for me. You can't really care about me if you don't take my needs into consideration. It’s over, Angel! We both need to be with people who are more on our wavelengths.”

“No, I won’t accept that,” he said, squaring his chin. “Breaking up is like launching missiles, we both have to turn our keys.”

“Dammit, Angel!” Buffy said in frustration. “Turn your fucking key, already! I don‘t want to be with you anymore!”

“No.” He crossed his arms.

Buffy had to pull out the big guns, and put it in succinct terms. “You don’t satisfy me. Okay? It’s as simple as that.”

His face dropped. “How...can you say that?”

She closed her eyes and groaned. “Haven't you been paying attention? That's what we've been talking about this whole time! Don’t make me say anything more. You don’t...satisfy me. And you don’t make any effort to satisfy me. Please, just let me go."

Angel didn't think he could stand any more ego-bashing. "Go! If you want to go so bad, just fucking go! You want to be a shallow little slut? Then, fine! Who needs you?! There are plenty of chicks in this school who would die to go out with me!"

"Don't call me ever again," Buffy said, her eyes narrowed to slits.

She turned and walked away from him, for good.


Buffy felt exhausted as she hauled her carcass through the front door of her house. The big-relationship-ending-fight that she'd had with Angel had taken the wind out of her sails.

She hated having to break down and admit to him that he wasn't 'doin' it for her' sex-wise. But after a talk with her best friend Willow the previous night, Buffy thought that honesty was the best policy. It hadn't worked out that way. The discussion had started out calm, but the moment Buffy even hinted that he wasn't doing what she needed, Angel had gone off. His fragile ego couldn't handle it.

Buffy cared about her boyfriend, but it didn't hurt as much as she had thought it would to be without him. Besides feeling down about being boyfriendless, she was actually relieved that she wouldn't have to lay under Angel again--Feeling horny and frustrated. Nor would she ever have to give him a bj with no reciprocation either. She needed to call Willow and tell her what happened.

Buffy started walking upstairs to her bedroom.

"Buffy?" Her mother, Joyce, came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dishtowel.

"Hey, Mom." Buffy smiled wanly. “What are you doing home already?”

"The gallery closed early today, I got home a while ago. You're late...What's wrong, sweetie?" Joyce frowned.

Buffy sighed, "I broke up with Angel after school."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Joyce had never really cared for Angel all that much. He was too smug for her tastes.

"Yeah. Surprisingly okay, as a matter of fact. I'm just tired."

"Why don't you go lay down for a nap until dinner. We're having roast beef. Luckily, I've had time to prepare it since I got home earlier than usual."

"Yeah, that is lucky. It sounds good, Mom." Buffy forced herself not to grimace; her mother's roast was always dry and tough as shoe leather.

Joyce was starting back for the kitchen, then stopped and turned around. "Oh! I was thinking, would you be interested in taking piano lessons? You were just saying the other day how you wanted to learn to play an instrument."

"Mo-om, piano lessons are for little kids. I'd look stupid taking lessons with 8-year-olds."

"How are you and Willow going to start your all-girl rock band if you don't know how to play an instrument?"

"I'll...sing. Maybe play the tambourine or something. If anything, I'd rather learn to play electric guitar, I want to be able to rock out."

"Buffy, knowing how to play a musical instrument can be a very fulfilling thing. And the piano is such a beautiful instrument. And for your information, it's possible to 'rock out' on a piano."

"I'm really tired, Mom." Buffy pouted.

"Alright, honey. Go take your nap. I just thought you might be interested."

Buffy continued upstairs to her room. 'Piano lessons! I don't think so!'

It was true, Buffy would feel silly taking lessons if her fellow students were kids, but the real reason was that the piano seemed too hard to learn for her. Buffy had healthy self-esteem for the most part, but she knew that learning complicated stuff wasn't her strong suit.


The next day, Buffy was hanging around the kitchen for lack of anything better to do.

She sat on one of the stools and had a drink while her mother cleaned the refrigerator. Talking about the Angel situation with Willow had helped lift her spirits a bit. Buffy decided to swear off men for a while. It was just too hard to deal with all of the pitfalls involved in relationships. She was still feeling gloomy about not having someone special in her life, no matter how much she needed a break from the dating world and unappreciative men.

"Why don't you go over Willow's, Buffy? You look so bored,” Joyce observed.

Buffy shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't feel like doing anything."

