Halloween Surprises by Suzee

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Chapter Notes: please ignore that dumb title, I'm trying to get this posted (which involves coming up with a title) all while attempting to stop my dog from being too guard dog like and barking at every single person at the open house across the street ;-)
Summary: Now that Spike and Buffy are engaged and they know she's pregnant, it's time for them to celebrate Halloween....but they never do what the rest of us do, now do they?

Tricked into a Treat

“Not that I’m complaining or anything, love, but I thought you were wearing that black dress and those chunky shoes?”

“Do you not like it?” Buffy looked down at her newly acquired Halloween costume. “I know it doesn’t really go with what you’re wearing now, but…I liked it.”

“Well I for one more than like it; just can’t exactly promise we’ll make it—“

“What’re you doing, Spike?”

“Just uh, looking something up,” he answered uneasily.

“You’re looking up baby clothes!”

“Well…We were talking about going back to see my parents after the baby’s born and it’ll only be May or so, so England’ll be a lot colder. I thought it’d be good to find her something warm to wear and—“


“And right now I’m wishing I’d been doing something a little less ‘aww’ worthy because all I want to do at the moment is lean you over this desk and fuck you.” When Buffy just raised her eyebrows in seeming surprise and blushed, Spike reminded her, “You only said I have to watch my language after she’s born—not before.”

“One, who says it’s a girl? And two, I just…You really like it?”

Spike took another long look at the bright red, snap front vinyl dress with black collar and sleeves that barely covered her ass that she was wearing, the red and white cross emblem on the sleeve, and the red, wide fishnet tights before answering.

“Fuck yeah.”

“Well see, these nurses were on television saying how they hate all the sexy nurse costumes because it implies to people that nurses have sex in the workplace and I just thought that it—“



“I don’t give a damn what people think of nurses and what they do at that moment, right now I’ve pretty much only got one thing on my mind.”

“The sex?”

”Uh huh.”

”I thought you were capable of thinking about more than just sex, William.”

“You looked in a mirror, yet?”

“While I was doing my hair.”

“Then you understand. Now come here.”

“Spike—we do have a party to get to,” Buffy reminded him; her walking towards him diminished the sternness of her words, though.

“Not our party; they’ll wait.”

When Buffy hooked one leg around his so that she was straddling him as he sat in the desk chair, something caught Spike’s notice: his girl wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“You better not have been planning on going out like that,” he warned.

“You say that like you actually need an answer,” Buff joked, her fingers working to undo the buttons of his jeans while she sat as far down on his knees as she could.

“Not really; just making sure.”

“You know we’re still going to the party, don’t you?” Buffy asked once she had him out of his pants and had moved so that she was hovering just above him, her voice hot against his ear.

“I was actually hoping—“

“I’ve got a surprise—well actually, I guess it’s two surprises—for you if you’re a good boy.”

“And I’m guessing that means going to the bleedin’ party,” Spike tried his best to keep his voice steady even as he felt Buffy’s heat surrounding his cock.

“Sure does. I’m not going to have too many more chances to show everyone I can look sexy before I get all huge and fat.”

“Before you look pregnant,” he corrected her, his hands gripping her hips as she moved up, down, and around on him, setting a steady pace.

“Same thing.”

“Is not,” he protested. “And don’t think this is the last time you’re going to be wearing this either, darling. I’ve got plans for you now.”

“Oh do you?” Buffy hissed, the building sensations and his kisses along her collarbone making it tough for her to carry on the conversation.

“Oh you’d better believe it.”

Buffy smiled in spite of herself as Spike moved one hand off her hip to begin unsnapping the dress until he had her breasts bare.

“Lots and lots of plans,” he promised.

Buffy tried to ask him what those plans entailed but the feeling of his cock moving inside her and his mouth closing over her breath rendered her unable to speak.

It, apparently, did the same to Spike as soon the only sound in their home was the mixture of their moans and panting.

“You do realize you’re going to have to let me in on some of those plans, don’t you?” Buffy asked several minutes later when their breathing had returned to normal but Spike’s face was still buried against her neck.

“Nah,” he replied nonchalantly, “it’s a surprise.”

“You can be so mean,” Buffy pouted, hoping it would guilt him into divulging his plans.

“You going to tell me what those surprises are for later?”


“Well then I’m not telling you either. Fair’s fair after all.”

“But,” she sputtered, trying to come up with a plausible argument—or at least one she could pretend to make sound plausible.

“Nope—now, you go get some underwear on; not going to have all our friends seeing all your bits,” Spike regretfully helped Buffy stand up and gently pushed her towards the stairs, enjoying the way he could catch little glimpses off her ass as she ascended the stairs. “And hurry up! I want to know what those surprises are!”

“Bossy!” she shot back down the stairs, though she too was hurrying for the same reason.

“I can’t believe Drusilla wore the same costume I had! And that she had to be all ‘ooh, Spikey you’re a punk and I’m gothic we have to run away together now!”

“Not the one you wore though, pet,” he pointed out. “And I’m not going anywhere with her.”

“But still…I…I’m not like here, am I? I mean she’s all kinds of psycho and—“

“No, luv, you’re nothing like her. Now, why don’t we forget about the party and you can let me in on those surprises you have for me?”

“But she—“


“What?” she pouted.

“Who am I marrying?”

“Me,” she tried to keep sounding petulant.

“And whose going to have my baby?” he prompted, wrapping his arms around her and settling his hands on her stomach.

“Hopefully just me.”

“Only you, pet,” he assured her unnecessarily. “Only ever was you. Why do you think she’s so jealous?”


“Yeah. Now, I want to see what those surprises are!”

“Spike? You know I’m not trying to be all whiney, right? I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, Buffy. Can’t be much fun having my ex wearing the same thing you were about to wear—and have her going off on how we match and all that shit.”

“Yeah…though, you know, if Riley was wearing what you are…well it’d just be funny.”

“Probably poke himself with a safety pin and need a real nurse.”

“A not me nurse because I sure wouldn’t help him.”

“Good to hear it. Now,” Spike picked Buffy up carefully and carried her up to their bedroom—glad once again that they had both well behaved dogs and a doggy door so times like this weren’t ruined by dogs that needed let out or in—“about those surprises.”

“Fine, fine; you go get undressed—but no taking that eyeliner off mister, I like it! And then I’ll be out in a minute,” Buffy said before scurrying off to the bathroom.

As soon as he heard the door click shut, Spike hurriedly stripped himself and settled on the bed.

“Okay, close your eyes,” Buffy ordered.

“Better be worth it,” Spike muttered.

“I’m sure it will be.” Seconds later he felt something snap around one wrist and inadvertently his eyes popped open.

“Thought I told you to keep your eyes closed?” Spike watched as Buffy took another red and white nurse motif leather cuff and snapped it around his other wrist, pinning his arms above his head and to the bed.

“Couldn’t help it.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to punish you.” And as he took in her white thigh highs topped with red cross appliqués and black bra and panty set, Spike had a feeling it would be an enjoyable punishment.


Buffy’s costume: http://img359.imageshack.us/img359/6697/ip014299qy8.jpg

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