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Summary: A/U begining sort of with "Fool for Love" really A/U after "Into the Woods." What if Spike wasn't who he thought he was he was much more. There are those who will help him becoume what he was always meant to be including Giles but they can't be too obvious or he will ruin everything.
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1. Joyce Remembers by waterfall [Reviews - 14] Liked (5625 words)
Hopefully the format error is fixed now it didn't look like that when from where I pasted it in, honest. Ok now that the apology is out of the way...have patinece with the first part of the story the first four chapters are from different charcaters and going forward from there. Just to warn you the first chapter is Joyce's pov and it does involve moderate sex with Joyce and ...you'll figure it out real quick. There are references to "Band Candy" and the episode Dawn finds out she is the key(I can never remember the name)

Disclaimer: To paraphrase Sgt. Schultz 'I own nothing.' All is owned by Joss..and others I am just playing and not being paid.

2. Giles Turn by waterfall [Reviews - 4] Liked (2694 words)
Let's try again I hope the spacing is fixed. Wish me luck.

3. Spike's Turn by waterfall [Reviews - 5] Liked (9953 words)
Ok here goes but this is it until someone agrees to beta the next chapter. I have been trying to get someone to help as suggested with no luck. HELP!!!

As for this chapter you will recognize parts from several episoded including "Fool for Love", "Into the Woods", and the two I can never remember the names of where Dawn finds out she is the key and with the Buffybot. Of course since this is AU it is only peices of the dialog from those episodes. The part at the end about Joyce's treatment just so we are clear I MADE IT UP. I don't think it would really be any doctors advice.

Now again someone please beta for me the next chapter desperatly needs one as there are many similarities and could be problems without a second set of eyes.

Thank you for the good reviews and those who told me to get a beta are you willing to volunteer????

4. Buffy by waterfall [Reviews - 4] Liked (9507 words)
First thank you all those who gave constructive critism and and good reviews I am glad ou are enjoying it. Now still no beta so if your constructive critisim is I need a Beta save it unless you are volunteering for the job.