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Summary: This takes place between "Wrecked" and "Gone" in season 6. "Wrecked" is the last episode aired before Christmas that year and "Gone" was aired after the New Year. A kinder S6 Spuffy moment.
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Published: 11/28/2006 Updated: 11/29/2006

1. A Little Bit Of Heaven by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 3] Liked (3357 words)
I own nothing but my own imagination. All characters were envisioned by the ME team of Joss Whedon and, sadly, he has the rights to them. If anyone wants to link or post this story it is okay with me….just let me know where so I can come visit (wish I could visit Spike but there’s that little issue of him being fictional and all, damn!).

A/N this is meant to segue into Gone where Buffy pockets the lighter when she find it the next day. Figured it could explain her light heartedness of that episode, her sudden joy at being alive since Wrecked had been so dark before.

2. Part 2 by pfeifferpack [Reviews - 6] Liked (3224 words)