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Blood Ties: Two Worlds Collide

Prologue: Character Breakdown / Chapter 1 – Divine Intervention

Prologue: Character Breakdown

‘Nana’ Clara Antoinette James:

Clara was born September 3, 1834 in Bristol, England, but grew up in Andover, England. She has cobalt eyes and dark brown hair with a touch of silver before it changed white. She is thin and average in height. She had an arranged marriage to Colin Chester James, age 26, an already widowed man on August 29, 1851. Clara was married at 17 years of age. In spite of it being arranged, Clara loved Colin immensely, as he loved her. On September 22, 1854, Colin and Clara had their first child Darien Colin James. Clara was 20 and Colin was 29. Their second child, Julian Thomas James was born October 3, 1858. Colin and Clara had a third child whom they named Arya Louisa James, who died at child birth. She lost Colin shortly after to consumption.

Present (2004) –

Age — 175 years, 120 years old widow, due to familial claim she accepted at age 55 from Armand and her son Darien.

Nana is human and has a gentle nature, but quite temperamental at absurd and foolish beings.

She is Empathic, Wiccan, Immortal, and part Guardian. She turned down Guardianship for her family. During Willow's scythe spell giving the Potentials the Slayer power Nana's hair turned white because the Guardian was still very much part of her. She is part of the scythe that helped aid Willow in performing the spell without failure. During this she accepted the gift of part Guardian thus allowing her to remain with her family.

She can also read past, present, and futures.

Darien Colin James:

He was born September 22, 1854 in Andover, England. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is toned and very tall. His looks take after his mothers, while his height takes after his fathers' side. He was 34 when he finally met the woman of his dreams. He married Keera Rose Montgomery, 28, on November 3, 1888. They had no children. He was turned a week after his and Keera's wedding anniversary. They mated November 3, 1890. With his new family that consisted of Armand, Keera, Ronin, Jacob, Nola, Aubrey, Julian, Wolfe, and his mother Clara — they set off for America soil. They settled on Santa Maria, California in early January 1981. His marriage with Keera was strained for a time during their travels to Santa Maria, California. He was unable to have a child with Keera. January 19, 1981 he was given the opportunity to acquire a child for him and his wife, Keera. He brought home a little girl whom they immediately fell in love with. They named her Catherine Chloe James.

Present (2004) –

Age — 150 years, Living vampire for 115 years, and human for 35 years, Immortal.

He is very laid back and quiet by nature. He is very much like his mother. He is a fierce protector and will do anything for his family — even at the risk of his own life. He risked his own morale to ‘obtain' Catherine.

He is a very powerful Sorcerer.

Keera Rose James:

She was born in Winchester, England on May 21, 1860 as Keera Rose Montgomery. She has very long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very petite in height and frame. She finally married after a long courtship with Darien Colin James on November 3, 1888. During their time together, Keera would ponder why they hadn't had children. (However, it wouldn't come up until they travelled across to America finally settling in Santa Maria, California.) A few weeks after Darien's disappearance, Darien came home ‘changed'. When told in great detail what her husband now was, she firmly stated she would not perform the mating ritual until their wedding anniversary.

Present (2004) –

Age — 144 years, Mated to Darien for 114 years, and 30 years when she stopped aging.

Though soft spoken, she is strong—willed like her cousin Aubrey.

A gifted Empath with telekinesis abilities.

She dabbles in white magic, and is Immortal. She senses ‘heart and good' in others through their voices that she can read as they speak.

Mother to Catherine Chloe James through what she was told was an adoption. She does know Darien's secret regarding Cat (Catherine), and still raises her as her mother.

Aubrey Elise James:

She was born in Petersfield, England on March 12, 1861 as Aubrey Elise Hawkins. She has medium length blonde hair that looks strikingly white at times. Her frame is curvaceous yet thin, but her height is average. She is almost the same height as her husband Julian. Her eyes are otherworldly as they change colors ranging between a very light blue, and green. She is Keera's cousin. During a fight against the Council of Watchers she protected Darien as she was closer to him. She was severely wounded. Darien sired her at the age of 28; the year was 1889 roughly around December. She'd married her cousin's husband/mate Darien's younger brother Julian Thomas James on February 1, 1886. She was married for three years as a human and then mated with Julian after being sired.

Present (2004) –

Age — 143 years, Living vampire for 115 years, and 28 as a human, Immortal.

Her temperament is very confident and strong—willed. When making a mistake or a failure occurs, this doesn't deter her into thinking negatively. She moves past it and forward.

She can shape shift into a snow—white eagle and a snow—white wolf.

She receives messages from the Divine Balance.

She sired her distant cousin Wolfe when fleeing England from the Council of Watchers.

Julian Thomas James:

He was born in Andover, England on October 3, 1858. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. His looks take after his father, while his height borders between both of his parents. He is toned but his frame is averagely proportion. He married Aubrey February 1, 1886. He was married to human Aubrey for three years, but mated with her when she became a vampire.

Present (2004) –

Age — 146 years, Mated to Aubrey since 1889 for 115 years, 31 years as a human. He, too, is an Immortal.

