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Chapter 2– Shattered by Duplicity

Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott

Duplicity is an instance of deliberate deceptiveness; double-dealing.

Meanwhile…The battle rages on behind the crumbling Wolfram & Hart building…

Stepping out from the portal, thousands of Slayers lined up behind their leaders, awaiting orders.

Willow glanced over at her long time friend. She noted Buffy's flushed puffy eyes that she tried to conceal under her new hairstyle that she’d managed to get in London before they came through the portal. Willow thought she looked amazing going out into battle. The others had their suspicions why Buffy did this, but Willow thought it made her best friend look very chic. She was dressed head to toe in black except for the red camisole she wore under her black leather duster. Even her boots were black leather. Willow gulped realizing where her thoughts started to wander off to. ‘Buffy is my best friend not someone to ogle! I need to focus!’ Willow berated herself.

Willow frowned as she recognized the facial expressions, and then felt the pain emanating from Buffy. There was no mistaking that patented determined Buffy look when facing a battle or apocalypse. Even so, Willow knew her friend well, and she could see the underlying tension, fear, anticipation, and anguish surrounding her friend's aura as well as on her face. She saw Buffy's eyes sweeping the war zone frantically searching for her intended. Willow woefully sighed and grasped her dearest friend's hand in support. She sadly smiled when Buffy squeezed her hand back but didn’t turn to look at her. There was no doubt in her mind, Buffy was completely devastated even though she was sorely hiding it beneath those constructed walls she built since finding out this ultimate duplicity. She had to be strong. They all had to be.

‘Goddess, I wish Tara was here.’ Willow’s breath hitched at the thought of her former, her other half—her one true love she had colossally screwed up with. She’d cherished those last few precious good memories with Tara before everything went straight to hell.

She thanked Gaia with her entire soul that she’d a few months back had finally broken free from Kennedy. She really had no idea what she was thinking with that relationship, but decided it all came down to settling. She was going through the motions just as they all had done at one point or other to avoid facing the realities of their losses or choices. Clearing her head of thoughts that repeatedly crossed her and her friends’ minds, she then chanted her powerful incantation protecting them all before they lunged into battle. She needed to frequently remind herself to not fall under her own magic’s spell. She was in control, and she silently swore it would stay that way.

She felt the power flow through her body and outwards to those it was also intended for. She’d bound all the witches and Wiccans from the coven, and the Slayers. The Demons couldn’t penetrate their protective shield that encased each of them. She smirked to herself realizing how far she had come at perfecting her art as a Witch. They used every ounce of their power to attain this feat.

Everyone stayed inside their protective shield until it was time to engage in battle. Each knew the incantation to replace the protection shield up should they need it—Tutela Contego. Willow felt the power, but briefly wondered if they were using too much, and too soon.

Buffy stood with her sister Slayers, her sister, her friends, and Giles, with the scythe in hand. When Willow grabbed her hand, obviously to give her support, she had been broken from her intense reverie. So many thoughts ran rapid through her mind. This war, she couldn’t wrap her mind around it.

After dealing with the Immortal, she had come to find out Spike was alive—well, undead. On his last breath, the Immortal told her that Spike was among the living, but said the winged one was keeping him from her. She couldn’t understand this until she was told who else had come to Rome with Spike.


Angel couldn't stop controlling her life. Oh, no. He couldn't very well be intimate without Angelus coming out to shatter her, so he left her. She positively thought she had loved him with her whole being, but now she was starting to doubt if she ever really did.

Spike's speech about how she was the one – In Spikeism, was a bloody revelation. This showed her what real love was truly about. Not some idealist fantasy love but real messy true love. She was still too young and naive to experience anything that intense. Then her young adulthood came, and Spike happened. Spike took her by surprise, but as always, she couldn't love, due to Angel/us, he had shattered her heart. Which, ironically, he seemed to be doing yet again, except same cast different lead or Big Bad, in this case.

That last year, even after that year of pain and abuse, severe depression, and their not-so-secret-anymore love affair, they had…Something changed…She changed, and the walls constricted around her heart began crumbling as her heart started to mend.

Spike succeeded an impossible and impressive risk. He played by his own rules and did what no vampire should be in search of: his soul, for her, to not hurt her again. He wanted to be what she deserved. How poetic was that?

Nonetheless, a voice in her head, sounding suspiciously like her mother, told her, “You hurt him and pushed it to this point,” Buffy flinched at the voice. She knew things would have been different had she handled it differently, but she couldn't change it.

