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Summary: This is a little two-part ficlet written for the wonderful Clawofcat for her birthday, by request. Just a little bit of Spuffy H/C and psychological/emotional bonding following Robin Wood's attempt to kill Spike. These two keep accidentally hurting each other; can they ever find a way to get past...well, the past...and find their way back to friendship, and maybe even beyond?
Rated: 18
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Genres: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Violence, Sexual Situations
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Published: 08/09/2007 Updated: 08/17/2007

1. One by DreamsofSpike [Reviews - 9] Liked (2161 words)
Thanks to the lovely and talented Tamakin for her beta work on this piece :)

2. Chapter Two by DreamsofSpike [Reviews - 12] Liked (4499 words)
thanx to my wonderful beta, Tamakin :)