His temperament is quiet, but he also tends to question everything. He has a lot of trust issues and only Aubrey is able to push past those issues. He needs proof not instinctual feelings. However, when this trait of his happens with Aubrey — he tends to be docile. In this case Aubrey tends to wear the ‘pants' in this relationship.

Like his brother Julian, he is a practicing Sorcerer. His abilities would rival his brother Darien's, if Darien was human.

He shares a closer relationship with his mother, ‘Nana' Clara.

Armand Arturo Solus:

He was born in Bath, England on January 1, 1504. He is tall, dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. He felt a change on his birthday in 1533. He was visited by an angel in his dreams telling him of his ‘new' destiny. In this dream he was told he was a living vampire. These types of vampires kept their souls, and any that he would turn or re—sire would keep or have their soul returned to them. He does not have a demon mask. As a living vampire he has fangs, silver eyes, and can live out in the open just as a human. It is questionable if his line can procreate. He believes they can, but certain circumstances must occur that he has yet to find out about. This line of vampires is unlike any others. He had to travel across the world alone as he dealt with his new calling in life. While living his new life in solitude for 356 years he watched many Orders of vampires kill relentlessly and some Orders feed to live, but never killing. He did this to learn. He didn't kill those who viciously slaughtered across the globe. He knew he should have, but he needed knowledge. He came across the Order of Aurelius many times, yet always remained hidden in the shadows.

Present (2004) –

Age — 500 years old, 29 as a human, Transformed in sleep by a higher power as a living vampire for 471 years. He is an Immortal.

His temperament is calculating at times, quiet, and authoritative. He is extremely knowledgeable and enhanced battle skills. He has a romantic vision of life, love, friendship, family, and happiness.

His abilities are his speed, endurance, shape shifting abilities (though he never attempted it, yet), telepathy with others besides his mate, and blending in the shadows during the day and night.

He is Cat's watcher along with Ronin.

He mated with Raven Carmichael, one of Cat's best friends, on January 20, 2000 when she turned 19.

Wolfe Walter McNamara:

He was born June 30, 1928 in Liverpool, England. He lost his parents to the war. He was an only child. He is tall, dirty blonde hair, and baby blue eyes. His build is toned and muscular. His past was with the army, but having been discharged had been in a rather brutal bar fight when he came across his distant cousin and her ‘new' family. He was severely wounded. He was strongly opposed to being turned if he didn't keep his soul or morale. He believed in what was good and evil as well as what was right from wrong. He never married which was primarily due to his honorable trait of serving his country. He also never met the woman he felt was compatible with him.

Present (2004) –

Age — 76 years old, 34 as a human and 42 as a living vampire, Immortal. His distant cousin Aubrey sired him.

His temperament is determined, morally centered, laid back, quiet — but will answer if spoken to, and has a temper at times. He is also a fierce fighter.

His heart though hardened will open up more when he finds his mate.

He is very close to Esme, who is very much like the sister he never had.

Valerius Order:

Much like the Order of Aurelius, a prophet vampire started this Order of Vampires in 700 – 1200.

Master Valerian:

Vlad Valerian was born March 6, 1170. He was an orphan. He never had a family and was watched closely until he was a man in his 30's. He has brown eyes, and long dark brown hair. Vlad took over the Order as soon as he was turned by the prophet vampire. He killed his maker that day and called himself — Master Valerian of the Valerius Order. He does not have a soul. His Order is one that Armand also watched carefully.

He killed many, but only took one Childer. While travelling through Russia he came across a man who sparked some interest in him. He turned him and found out his name was Vane Morstikoff.

He couldn't control Vane and wished that he didn't turn the fledgling. He turned to the aide of the Watchers Council to take care of his problem. The only amount of control he had was a demand to never take a mate. However, Vane vanished for a long period of time with his turned Slayer Verona Richards. He finally caught up to them in London, England on January 30, 1932. He dusted his Childer right before Verona's eyes. Verona, however, enacted her revenge and dusted him then ran towards the home she had sought refuge at, James Arthur Pratt's.

The Master Valerian was a vampire for 732 years, but a human for 30 years. He was turned soon after he turned 30. He was a vile, vicious vampire who took what he wanted, and when he wanted. He was very much the same as a human man — ruthless and cold.

Vane Morstikoff:

Vane was born in The Baltic Lands — Vladimir, Moscow December 3, 1402. He was an orphan who never knew his parents. He was taken to England soon after, and spent his time in an orphanage. He was much like Vlad except he did have more of a heart. He was ruthless, but felt love as he was given this warmth from the women in the orphanage. Vane was still a troublemaker, and would grow to be somewhat of a ‘ladies man'. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build. He was rather cocky at times, but was able to meddle his way out of his reckless habits. He was turned the eve of Christmas of 1432. He was even more cocky, vile, and reckless as a vampire. He killed for sustenance.

When he met the Slayer Verona Richards in December 1882 he fell for her. He turned her right away, following her orders only killing vile inhuman people. This confused him, but he did it, nevertheless.

He was killed eventually, by his maker, Vlad on January 30, 1932 — right before his loves eyes.