Joyce knew that breakups could be hard. It pained her to see her daughter with a sad face. She changed the subject. "You know Wesley from the gallery, right?"

Buffy chuckled, "You mean the English cutie with the glasses and nice butt?"

"Buffy!" Joyce said, chastising her, but trying not to smile and laugh at the same time.

"Hey, you're the one who was checkin' out his caboose that time. Your eyes were like riveted to it when he bent over. I saw the whole shocking display!" Buffy teased.

Joyce put a hand over her mouth, giggling. She half-heartedly swatted at Buffy's arm. "That's not true! You're terrible! Aaaanyway, Wesley told me that his cousin is living in town and is thinking of taking on a few select students for piano lessons. Age or ability doesn't matter."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Again with the piano lessons, Mom? I thought I put the kibosh on that idea yesterday?"

"I really think it would be good for you. It's a challenging instrument but a lot of fun to learn, from what I've heard. Oh! And Wesley's cousin, the piano teacher, is William Eddowes! Can you believe it!?"

Buffy raised her eyebrows, taking a sip from her soda. "And I'm supposed to know that name, how?"

"I thought you might have heard of him. He was a concert pianist, he played in venues all around the world. He stopped playing a few years ago though, I suppose he decided to retire. God, he was brilliant. I saw him perform with the Philharmonic in L.A. It was breathtaking."

"So how come he quit if he was so good?"

"I don't know. Wesley said that he wasn't sure of the exact reason either. Apparently it‘s a sore subject that William doesn‘t like to talk about." Joyce sighed and shook her head. "It's a shame that someone that talented isn't sharing it with the world. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to learn from him, a true master of the instrument."

Buffy thought about it. It was kinda cool that the teacher guy was famous--in hoity-toity, high-society circles anyway. She really did want to learn an instrument to start the band with Willow before Senior year. And she never really did ever take chances on doing things that she wasn’t already sure she’d be good at. It could be an opportunity to better herself and grow as a person. And now that she didn’t plan on dating for a while, her free-time had opened wayyyy up. It might not be so bad...

“We don’t even own a piano,” Buffy said.

Joyce grinned, seeing that Buffy had weakened. “Tell you what, if you agree to take lessons, I’ll buy you one. Or one of those electric keyboard things.”

“Yeah?” Buffy asked. Joyce nodded. “Well...I guess I could try.”

Joyce hugged her. “Oh honey, that’s great! Maybe when you’re getting good, you can teach me too!”

Buffy laughed. Her mother had a little too much confidence in Buffy’s abilities. “Yeah, Mom, I’ll do that. Please, don‘t imagine that I‘m gonna be really good at it. I‘m probably going to suck and that Eddowes guy will yell at me and smack the backs of my hands with a ruler.”

“Think positively, Buffy. Maybe it will take you some time to get the hang of it, but I know that you can do it. Trust me, someday, you will thank me for suggesting that you take these lessons," Joyce promised, taking her daughter’s face in her hands. “I’ll call Mr. Eddowes tomorrow and schedule your first lesson!”

'Don't hold your breath waiting for that thank you!' Buffy thought, but smiled.


Buffy wasn’t happy.

She was nervous about starting the lessons and meeting her teacher. She imagined that he was probably really snobby and mean. Hopefully he wasn’t like her dentist: old and crotchety, with ear hair, a weird smell and other gross things.

Buffy was also pissed off that her lessons were scheduled for Fridays after school. Not that she had a cute boyfriend to go out with, but come after school on Friday afternoon, Buffy wanted to forget all about lessons and serious learning of any kind.

Joyce was going to pick her up in an hour, mostly to meet Mr. Eddowes. Usually Joyce was still at work at her art gallery at this time of day, but she was going to quit early today. Her mom seemed to have a kind of crush on Mr. Eddowes. How could you crush on someone just because they played an instrument? Well, there were rock musicians that Buffy found especially yummy...so she supposed that she could understand a little bit from that perspective. But how could a classical music pianist make you wet your panties?

The house looked pretty modest for a world-famous musician. He must have blown all the money he'd made and had to buy a normal house (like hers).

Buffy rang the doorbell.

A moment later, she heard someone approach.

The door opened, a man with bleached blonde hair was standing there. A very, very hot man with bleached blonde hair and the bluest eyes she‘d ever seen. Buffy silently gawked at him.

“Are you Buffy Summers?” he asked, in a delicious British accent.

“Uh...yeah,” Buffy said, knowing how dumb she must have sounded.

