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Part Five - Getting There

Fuck! I’m in trouble now. I was doing so well. But seeing him kneeling there, lust shining from his eyes, his cock looking painfully ready to burst is almost enough to make me cum on the spot! That’s what happens when you let your primal slayer out! You get incredibly turned on by having a vampire grovelling at your feet. Your natural enemy begging to be allowed to eat you out!!

“You may.” I tell him, not certain how I kept my voice level. I have a new found respect for Spike. If he gets anywhere near this horny when we play the other way about he does an amazing job of controlling himself. I’m in awe of him, because I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

He pulls me to him with two hands on my hips and butt. Not bruising as they would normally be, but gentle, almost reverential. He slowly brings his tongue to meet my no doubt red and puffy clit. His first lick is as reverential as his hold on me and I can feel my knees turning to jello. Another ten seconds, at most, of his worshipping my pussy and I know I have to stop him.

“Stop.” I tell him. He does, but hesitates just long enough for me to justify my next action.

I haul him up by the leash, grabbing him by the throat once he is standing I throw him onto the bed. Before he has a chance to move I’m straddling him, his cock at my entrance. The primal has taken over. Want. Take. Have. It’s as simple as that.

I plunge myself down hard onto his dick. We moan loudly and in perfect unison as his dick fills me completely. I lean forward taking his hands and pinning them to the bed, the angle now making his dick hit that all important sweet spot inside me.

As I slam myself up and down on his dick my mouth finds his throat and I surprise him and myself by growling as I lick up to his ear. I bite and suck at his neck and feel his hips buck up sharply in direct response. I manage to pull my head back long enough to look him in the eye and growl out a command.

“No cumming. No touching.”

My eyes roll back in my head as my first orgasm hits me. Spike’s hands strain under mine and my inner muscles clench around his cock as I scream and gasp incoherently. My hips slam down onto his in no particular rhythm as I begin to come down a little.

As my rhythm evens out I begin to climb towards another peak and again lean down. This time biting Spikes earlobe as the heat builds and builds in me. He whimpers under me and it makes me hotter. Makes me fuck him harder.

“You like that?” I ask him as I get nearer “You like being ridden like a pony? Do you like me using your dick?”

“Please.” He begs, with more desperation than I’ve ever seen in his eyes.

“No!” I command slapping his face which makes his hips buck again.

It’s the last thing I manage to say before I’m off into another shrieking rollercoaster of an orgasm. I squeeze extra hard this time on purpose. Not just to torture him but to prolong my own pleasure. I buck and scream and fuck him like there is no tomorrow as this second cum seems to just continue and continue to wash through me. I’m vaguely aware of removing my hands from his and ripping the collar from his throat as I begin to come down .

I gasp out the last five seconds or so of this orgasm before collapsing completely on top of him. I lie there for a moment, utterly exhausted, almost numb. Propping myself up a little I see those desperate, pleading eyes of his again. And the numbness recedes, there’s still a tingle, still a little itch to scratch. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but I know I can get there again!

Grasping his cheeks in my hand I look him in the eye. “Well done.” I tell him. “I really did think you would be pounding into me now I’m not holding you down anymore. But you didn’t even pretend that you thought me taking the collar off ended the game. You’re such a good boy. As a reward you get to pick how you cum.”

He looks at me in confusion as if he can’t quite believe that this choice is being given to him. Luckily he’s smart enough not to just decide and put his plan into action. He knows he must still wait for my instruction. He doesn’t answer.

“Well what’s it to be?” I ask squeezing him with my internal muscles as I begin to circle my hips. “You better decide soon or I might just use your dick for another cum and then you won’t get any. Would you like to fuck my mouth? Would you like me to jack you off? Do you want to stay buried in my tight hole? How about my ass?”

“Whatever you see fit Mistress.” He answers wincing as I keep up my torturous movements on his dick.

His answer stops me though. Again with the respect for Spike. He is so used to being the Master in this game. So used to fighting to keep a balance between man and demon and he’s managed to completely submit. I feel bad for some of the things I said now.

“Such a good boy.” I tell him as I roll us over so that he is on top but still buried inside me. “I want you to ride me Spike. I tell him. Long as you make me cum first you can cum for me whenever you want.”

“Would Mistress prefer me to ride her slow and gentle or hard and fast?”

“You know it’ll end up fast and hard anyway.” I tell him, flutterings already beginning in my womb at the thought of him driving into me like a jackhammer.

“Yes Ma’am.” He says with a hint of a shy grin.

He does actually start off slowly but it lasts maybe seven or eight thrusts before he’s babbling incoherently and his hips begin to piston ferociously. A couple of quick hard rubs to my clit are all it takes for my final itch to be scratched and I come gasping and clenching as he continues to drive into me. It was a quieter cum than the others and I’m not sure he noticed.

“Spike, cum for me now!” I tell him, my own thoughts not being too coherent is my only excuse for the next sentence out of my mouth. “Shoot your load into me my beautiful bleachy vampire.”

I’m sure he’d have chuckled if it wasn’t for the fact that the second the command left my lips his thrusts became short and sharp and he holds himself almost still as what feels like gallons of sticky cold fluid pour into my over heated pussy.

“Oh god!” he gasps. “So beautiful, so wonderful. Thank you Mistress. Thank you!”

That said he falls on top of me and pants like he actually needs air. My hand twines in the hair at the nape of his neck as we lie there both replete, for now. Before long he props himself up one elbow and looks me in the eye.

“Thank you.” He says earnestly. “Thank you Mi…..”

“We’re done Spike.” I interrupt. “No need for ‘Mistress’. We’re just Spike and Buffy now.”

“In that case.” He says twining his fingers in the fingers of one of my hands and bringing it to his mouth to kiss it. “Thank you Buffy. You’re bloody amazing. Every time I see you I find some new thing that makes me love you more.”

I shift uncomfortably when he says this. I see a cloud pass over his face. I know what he’s thinking.

“It’s not what you think.” I reassure him. “I’m not having a wiggins because you said the ‘L’ word. I’m maybe approaching a mild wiggins because I’m getting closer and closer every time I see you to saying it myself.”

He pulls back to search my face, probably to see if I actually am still playing Mistress and this is some kind of elaborate trap, some way of getting past his defences.

“I’m not there, I’m so sorry I’m still not there Spike. But it’s coming, it really is. I care for you so much. I didn’t mean what I said during the game. Well, I did mean that I was pissed you didn’t take it seriously at first. But I don’t think you ever lied about how much you care about me, I know you were sorry for hurting me. I….”

He silences me with a kiss. My favourite way of being told to shut up. When we’re finished he doesn’t even bother with telling me he knows I’ll say it one day. We both know I will and we’ve had the conversation too many times before. I like to think he can see the difference in my eyes though. The growing warmth, the kindling of deeper feelings.

At one point I would have sworn I couldn’t feel this way about Spike. I also would never have guessed that I’d get here mostly by him beating my ass and my occasionally beating his. But then there is a kind of symmetry to it, it’s just another version of the dance that I’m now starting to realise has been going on between us ever since Spike arrived in Sunnydale. And well, at the end of the day, symmetry or no, we’re both having a good time so here’s to more of the same!


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