Vlad placed a thrall on Vane that didn't allow him to mate with Verona. This thrall broke during his fight with his Sire.
He died loving Verona and regretting never ‘knowing' to have mated with her. His heart dusted sought for revenge.

Verona Richards:

She was born December 31, 1863. She has piercing blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Her frame is thin and she is average in height. She was taken from her family by the Watchers Council and trained early as a Potential Slayer. When she turned 19, she became a Slayer. She did well, except she was tired of the control the Council had over her. She met Vane before her 20th birthday. It was on her birthday that he took action. She didn't know that she would keep her soul when he struck quickly, killing her, but turning her. She became a vampire December 31, 1883. She was Vane's lover, but constantly fled with him to lose his Sire Vlad Valerian, and the Watchers Council.

However, they caught up with them on January 30, 1932 in London, England. Vane's Sire dusted her lover. Verona lost in grief dusted her grandsire, Vlad, making her the Master of the Order of Valerius. In utter devastation she ran back to the home she took refuge in, James Arthur Pratt's home. After his losses, James accepted Verona's offer to turn him.

Present (2000, no this isn’t a mistake – this is when she shows up!) –

Age — 137 years old, 116 as a Vampire with her Soul, 19 years as a human, 1 year as a Slayer, and years as a Potential Slayer.

Her temperament is a bit sneaky, devious, but overall she just wants acceptance as she is still dealing with her grievance of losing her one and only lover. Yes, she is very bitter losing him. She does like causing trouble. Which is understandable considering everything that has changed her life since the Watcher's Council took her. She often wondered what she would be like if she hadn't been taken from her family. She does kill evil humans without remorse. Since losing her lover she has gotten careless and unpredictable.

Her abilities are her Slayer power, strength, stamina, healing, and speed. She can't shape shift or fly. She doesn't have the ability to go out in the light. Her world is stuck in the dark. Underneath it all she is trying to break free from the hold her hardened, angry, and bitter heart, has on her.

‘Ronin’ James Arthur Pratt:

He was born on February 14, 1904 in Cambridge, London. He has dark blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He is muscular and tall. His parents were Elisabeth Prescott and William Pratt whom were killed January 30, 1932 by the Council of Watchers setting fire to his home. He made it out seeking shelter in his underground fireproof cellar. This was where Verona turned him into another vampire with a soul. He thought he lost his entire family when he agreed to protect the vampire lovers. When he arose as a vampire, he took the name Ronin. When he learned his sister was still alive, he asked Mary if she wanted forever with him. She agreed after learning ‘vampire' ways, and that she would keep her soul.

Present (2004) –

Age — 100 years old, 72 years as a living vampire with his soul, 28 as a human, and an Immortal.

His temperament is constantly fluctuating. He can be cocky and charismatic or he can be thoughtful and quiet. He is fiercely protective of those he loves. He takes his Sire responsibilities with care and seriousness. His Sire was previously Verona Richards, but because of her inability to remain with him and his sister he was re—sired soon after by Armand Solus, becoming a living vampire. He did the same with his sister, who did the same with her mate Jacob.

His abilities range between speed, endurance, and on occasion shape shifting to a mountain lion.
He is also, along with Armand, Cat's Watcher, as well as her mate. He mated with her on her 19th birthday on January 19, 2000.

‘Nola’ Mary Margaret Pratt:

She was born August 7, 1910 in Cambridge, London. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very petite and curvy. She is ‘Ronin' James's sister. Since she was the baby of the family, she was doted on by her parents, and her brother. They were a very close family. Mary was enraged to find out her family had been murdered by the Watcher's Council when she had been with Jacob. She has intense hatred towards the Council, and actively seeks ways to make them pay for killing what was the last to the Pratt line.

She mated with her lover Jacob Charles Schuyler on February 1, 1932. From then on she became known as Nola Mary Margaret Schuyler. She met Armand and the other members of the Order of Solus when her brother, and mate Jacob were leaving England for America later that year in June 1932, this happened because Verona left them. She was re—sired by her brother after he became a living vampire when he was re—sired by Armand. She re—sired her lover, and mate Jacob when she arose.

She was very much present when Darien and Keera brought Cat home when they arrived in Santa Maria, California. She was her nanny. However, as Cat grew older they became friends, and then ultimately Nola was like Cat's older sister. They are very close. Neither was disturbed by the fact Nola practically raised Cat along with Keera.

Nola along with Nana had taken care of other kids. Among those kids were Esme, Raven, Ember, and Jonas. These families would be very close in the years to come.

Present (2004) –

Age — 94 years old, 72 years as a living vampire, 22 as a human. She is an Immortal.

Her temperament is volatile. She is effervescent, yet when she is pushed hard enough, she retaliates. She happens to be very stubborn and hard headed. Jacob, Ronin, and Cat help ease her intense emotions. She is in love with the battle, and isn't far from Cat when there is patrolling and evil to be fought. This helps her release her aggressions and anger. (In fact, think of a female Spike)

Her abilities range from incredible strength, stamina, and speed. She has been known to shape shift while intensely emotional. She has taken the form of a Siberian white tiger, but has also taken form of a snow leopard. She has dabbled a bit in magic, but prefers the fight instead. She has incredible instincts as well as good intuition.

