Author's Chapter Notes:
I dont know whether many people are going to enjoy this story as thsi is a spuffy site and this story involves a lot of Angel lovin too but i hope you all enjoy it anyway
Spike moaned into his Angels mouth swirling his tongue sensually across his. He loved the taste of him it was a mixture of everything Angel and Spike felt like he could get lost in his kiss if he truly wanted. They broke apart panting for breath and Spike stared up at his boyfriend with a look of awe in his gaze.
“I love you,”
“I love you to Spike but damn you’re a pain in my ass…im late for work again cause of you.” Angel laughed clambering up off Spike and striding to the bathroom completely confident in his nudity. Spike’s heated gaze followed the sway of his ass with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Actually im not a pain in your ass…you said there wasn’t time for that.” Spike laughed when Angel shot him an annoyed look form the bathroom door. Spike flopped back onto his back scratching his chest idly and smiling goofily up at the ceiling.
Five years and he was still amazed and shocked that everyday he loved Angel a little bit more. They had gotten together in college not that it had been smooth sailing then of course. Neither of them would have even guessed that they could ever have a relationship with another guy and as a matter of fact they both had had girlfriends at the time but they had ended up sharing a dorm room together and hit it off immediately. They had become best friends but both knew there was something missing but neither were brave enough to admit it. Then one night they had been to a party and gotten completely drunk, went home and kissed. Well it had been a revelation and within a week they were out and proud not giving a damn what some people thought of them and here they were 5 years later and still going strong.
Angel came out of the bathroom then dressed in his expensive Armani suit looking as delicious as always.

“Im gunna be at the office till about seven okay? We still on for tonight right?” Angel asked strapping his watch on and picking up his suitcase.
“Yep movie night all planned and ready to go.” Spike nodded.
Angel walked over and give him one last lingering kiss before striding away and out the door, ready for the day ahead.
Spike sighed sadly and got out of bed looking out the window to watch Angel get into his car and drive off. Spike hated watching him go. Spike was an author so he was always at home and he missed Angel every second he was away but he couldn’t complain because when he was home he lavished his attention on him remarkably.
“Oh well…guess its just you and me.” Spike grumbled looking down at his hardened cock and wincing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So O’Connor got any plans tonight?” Gunn asked slapping a file onto his desk and sitting down on one of the chairs facing his friends desk.
“Hmm…oh not really me and Spike are having a movie night.” Angel replied distractedly typing on his computer.
“Oh yeah so how is your bum chum?”
Angel stopped typing and glared at Lindsey McDonald who stood n his doorway grinning cockily.
“Why are you here?” Angel sighed. He hated Lindsey with a passion and was sick at his constant jibes at his sexual prefrences.
“No need to get touchy! Not as much fun anymore is it?” Lindsey laughed.

Angel didn’t even reply choosing to ignore that cocky bastard.
“Look all im saying is I couldn’t imagine never having sex with a woman! How do you even know your gay if you’ve never even tried pussy?”
Angel and Gunn both turned incredulous looks at the disgusting man in front of them. Angel was speechless. Sure Lindsey who had been at the firm for about a month now and had said some crude things when he found out about Angel's relationship with Spike but he had never been that sickening before.

“Not that its any of your business but I have dated girls.” Angel said stiffly shifting uncomfortably. He loved Spike he really did more than anything but it always made him uncomfortable when people brought that question up because it confused him. When Angel had met Spike he had been the only man he had found attractive but the problem was even after five years he hadn’t really fancied another man except Spike.
“Wow colour me surprised…so what happened? You liked girls Spike came along and suddenly women turn you off and a cock in your ass makes you all tingly?” Lindsey laughed.
“Get out.”
“Ooo someone’s angry.” Lindsey laughed again not realising just how far he had pushed Angel.
“GET THE FUCK OUT O FMY OFFICE!” Angel roared standing up threateningly.
Lindsey visibly flinched and backed out of the room with a terrified look in his eye. After he had left Angel sat back down and glared angrily at his computer monitor breathing heavily trying to get rid of the pure rage that was flowing through him.
“Im sorry about him Angel. He’s a dick pay no attention to him.”
Angel cast a grateful look to his friend and went back to his computer sighing as he went back to work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * *

