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Summary: Sequel to "That Look of Peace." Buffy's back from the dead. What will become of her and Spike?
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Published: 07/19/2007 Updated: 11/02/2007

1. Never Again by Scarlet Ibis [Reviews - 5] Liked (2420 words)
Thanks to DreamsofSpike for betaing :D

2. When the Sun Sets Up... by Scarlet Ibis [Reviews - 1] Liked (3839 words)
A/N: Thanks to DoS for betaing :D Okay, this was a difficult chapter, mostly because artisically, I wanted to present this... well, in my brain, what seemed special to me. So you have here a flashback within a flashback. If it's confusing, let me know.

Also, thanks to Blood Faerie, Caro Mio, Eowyn, GoldenBuffy, maryperk, Immortal Beloved and Spikez_tart for helping to work out a few canon kinks as well ;)

3. Sweet Dreams by Scarlet Ibis [Reviews - 2] Liked (1804 words)
Thanks to all who have reviewed so far. Know it's been awhile, but I hope you're still with me. Also, for the last bit, I checked some screencaps for "Afterlife."

Thanks to DoS for betaing :D