“Stupid idiot!”

“Silly Bint!”

“What was I thinking, inviting you to come hang with me and my friends at the Bronze?” Buffy asked as she stalked through the cemetery with a certain Blonde Vamp at her side.

“You were thinking you’d get a quick shag in the bathroom, oh wait ‘that’ was the supply closet.” He answered in a near growl and he fished inside his coat for a cigarette. Buffy shot him a glare her face in mock shock.

“That is soooooo….” Her mouth clamped shut when Spike, with a cigarette dangling from his lips, threw her a challenging look, daring her to finish her statement. “Not the point. Did you have to spend the entire night hinting about all the lovin you’ve been getting, which by the way is now on long lock down.” Spike rolled his eyes at her last comment.

“Right luv, I can expect a long drought, and shall be getting more familiar with my hands, and it’s a good thing I have a good memory cause that’s all I’ll be having for awhile…Blah, blah. Heard it all before you do realize, I swear you need new material. Sides all we do is shag like bunnies, what else am I suppose to talk about?” He commented as he paused long enough to light his smoke and take a long drag from it. Buffy stopped as well, folding her arms across her chest and looking at him.

“Well we won’t be anymore…for a…while, and I mean it…. this time.” She said tossing her head back a bit and tilting up her nose as if to show just how serious she was, but it only made Spike smile warmly at her. He loved how in these moments she looked so much like a normal girl, carefree, innocent, and pure. He was so lost in his thoughts at he had not realized that she was now looking at him with confused and slightly frightened eyes. “What?” She asked as she stared at him, in tuned to him enough to know that look and that it meant one of two thing; he was either about to attack her and drain her dry or he was about to attack her and shag her nearly insane. When she let her eyes drift down his slender frame more she instantly knew it was the latter of the two. “No.” She spoke out firmly as she took a step back, trying to find her grounding for when she would turn and run as fast as she could to get away.

“No?” Spike repeated as he bunch his brow to mimic confusion. He also took a step forward, towards where she stood. “No what chérie?” Buffy gulped down the sudden lump in her throat at his words, and felt the gush of wetness that now filled her panties.

“Stop that?” She said as she took another step backward, which became a task since her legs now felt like rubber. “No French, English, I speak English.” He only slyly smirked as he moved closer to her, knowing what speaking French amorously did to her, and her scent filled is nostrils.

“Je t'aime,” He spoke taking a step. “Je t'adore.” And another step.

“Spike, stop that,” Buffy almost moaned out the words as her back suddenly hit a large tree trapping her, not that she minded one bit. Her breath came in near pants as she felt him pressing his firm body against hers. Her tongue darted out to moisten her dry lips readying them for the sensual kiss Spike gave that always left her gagging for more, her eyes slowly drifted closed as he leaned in closer to her. After a moment she popped one eye open to find Spike smirking down at her. “What? What is it?” She asked wondering why he didn’t already have her nearing a big happy, right then.

“You’re right luv, I do talk about shagging way too much, so I guess we should find ‘other’ things to do, you know to give me a new topic of conversation and all that.” He said nonchalantly as he stepped back from her, smiling at her flushed face and dangerous eyes, which now shot stakes at him. Buffy stared at him a moment as if waiting for the punch line and when he just continued puffing on the cigarette he still held and looking around as if bored, she knew he had just got her hot and bother for no other reason than to make her eat her own words.

“Asshole!” She hissed as she turned and moved back to her earlier trek, with Spike just a few steps behind her chuckling to himself.

“Tart.” He casually threw back.

(More to come soon...Maybe?)

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