Jacob Charles Schuyler:

He was born February 15, 1905 in Cambridge, England. He grew up next to the Pratt's. He was friends with both James and Mary. He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is tall, lean, and very fit. His parents didn't want him to leave, but let him go when Mary and James changed to Ronin and Nola.

Jake had no hesitation in becoming a vampire to be with Nola or her brother. He even mated with her on February 1, 1932. Even though he loved his family, he was closer to the Pratt's. He really took their parent's death to heart. He constantly kept Nola leveled headed when she wanted to rush off and massacre every member of the Watcher's Council. When Verona left them to fend for themselves because of her grief, they took off and met up with the Order of Solus later that year in June 1932. It was then he was re—sired after his mate was re—sired as a living vampire.

Present (2004) –

Age — 99 years old, 72 years as a living vampire, 27 years as a human, and an Immortal.

His temperament is down to earth, laid back, and fiercely loyal. He isn't much of a fighter, but he wouldn't run from a fight to aide those he loved or protect humanity. He is very smart and is one besides Armand that his family and friends would go to if they needed something answered quickly, as he has a photographic memory.

His abilities do include speed, and strength, but his lay more with his intelligence and memory.

‘Cat’ Catherine Chloe James – Pratt:

She was born January 19, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. She is Darien and Keera's adopted daughter and she lived her life in Santa Maria, California. She doesn't know the details of her adoption yet, but she will. She has light— to—dark brown hair and green eyes with a button sized nose (slightly different than her twins' nose). She is thin and tiny. She was trained all her life. They were preparing for the time she would possibly become the Slayer. When the day came of her 15th birthday, she became the Slayer. Unbeknownst to her, her twin Buffy Anne Summers also became the Slayer. She mated with Ronin on January 19, 2000, she was 19 years old. Something to note though — she was in love with Ronin since she was 15, but didn't start dating until she was 17.

She always sensed something was missing in her life.
Present (2004) –

Age — 23 years old at the time of the destruction of the world due to what Angel caused by starting the Last War. The Divine Balance took her and her family to help change the world by turning back time to the end of May 2000. Even though they were taken from their bodies in 2004 they combined with their 2000 bodies — future mind, body, and souls.

Her temperament is determined, spirited, and light-hearted. She takes things as they come, and constantly questions everything. If something feels amiss she gets the facts, and then goes from there. She basically lives her life, and listens to advice, but never lets anyone run her life. She is the one to control her own life. This is something Ronin highly respects about Cat. She follows her instincts and slays evil. She doesn't indiscriminately kill all demons.

Her abilities are the Slayer, her enhanced healing abilities, and a few abilities she gets from sharing strengths with her mate Ronin. They don't do this often because it is something they are still figuring out. She is Immortal, and her eyes do turn Silver while her canines do lengthen although not in the same as a living vampire or regular vampire.

Raven Amethyst Carmichael – Solus:

She was born January 20, 1981 in Santa Maria, California. She has black hair, olive skin, and has very unusual eyes that are almost lavender in color. Her frame is thin, but fit, and her height is average. Her family was close to the James's. She grew up with them while Nola and Nana took care of her along with her and Cat's other friends. Raven trained in numerous areas of magic, combat, and languages. Her mother and father died in a plane crash when she turned 15 years old. She lived with the James's until she finally mated with Armand on her 19th birthday. She dated him since she was 18 years old before making a forever commitment.

Present (2004) –

Age — 23, though the same applies to her and the whole family when the Divine Balance took them to change things after evil won from the battle Angel started. She will go back into her 19 year old body with her future mind, and soul. She is Immortal.

Her temperament is quite feisty. She doesn't let anyone walk all over her. She is quite hot—headed. Even though she doesn't have any extra strength or healing powers — she does assist Cat and Nola on patrolling and fighting off evil.

Her abilities are amazing determination to fight in combat, her language skills, and her powerful ability as a white Witch.

She is very close to all of her family and friends, but she is closer to Esme and Aubrey. Together they help hone her skills as a Witch. She is close to Nola and Cat to enhance her fighting skills. They all spend a lot of time together perfecting these skills which enables them to grow closer in friendship and family.

‘Esme’ Esmerelda Crystal Williams:

She was born January 21, 1981 in Santa Maria, California. She has long curly black hair, and light teal colored eyes. She is very petite and soft curves. Her mother, Grace Williams, was very close to the James's. Her father, Harold Steele, a practicing warlock, placed her mother in a coma when she was 15. Wolfe, enraged by Esme's father, placed a vengeance dominance claim on him. This didn't kill him, but gave him immense pain for the remainder of his days. Wolfe is very protective of Esme, and treats her like she is the sister he never had. Her family and friends aided Esme in sending Grace to the Divine Balance. They had known Grace wouldn't come out of the coma. She still misses her mother. They were extremely close.

Present (2004) –

Age — 23, When the Divine Balance turn back time, Esme will be back in the year 2000 with her future mind, along with the rest of her family and friends.

Her temperament is quite critical on herself. She is very patient, kind, and serene.