Buffy considered all of these things, but all she felt now, was a rage inside her. The Slayer was furious. Buffy the girl was crushed beyond repair that her first love had ruined her reunion with her true love. Buffy was out for blood.

The Slayer wanted to bring a new type of pain to Angel for keeping the girl from her destined mate, and was irritated supposedly ‘good intentions’. This Slayer was far above him. Buffy, the girl, had begun to wholly accept her Slayer side, and was even more powerful than ever. The Slayer within Buffy knew what the girl inside did not. Buffy's blood ties to another gave her more power than any other Slayer had, but the Slayer knew that soon things would change…Until then the Slayer would wait.

Buffy just couldn't grasp the battle scene. Angel brought on the last war. Angel. Not Angelus, but Angel—Angel with a soul.

Okay, she had to admit that perhaps they truthfully weren't too different from each other. Spike was right. He confirmed that to her in the last year they were together. Yes, he was a tad softer, except, he was still the same Spike. He even still loved her with his soul.

She blew a piece of bangs away from her eyes as she surveyed the fight. She shook her head when she realized that maybe she shouldn't have been analyzing this at a battle scene. Still, when her eyes landed on him, she was captivated by the site of Spike from afar taking on demons from all sides. When she managed to look away from Spike to observe Angel fight a dragon, she had to question Angel and his intentions. She was really starting to wonder if she knew Angel at all. Shaking off her thoughts, she turned to her sister Slayers.

“Listen up, everyone. This will be the battle of our lives, the greatest fight, and a 'to the death apocalypse’ of them all. I know this sounds extremely negative, but it doesn't look very good. This is... This is the last battle,” Buffy paused gathering her thoughts as everyone gathered around her, listening intently.

“Angel brought this on masterminding a series of events that brought us to now, to this. Others may have aided him, but he still began this war. This is serious. This is world endage,” Buffy deadpanned.

“We are all wigged and scared. Use this to fight. I will understand if you back down from this fight, but I should warn you. You won't live even a day after they defeat those who stay,” Buffy paced up and down the line as she emphasized on what she believed to be true.

Buffy stopped and turned towards the warriors standing before her, and felt a tremendous amount of pride for each of them. She stood as tall as her 5’3” tiny body could and once again gave them a choice.

“You've all made the choice to fight against evil, whereas you could have walked away. Now it's time again to make that choice count for something! Would you rather go out fighting or running away? Would you want to fight to your death believing that you tried to make a difference? Don't answer that. I know you're all with me on this,” Buffy looked to her sister Slayers, friends and family and felt extremely proud of their cheers, loyalty, and bravery. Controlling her inner rage she rushed on sensing the others need to jump into the battle.

“If you're in this fight, leave Angel to me. I am his executioner, no one else, just me. After learning that Angel killed Drogyn, the keeper of the Deeper Wells, he lost his last ‘get out of jail card’. And Faith, I know you trust him. Just please understand, I have to do this.” Buffy pleaded as she looked directly at Faith's chocolate brown eyes praying she would understand.

Faith just nodded with casual indifference for her to proceed, but held her tongue. She knew there must have been reasons, and sure she did sympathize with Angel, but he did kill, even if it seemed to her that he could have been coerced. Still, she said nothing because she knew regardless of how or why, he could have called for some back up.

Buffy felt the tension dissipate from her body and was relieved that Faith decided to not argue this point with her. Turning to her third in command, she gave her orders, “Vi, take your team and look after Spike. He must be protected. If the prophecy we came across in the Chronicles is true, then he is one of the Immortal Champions of Light. Keep him safe, Vi, please,” Vi nodded noting the sense of urgency in Buffy’s orders to her, and then ran off with her team.

“To the rest of you––good luck, and if we don't make it…” Buffy let the obvious hang for them all then added, “Trust your instincts and do the best you can. Angel will pay but the mission is what matters. Kick demon butt! Remember, I will deal with Angel.”

Tears formed in her eyes when she finally looked at her closest and dearest family and friends. They crumbled in a tearful group hug, grief evident on all of their faces. However, as one, they were all in agreement. “For us and Spike, Angel is dust.”

It was time to put the past to rest, and step out of the Nile. Poignant eyes were met with equally sorrowful eyes, and yet, seemed to intensely stare at the others around them desperately memorizing the others—knowing this would be the last time they would all be together. To know this was their death was terrifying, but they had faced this for years knowing this very fact. To actually know the day, left them craving for more time. Bravely, they turned accepting their fate.

The warriors leaped into the fray. Blood was shed. Their perseverance and anger fueled them into cutting through demons of all sorts and Turok-Han, which shocked Buffy as she assumed they were eliminated while battling the First. Did some get out of Sunnydale? And if so, how and when did they?