He smiled, opening the door all the way. “The first student. Come in, won’t you?”

“Uh, okay,” Buffy said, wandering through the doorway and into the living room, where the front door opened into. She thought, ’Wow! Hothothothot! That can’t be the guy! It’s his houseboy or butler or

He shut the door, thinking, ’Isn’t she a lovely girl? She must have boys lined up around the block.’

“Well, take off your jacket and make yourself comfortable, Buffy.”

“You’re...Mr. Eddowes?” she asked, shrugging out of her jacket.

“I didn’t introduce myself, did I? That was rude of me.” He walked up to her, extending his hand. “Yes, I’m William Eddowes. It’s good to meet you, Buffy.”

Buffy smiled, shaking his hand. ‘Hot damn! I get to hang out with this yumptious guy for an hour a week? Yay!’

“I...didn’t know you were going to be so young,” Buffy said, batting her eyes. “I thought you’d be some old guy. My mom said that you were retired.” Joyce had kept how young he was to herself, she wanted Buffy to be surprised. It worked. Buffy was very pleasantly surprised.

He laughed. Buffy felt a thrill run up her spin, making her giggle. He had a very sexy laugh.

“Somedays I feel much, much older. I am retired. Had enough of giving concerts after hundreds of them. Would you like something to drink? I was going to get myself a Coke.”

“Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks.”

Buffy followed him with her eyes as he left the room. She fanned herself with her hand and blew out a breath. ‘Yum!’

He was wearing a pair of khaki Dockers and a dark-blue long-sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He also had on a black necktie. The pants looked soooo good on him! He was slim, appeared to be in good shape and was extremely handsome. That voice! That bod! Who knew pianists could be so hot?

‘Whoa! Get a grip, Buffy! Stop perving on your teacher! Try and act normal!’

She looked around his living room, getting her hormones under control. She saw a picture on a bookshelf. It was a framed photograph of Mr. Eddowes and an older man smiling for the camera in some kind of club. It was autographed with a silver marker, it read,

“To Spike,

You blow me away!

God bless you --

Jerry Lee Lewis”

Buffy smiled quizzically. Oh, he had such an adorable smile!--Mr. Eddowes, not the old guy. ‘To Spike'?

He came out of the kitchen with two cans of Coke. “Here you are.”

“Oh, thank you.” Buffy blushed and took the drink from him. She turned back to the photo. “Who’s that guy with you?”

“That’s Jerry Lee Lewis, The Killer. One of my musical idols that I was lucky enough to meet.”

“The Killer?”

“Just a nickname.” Spike smiled.

“Oh...Oh yeah,” Buffy said. “He was famous a long time ago, right?”

“Yes, back in the late 50’s, early 60's. He was an electrifying performer, especially for those times. With the exception of Elvis, there weren‘t many white boys that played that kind of music.”

“Why does it say, ‘To Spike’?”

“That’s a nickname some friends gave me years ago. If it makes you more comfortable, you may call me that if you like. Most people who know me call me that.”

Buffy’s blush spread. “Okay, Spike. It’s kind of wiggy to call a teacher by a nickname, but I like it.”

Spike smiled. “Good, I want you to be at ease. Let’s get you acquainted with the piano.”

He sat down on the wide, padded wooden bench. Buffy sat down next to him, concentrating on looking at the keys instead of her remarkably hot teacher. The padding was comfortable, at least she wouldn’t have a sore ass after the hour was up. His piano was an ebonized mahogany Steinway upright. It was very nice as far as pianos go. It looked expensive.

“Your mother says that you’ve never played before. Do you know how to read music?”

“Um, no, not really,” Buffy said, feeling dumb.

“That’s alright, don’t feel bad about it. Most people don’t know how. I’ll give you a few workbooks to take home so that you can study.”

Buffy frowned. “Homework? I don’t want extra homework. I get enough of that at school.”

“Buffy, you’re taking these lessons to learn something. Learning requires commitment and study. If you aren’t willing to put in some effort, you might as well just quit now.”

Buffy pouted, he was being mean. Though...she could see his point. She was just being a big baby about it. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I’ll try my best. And I‘ll try not to bitch about it.”

He smiled warmly, making her feel all gooey and melty inside. “It’s not so bad once you learn the basics. I’m sure you’ll pick it up just fine. You seem like a bright girl.”

She blushed again. “Thanks. I’m just worried that I’m going to suck.”