Her abilities are white magic, her mother's power she inherited when she passed on to the Divine Balance, and she is an extreme emotionally driven Empath. So, it's rather good that she is a calm person; otherwise, she wouldn't be able to handle the emotions constantly coming off everyone around her. This is part of the gift her mother gave her, but she had it before, only to a lesser degree. She has help from Nana, Aubrey, and Keera to perfect this skill.

She is extremely close to Raven, Cat, and even closer to Wolfe — they have a very brotherly/sisterly bond.

Ember Candice Davidson & Jonas Nicholas Davidson:

Ember and Jonas are twins who were born on February 19, 1981 in Santa Maria, California. They are fraternal twins. They have some similarities but are quite different from one another. Ember has light brown hair and hazel eyes. She is tall and slender.

Jonas has brown hair and blue—green eyes. He is muscular and tall. They were abandoned by their family at the age of 5 and were taken in by the James family. The James's suspected foul play or vampires, but found nothing to find the missing parents. They became Ember and Jonas's foster family, and then ultimately adoptive family. However, when Ember and Jonas turned 19, they were attacked by vampires. Jonas survived, but Ember did not, and Wolfe sired her. Jonas was then, after much arguing, turned into a living vampire by his twin sister, Ember. Jonas sired a fledgling he found in Los Angeles named Aidan William Winters who was out of his mind with grief.

Present (2004) –

Age — 23, a little over 4 years as living vampires, and Immortal. They were also taken by the Divine Balance to help go back in time to their 19 year old selves, but intact as they were currently. Only their minds would know future and more past events.

Embers temperament is wild and boisterous. She is outgoing, a slight self centered streak, but overall she is still growing and hides from who she really can be. She tends to act first, think later. She jumps to her own conclusions and rarely talks it out in fear those won't back her up. She is friendly and close to the others and her family, however, she is very cautious around others. She does have a secret that isn't known. Her brother suspects, as do the others, but is still not known.

Jonas is very loyal, charming, loves to fight evil. He is usually in combat with the girls (Cat, Nola, and Raven), and then Armand, and Wolfe.

Their abilities as living vampires are like the others, their eyes change silver and they only have fangs. They can go out in the day and night. Ember dabbles in magic, although, the magic she has experience in is of the black arts. Jonas has an amazing ability to jump far distances. He believes this is due to his experiences with the catapult and the track team.

Ember is close to Raven, but closer to Aubrey, Aidan, and her brother Jonas.

Aidan William Winters:

Aidan was born on July 7, 1980 in Santa Monica, California. He is tall, lean, and fit. He has azure eyes and blonde hair. He has no family. He was turned a few days after Darla was re—sired by Drusilla December 19, 2000. His first meal when he awoke as a blood thirsty vampire was his fiancé. He was unable to control his hunger as they were chained together in a rundown warehouse. Left to fend for himself he went mad with grief. His Sire, Darla, left him, and he brutally killed his fiancé. As luck would have it, Wolfe, Armand, and Jonas came across him. Jonas offered him the option for death or to atone and have his soul returned to him. Aidan chose his soul. He felt it was too easy to ask for a mercy killing for what he had done.

Present (2004) –

Age — 24, 4 years as a living vampire with soul, 20 years as a human, and an Immortal. He like the others will go back in time, except with him, he is chosen to go back as he is, rather than the human he was in the year 2000 before he became a vampire.

His temperament is laid back bordering on agitation spiced with cockiness. He complains quite a bit, but it is mostly to joke around with the others. He really took to the family and became quite close to them all. He's close to Esme and Jonas, but loves to play jokes on Ember. He is the youngest of the Solus Order.

He and his mate help bring about a new era of beings.

Chapter 1 – Divine Atonement

Every true, eternal problem is an equally true, eternal fault; every answer an atonement, every realization an improvement.
Otto Weininger

“Let's go to work…”

Blood soaked every corner of the alley as the battle raged on. Warriors and demons battled on through the torrents of rain pouring from the heavens. Each side – good and evil – had only two thoughts on their minds, to win or the very least survive. Both sides could taste the win, but would it be victorious like they thought? Should this war have even started? Was this war instigated by a vampire with a personal vendetta? Did the world and the warriors have any hope left?

The Realm of Divine Balance – Boss to the Powers that Be

Joyce trembled in rage as these very questions raced through her mind. She took deep calming breaths then shot an icy glare at the smelly demon now gracing her with his presence. She shook her head in annoyance knowing he’d only been following orders, but he would not gain her pity or help. She inwardly smiled when the demon gulped looking around frantically for a way to escape her wrath. Joyce smiled finally speaking, “Your boss isn't going to interfere this time. The Divine Balance isn't pleased with the Powers’ part in Angel's diabolical plan. The Powers are in for a rude awakening.”

Joyce stepped closer to the abashed demon grasping his arm gently, “You really ought to let the Divine Balance take you on as an emissary, but that's up to you. The Powers that Be – will be dealt with. Whistler, you do realize that with the orders given by the Powers that Be that you set this all into motion. You’re lucky that I am a respectable emissary by controlling my rage and not taking it out on you! You brought that disturbed vampire into my daughter’s life!”