Angel trudged into the apartment with a deep frown on his face. Lindsey had completely ruined his mood and he had been moping all day.
“Hey I missed you.”
A little smile broke onto his face when he felt Spike’s arms wrap around him from behind and he leaned backwards into Spike loving embrace. Angel turned in Spike’s arms and captured his lips. Spike moaned as Angels needy little mouth opened wide allowing his tongue to enter after about a minute Spike pulled away and stared and Angel in surprise.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing…just had a bad day.” Angel sighed placing a soft kiss to Spike’s throat before flashing him a grin and moving to sit on the settee.
“Right then where’s the movies?” Angel grinned all his worries from the day disappearing now that he was home and with Spike.
“Urm well I got Faith to pick them up so I don’t know what they are.” Spike laughed when he saw the dread filled look on Angels face when he mentioned Faith. Faith was a little ahem…forward and Spike could guess what kind of films Angel thought Faith had rented.

“Don’t frown, we don’t want your pretty face ruined by wrinkles do we? Anyway I guess we’ll have to wait and see what these films are like init?” Spike shrugged
Spike went over to the bag and lifted out the first film chuckling when he saw the title. Wild things

It had Faith written all over it.

Spike put the film in and went to sit next to Angel leaning into him and laying his head onto Spike’s lap and settled in to watch the film. Angel groaned as soon as Spike put the film in already knowing what kind of film it was but perked up when he noticed Denise Richards in it. He had always taken a particular liking to her and started to get into the film.

Until of course her top came off.

Angel watched in fascination as her character and another dark haired woman began to undress and lead Matt Dillon onto a bed. He shifted uncomfortably when her top came off and he tensed up when champagne was poured all over her breasts. He shut his eyes in embarrassment when he felt Spike tense and lift his head away form the obvious tent in his pants. He stared at Angel in surprise and raised an eyebrow.
“See something you like?” Spike asked looking at the TV and then back at Angel.
“What? No…just…cant help…you know.” Angel shrugged nervously.
Spike grinned in response and kissed him gently.
“Angel please! Like I care that you get a hard on watching a film! There aint anything wrong with that I wouldn’t mind having him in our bed.” Spike laughed deeply thinking that Angel had been turned on by Matt Dillon but seeing Angels wide eyed nervous look Spike finally realised.

“Oh! it’s the girl.” Spike said in surprise looking back to the screen and eyeing up the woman’s assets.
“im gay.”
Spike turned back to Angel with a surprised look.
“Okkkay…and you blurted that out because?” Spike laughed again.
“Well I thought…cause I find a urm…woman attractive I thought you might think…that im…you know…not happy with you when I so am. I’ve never been happier.” Angel assured him.
“Angel seriously I know that of course, and besides I always assumed you were bi not gay I mean you loved that Cordelia before you met me right. The way I see it is, you fell in love with me not my body so it doesn’t matter what sex they are…when you meet that person…you just know it.” Spike smiled understandingly stroking a hand down Angel’s face.

“Really…thank god! I always thought you’d freak out if I said I was attracted to girls too.” Angel sighed in relief.
“Not at all I always found it weird you just stopped talking about birds when we got together when before you always said how hot they were.” Spike smiled.
“Wow and it only took five years for me to finally tell you I was Bi.” Angel laughed teasingly.
“I know…that shows great communication skills.” Spike smiled leaning in to leave a sweet kiss on Angel’s lips. Angel however had different ideas and held Spike’s head to his devouring his mouth like he was starved of him. He moved forward rubbing his hand up Spike’s thigh and gently squeezing the bulge that was tenting the front of Spike’s levis. Spike whimpered and Angels stood up holding his hand out to Spike before leading hi into the bedroom. They fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and Spike’s clothes seemed to evaporate into thin air. He found himself on his back and gasped when he heard the tell tale sign of metal clicking that meant Angel had decided to bring out the handcuffs again.
Spike smirked up at Angel with a knowing smile.

“Like chaining me-”
“Shut up.” Angel’s voice broke no argument and Spike immediately went quiet. Angel always did like a bit of S&M.

Spike whimpered when Angel licked and sucked his way down Spike’s body until he reached his achingly hard cock. As soon as Angel’s talented tongue set to work on him Spike was mindless with need and he bucked and withered beneath him groaning and grunting his way closer to orgasm and just as he was about to go over the edge Angel did something that he knew Spike hated.
“Oh Angel no!” Spike cried out when he felt the cock ring snap around his member.
Angel’s answering smile was absolutely sinful.

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