“I’m sure you won’t suck, Buffy,” he chuckled. “Let’s get started with this book,” Spike said, taking a book from the top of the piano.

Over the next half hour, Spike went over the very basics of reading music. Telling Buffy about staffs, clefs, the names of some of the notes and their placement on the staffs, etc. Buffy was trying hard to retain the information.

“Now that you know some fundamentals, we’ll move on. Put your hands on the keys like this.” Spike demonstrated where she should place her hands. “Put both thumbs together on Middle C so that they’re touching.”

Buffy admired his long fingered hands. They were elegant, but still quite manly. She placed her hands on the keyboard where he showed her.

“Good. Arch your hands a bit,” he put his hands over hers, lifting her palms off of the keyboard. “Keep them positioned like that. Try and relax your wrist, don‘t hold them rigid--that‘s good.”

Buffy wanted to sigh at how good it felt when he had touched her hands. She was getting seriously squirmy. Her nether regions were tingly.

They carried on for the last half hour with Buffy playing simple notes and learning what note was assigned to which keys.

There was a knock on the front door.

Spike looked over at the clock. “Oh, that’ll be your mum.”

“Time’s up already?” Buffy asked. “It seems like we just started.”

He chuckled, “Time flies when you‘re havin‘ fun, as they say.“ He’d been thoroughly engrossed in the lesson as well.

Spike slid off of the bench, walking to the front door. He greeted Joyce at the door and asked her inside.

Joyce smiled expectantly at Buffy. “Well? How did it go, honey?” she asked excitedly.

“It was cool,” Buffy said. “I think I can retain what I learned today.”

“She catches on quick,” Spike said considerately. “As long as she studies a bit between lessons, we should make good progress.”

“See?” Joyce nudged Buffy. “I told you that you’d be good!”

“Mom!” Buffy rolled her eyes and laughed. “All I did was play Middle C with my thumbs.”

“Well, that’s a start! Right, Mr. Eddowes?” Joyce asked.

“Right, you are. And we don’t have to be so formal. You can call me William, or Spike. Spike’s my nickname.”

“That’s what I call him.” Buffy grinned, blushing once again.

“Okay, Spike it is then. I wanted to tell you, I saw you perform in L.A. a few years ago. You were wonderful,” Joyce said with open admiration.

He smiled. “Thank you, Joyce. That’s very nice of you to say.”

“Oh, it’s the truth! You played so beautifully. I‘m thrilled that you took Buffy on. Do you have many other students?”

“No, actually Buffy is my one and only at the moment.”

“Wow,” Buffy said, her grin widening, “That’s so cool! I feel so special!”

“You are special, Buffy” Spike said, smiling at her.

Buffy’s breath caught. There wasn’t anything better than a sexy, fabulous babe telling you that you were special. Well...there were a few things that would be better. For instance, that same babe doing erotic and illegal things to you....perhaps involving pudding and whipped cream.

Spike said, “I’ll take more students eventually. I want to see how it goes with Buffy before I commit myself to teaching full-time. So far, so good. I think Buffy will prove to be an exemplary pupil. ”

He collected a few workbooks, then handed them to Buffy. “I’d like for you to work on what we learned today over the next week.”

“I will.” Buffy put the notebooks in her backback along with her schoolbooks. She smiled bashfully. “Thanks, Spike. I had fun.”

“You’re welcome. And I had fun too. I’ll see you next week.”

Buffy and Joyce said their goodbyes to him, then left.

When the women were out the front door, Spike reflected on the past hour. But damn, Buffy was adorable! And what a bloody little flirt! The way she used those big green eyes...And the way her tongue kept poking out to wet her lips when she was concentrating...Probably didn’t even realize she was doing things that made him pause and his heart speed up. Teenaged girls were naturally sexual, they were bursting with hormones and pheromones, blossoming into their sexuality and womanhood. Buffy was definitely a
delicate blossom, freshly opened, delicate and sweet smelling. The mother, Joyce, was quite fetching too (it was easy to see where Buffy got her looks from), but there was just something specially intriguing about Buffy.

Spike had laughed and smiled more authentically while talking to her than he had in...years. Somehow the pretty, engaging blonde girl could make him forget what a sad excuse of a life he had for a short time.

He realized that he was staring off into space like an idiot and thinking about her.

"Hunh..." Spike shook his head, amazed that he was thinking of anyone, especially a teenager, like that again. “It’s been too long, mate...Far too long,” he muttered to himself.


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