Whistler gulped. Ever since Joyce had become an emissary for the Divine Balance, she had been nothing but sweet. Seeing her this way made him fear her more than her daughter, Buffy. Moreover, he knew he was guilty. ‘The Powers that Be, will not take too kindly to these turn of events,’ he considered.

Sighing, he turned to Joyce. “You're right.”

Joyce raised an eyebrow, clearly indicating he should go on.

He walked closer to the looking glass that took up half the room. He shuddered as he observed the already waging battle. He straightened his hat, shuffled his feet then shoved his hands in his pocket groaning at his failure.

He turned back to Joyce resignedly, “This is my error. The Powers wanted to give Angel a chance. There was a prophecy that foretold of a vampire that would fight with the slayer in the last battle, but it was unclear what side this vampire would be on. We weren't even sure who the vampire was. I know it was questionable, but acting as an emissary to the Powers, I made the decision to involve Angel at their suggestion.”

Joyce sat at the table that adorned the room in boredom. She already knew all of this, but for the sake of the smelly demon finally admitting it – was too good to be true! Sighing happily she looked at him attentively and listened.

“I really thought it might have been him. I took a lot on faith, and hoped that his love for Buffy would be enough, but seeing the events unfold…I know that I was mistaken. I knew even then when I showed Buffy to him at Hemery High that he fell for her. I heard that he fell in love with her heart, her heart!” Whistler growled in frustration.

Disgusted, he drawled on as Joyce tried hard to contain her mirth at his ramblings.

“How could I have been so wrong? Looking back on it now I should have seen the disgust of that! A 240—year—old vampire, for crying out loud, falling in love with a fifteen year—old child and then says they are soul mates. How would he know that? I just showed him the Slayer and pushed him in the direction to seek redemption but now this…Oh, God, what have I done?”

Joyce patted his shoulder in sympathy until he suddenly turned to her looking straight in her eyes. “Joyce, do what you must. Stall this war. I must speak with the Divine Balance.” Chuckling slightly, he added, “I’m really moving up the line of authority when I'm reporting to the big boss.”

Whistler inwardly thought, ‘Although, the Powers that Be, knew all, some things happened that they could not prevent, or they must have overlooked them as insignificant. I wonder if they are purposely staying back knowing the Divine Balance has stepped in? If it is, then it's about time the Divine Balance used their authority.'

Shaking his head, he went in search of Anne the Divine Balance, in the realm, hoping to calm his conscience by aiding them. He only hoped the Powers that Be, would not give him trouble for helping the Devine Balance.

Joyce just rolled her eyes, “Damn those Powers and their emissaries.”

Settling herself on the ground Indian style in front of the looking glass displaying the intense war, Joyce centered herself and began her chant.

“Now time suspends, as I bend my will. This I pledge as an emissary of the Divine Balance. Vicis Congelo. Vicis Congelo. Vicis Congelo.

Joyce waved her hand over the looking glass as she finished chanting, and successfully froze the war. It was at that moment that Joyce saw her daughter on the ground in a pool of blood.

“No! No! Not my baby! Not my Buffy!” she cried in anguish, but inwardly added seething, ‘Angel will pay for this. I swear he will pay!

As her grief ripped through her body, she felt peace and power radiating around her. The Divine Balance had heeded her silent plea. “Well, hello, Anne.”

“Joyce, my dear loyal emissary, all will be well, this, I promise you“

Anne continued, “I will tell you what my plans are to save this dire situation, but first; I need to speak to you about what this entails — or more importantly, who. What you will witness will be a shock.”

Anne paused gathering her thoughts, “I need you to understand this is not to hurt you. Before I get into these details, I must, from my standpoint inform you first, that your death is decreed. Your fate is here, in this realm.”

At Joyce's cautious but curious nod of acceptance, Joyce urged her on.

“What you will be witnessing from afar, and what you will learn from the Oracles will be shocking. Even so, I must emphasize that you will only have less than a year to spend time with this woman. She is vital and essential to bringing the balance back in our favor. You may not believe this but…”

While Joyce felt Anne's hand on her forehead, she felt a warmth spread throughout her body as a glow enveloped her. Joyce fell to her knees in absolute shock.

“No...That's impossible. I would have known!” Joyce cried out shaking wholly desolated by this unknown knowledge.

“But, Joyce, deep within you, you have always sensed something missing, and it wasn't Dawn. Yes, she satisfied this emptiness. Nevertheless, Dawn was not your child.”

Joyce turned glaring angrily at Anne, only her glower spoke of anguished tears rather than fury. Anne genuinely sympathized with her and patiently awaited Joyce's response.

“I know that, but I loved her just as much as Buffy.” Joyce replied in kind remembrance.

“Yes, I know you did, but the answer still remains same, Dawn was not your child.” Anne placidly avowed. She realized that an explanation was needed. Sighing, she took Joyce's hands and looked into her eyes with determination. “Dawn is Buffy's.”

Anne was not surprised by Joyce’s gasp of astonishment. Still holding on Joyce's hands, she progressed towards her explanation, “This is where it becomes guileful. Dawn would have been a clone of Buffy had the monks only used Buffy's blood. The monks with the aid from me used Spike's specimens from the Initiative to produce Dawn with Buffy. In time this will come to light.”

Joyce gasped.

‘Could it be? Vampires couldn't procreate, but now, looking at it from a different standpoint, she could clearly see it. Why had they not seen this? Of course the monks couldn't make Dawn out of just Buffy, because if they did, she would be an exact replica of Buffy. Of course the Divine Balance stepped in, in order to manipulate the memories for the sake of the situation. What a field day she would have with this.'

She couldn't voice her conviction to Anne. However, she knew Anne could sense and hear her thoughts. Joyce wasn't concerned by this nor did it bother her that Anne knew her thoughts. In fact, it made things easier when speaking to the Goddess. She promised that with these details she learned more of; she would let Buffy, Spike, and Dawn know first. That watcher and Buffy's friends would be the last to know.

Anne tilted her head delightfully and raised an eyebrow, knowing full well what was going on in Joyce's head. Joyce nodded for Anne to go on.

“I will get to the point, as we haven't much time, and she will be here shortly. This young woman is your child, Joyce. I know it seems wrong to have taken her from you, but rest assured, she has always been well taken care of. She has to help Buffy; she needs to finally have the inner peace she has been missing, her twin sister, and you, Joyce, her mother. Don't deny it, Joyce. Come, accompany me, and see for yourself.” Anne gestured in front of them to the looking glass displayed before them.

Joyce had tears streaming down her face, observing her twin daughter grow before her eyes. It was heartbreaking to watch that she had not been a part of her twin daughter's life, and yet, her twin daughter led a remarkable and loving life. Then she saw her…her daughter… and her mate with the Oracles. She saw how she had grown and the love that radiated between her daughter and her mate.

She turned to Anne, a question on the tip of her tongue, but Anne spoke first.

“Before you say anything, Joyce, please hear me out. I believe you yearn to go back even further back to when she was born, but particular occurrences must take place for your other daughter. You must realize this. As a mother, you should understand this.”

Joyce lowered her head at her selfish desire to spend as much time with her newly discovered twin daughter as she could.

“How long will I have? Will I remember all of this so that I won't waste any time figuring it out?” Joyce desperately pleaded.

“Joyce, you will only have six months, and as a gift until you return to the Divine Balance realm, you will be granted this one heart's desire. Time will fold on itself, setting time to May 23rd, 2000 four months before Dracula came to visit Buffy. It was September when he appeared. Do you remember this?”

At Joyce's vigorous nod, she persisted, “Before this time comes, your other daughter will be given all the memories as well as the current life—altering events. Joyce, as you saw the demons won hands down. No one would have endured after the last battle. The Divine Balance needed to step in. We trusted this vampire to aspire in doing the right thing. We allowed numerous of his misdeeds during the years' slide and continued to grant him chance after chance to atone. However, I regret having this confidence in him, whilst I ought to have had more belief in…”

Her breath hitched as she struggled to hold back her tears, her next words barely audible, “…My own son.”

Joyce lifted her head in bewilderment only for a split second, but knew this to be true. Glancing at Anne, she undoubtedly saw the staggering resemblance to Spike.

“You are William's mother.”

“I am, regretfully I permitted my mulishness and my emotions of treachery and heartbreak to impose how I felt. I denounced him for a long time for turning me, but now…” Anne sighed.

“Over time while observing him, I grasped that he turned me wishing to release me from my sickness. He loved me so much that he attempted to take away my pain, but rather he let out a monster. In his own desolation on my turning and how my demon responded to him, he released the demon by staking me. I was indignant about it for some time but my son was affected and never seemed to have recovered from this. I am hopeful that we will come upon our peace considering that he really did save me.” Anne mournfully recounted the incident as if it were yesterday.

“Oh, Anne, now you have the opportunity to make it right.” Bestowing a soothing affectionate squeeze to Anne's trembling hands, Joyce glanced over and grinned. “We can make it up to both of our children, to family, new and old friends. When the time arrives, I will return, although, I have a request.” Hopefulness burned in Joyce's eyes as she wished that Anne would approve.

“Go on,” Anne replied, curiosity piqued. Glancing at the expression on Joyce's face, she knew that what she was about to request would benefit them both. She, nonetheless, held a considerable amount of grief in her heart for not believing in her own son's capabilities.

“When I return, we should together oversee all of our champions and children. We cannot let those with evil intent steer our hope down the wrong path after severely changing it to bring balance. Please allow us to visit them to give them hope and guide them. Do you believe this is possible?”

Joyce was anxious, she wanted this so desperately, moreover she longed for it. It would still give her purpose, and she would follow all her children and those she cared so deeply about.

Anne contemplated this for a few moments. ‘Could they?' The thought excited her, gave her hope to mend what was lost with her son. She had the power to fold time and start over. She knew she could have herself and Joyce in their lives. She had the power, and it wouldn't disrupt the universe.

‘Why haven't I considered this previously?' she questioned.

‘The bitterness was still there, and I didn't regard who my son was and his motives…then. It was for a greater cause. It would be for love, humanity, her supernatural Immortal champions of light, the children to come, her family…Her son, and most of all, the balance.' She knew what to do.

“Joyce, it is possible. However, first, are you willing to accept a position beside me as a Divine Balance, a goddess as I am? By accepting you will have all the power that a Divine Balance goddess holds inside rather than what you have as an emissary to the Divine Balance. However, you will still face your own death with less pain. There will be no brain tumor as you will depart peacefully in your slumber. Accepting the Divine Balance power is the only way to make this binding plus enable us both passage to the living world. Will you consent to a position as a Divine Balance goddess?” Anne queried.

Resolutely, Joyce proclaimed, without any hesitation, as an emissary her Divine Balance declaration. “I consent to be a Divine Balance goddess, and assist carrying out balance whenever it is essential. For this, I vow.”

Anne grasped Joyce in her arms, embracing her, and laid a kiss on her forehead. Radiant light pulsated between the two now Divine Balance goddesses. Joyce was gifted her new power, and then she vanished.

“See you soon, Joyce…Send my love until it's time for me to join you,” she whispered tears forming in her eyes.

Sensing the Powers well known emissary approaching, she turned to Whistler. She was appalled and incensed, but with a sigh, she admitted that he was not to blame.

The Divine Balance, the Powers that Be, the emissaries, and the Oracles had all aspired that Angel would expiate himself also change for the better. And yet, he failed. Even when all the higher beings attempted to see that he could do well for humanity they failed to take into account Liam and who he really was. It seemed that both Angel/Angelus weren't far from who Liam O’Connor was.

They all genuinely thought they were giving him the chance to redeem by bestowing Liam, his human counterpart, a chance to additionally change. He enacted by using power and control thus skated on a thin line towards how Angelus truly was. Anne wouldn't be surprised if his demon was enticing his soul into corruption.

“Whistler, worry not. We strongly thought what had been done had been for the best. I should have known that it was meant for William to be the vampire foretold of in the prophecy, for Joyce's daughter, Buffy. That William and Buffy would prevail in bringing the balance, along with blood kin and all the Immortal Champions of Light. I have failed in this, but now we must change these events. Joyce's time holding is still in place. I presume?”

“Yes, your graciousness.”

“Brilliant. Time will unfold to almost 4 months before Dracula's time in Sunnydale. The Immortal Champions of Light will be sent to a time dated May 23, 2000. This will allow them some time to get situated and comfortable in Sunnydale. By the time August comes around, they will be able to approach the others. That is to say, if things run smoothly. Buffy may rebel against this, but when she learns of what her mother knows, it will lessen her reservations. Even so, she will still hold a chip on her shoulder. This is not a new feeling for Buffy, but I do believe her twin sister will change the way she sees things.”

Whistler snickered, while Anne gave a conspiratorial smirk that was eerily like her William, ridiculously known as Spike. She frowned derisively at the name he had acquired.

“It will be pledged, your greatness.”

“Thank you, Whistler. At some point, you will join with another emissary. Joyce and I, goddesses of the Divine Balance, along with the emissaries will meet with all the champions to give them knowledge of these changes. We will prevail over the war instigated by Angel. Mark my words, he will pay!” Anne spat in anger (eerily the very same words Joyce had stated in her mind earlier.) all the while pacing back and forth – well, actually hovering back and forth — yet still, she was enraged.

Whistler turned to the looking glass and watched in dismay the battle, all the gore and bloodshed, and what would have been the end of the world. This was done by egotistical desires to abolish the Black Thorn and, Wolfram & Hart.

The Black Thorn and Wolfram & Hart had been dealt with and reached an agreement stipulated by the Divine Balance. Angel really outdid it this time. This even took the cake over the whole Acathla world—ending incident.

He may have been seeking redemption, but he lost his champion position the day he disregarded the message that was given to him by Cordelia.

Angel took it upon him to handle this situation in his own way ultimately costing the world and his team. Anne was losing her patience. It was time to bring the guests into the great hall of the Divine's realm.

“Whistler, please bring Brother and Sister, and our guests, to me. It is time.” Anne requested.

With a last fleeting look at the devastation, Whistler heeded to his orders. However, upon arriving in the room that the guests were gathered in what he saw shocked him.

“Buffy Summers?”

“No, but I can't wait to meet her. The Oracles used their cool mirror to show us Buffy’s life. She’s bitchy, and acts like she's all high and mighty, doesn’t she?” The girl alleged while smirking at the emissary, she wasn’t surprised to see him on the floor laughing.

“Oh I like you.” Cat beamed at Whistler’s observation.

“While I'm not a fan of her attitude – watching Buffy’s life, as heartbreaking as it was, enticed me so much more to meet her. Name's Catherine Chloe James – Pratt, and the others are my family, but please, call me Cat. Let's not keep the Divine Balance waiting. I was told you were coming to escort us, so buddy, let's get this show on the road.” As she walked energetically in front of him, Whistler couldn't help snickering at the uncanny likeness to Buffy Summers in this girl.

“You got it, kid. Follow me.”

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