On the other hand, was this because the gates had opened for all demons to come through that also included the much feared Turok-Han? Gulping she hoped enough demons were slain before she confronted Angel.

This was, by far, worse than the First messing with them, and its massive army that was gathering in the mouth of hell. This was death, and yet, they wouldn't give in without a fight. They would go down fighting.

Buffy had never been more proud to lead her warriors. Yes, her warriors. She was their mentor. She was even an adviser towards the now–rehabilitated Faith. She knew they weren't going to win. Spike called fighting with her a dance, but this…This wasn’t a dance. This is a fight to the death. She wouldn't complain considering that this is what she’d prepared for in all the time she was the Slayer. She would not grow weary. She could feel the determination racing through her veins, sending a thrill through her, and it definitely wasn’t Slayer tingles from all the demons. She was made for this.

Looking at Spike to see that he was okay, she then turned to her goal…Angel. ‘This ends now! I am so going to beat him to a bloody pulp and dust his ass.’ Smirking, she took off with a vengeance, the scythe in hand leaping into the hoards of demons, slaughtering them as she got closer to her destination.

Gunn didn't even last a mere second. His previous fight had wounded him badly. Even so, he went out knowing that he fought well, regardless of what he believed of this deliberate war of Angel's. He silently prayed to his family and friends that he was coming to them, and then he was gone.

Illyria needed to do more violence, and it didn't come better than this. She was truly in her element. She stayed close to her pet, Spike, and they watched each other's backs. They fought vigorously. Illyria knew more had come to their aid, but she dismissed them, just as they surrounded Spike and fought off demons.

The god's only thought was—more violence—And Wesley's death. She fought on, still unable to understand the feelings that this shell held for Wesley. As a beast landed a brutal hit to her chest, she fell back momentarily. Nonetheless, now angered she flew at the beast tackling him ferociously ripping its tentacles clean from its body. She reveled in her art of violence. The God vowed she would fight until there was nothing left.

Spike had never felt anything like this. This death dance surpassed the two Slayers he’d killed. His demon shivered in remembrance, but his William side scolded him for his thoughts. He grimaced shaking the thoughts. ‘Stupid sodding soul,' he thought.

This was exceeded battling Angelus with Buffy, and definitely topped Adam when he finally at the end assisted Buffy and the Scoobies. This bested the lopsided bitch, Glory—though, that apocalypse definitely came close to this one. This greatly transcended his burn up in the Hellmouth fighting the First. His didn’t cower knowing this was to be the last battle. He knew he wasn't going to make it, but he would go out in a blaze of glory.

He felt them, the baby Slayers—The Slayers that Willow had used magic through the scythe to awaken. It wasn't them that he felt so strongly, though.

It was her. She was here. ‘Buffy luv, why'd you come here?’ Still, he knew in his heart that this would be the last battle, and she'd be in it, fighting to the death.

He knew, for some reason, the baby Slayers seemed to be surrounding him. He didn't know why, but he was grateful for the help because he could feel himself growing weary of endlessly fighting demons of all shapes and sizes, and worse Turok-Han. Strangely, he wondered how Angel was faring. ‘Stupid sodding soul! What the bleedin' fuck! Why should I give a toss about the ponce? Yeah, we came to an understanding, but he will always be a selfish, manipulative, gelled-haired wanker.'

Smirking, he got his second wind and jumped right back into fray, and to hell with thinking.

Angel glanced up quickly checking on those left of the team, but he couldn't see any of them. Flipping up onto the back of the dragon, he pierced its neck. The dragon bucked and threw him into a wall.

Muttering to himself, “Damn, why won't this dragon just die?” He leapt to his feet and plunged his axe deep into the dragon's heart. The beast roared and took its last breath of fire. Angel ducked and ran for cover.

A scream alerted Buffy causing her to hastily place her shield back up, a scream coming from her sister and Willow. Buffy hesitated with going after Angel; she scowled at being delayed, but quickly turned back towards Dawn and Willow.

“What...” Buffy shouted, but her sentence trailed off seeing Dawn and Willow fall to their knees, sobbing. It was then; she finally realized what they had screamed—they had screamed for Spike.

Her heart must have stopped because she couldn’t breathe. Buffy's eyes fluttered rapidly, and then shut them tightly, desperately trying to calm her fears by taking deep meditative breaths. Turning frantically she whispered repeatedly, ‘No. Please, God, no. Please, Spike, be ok.’ She spotted Vi and the other Slayers where they were surrounding Spike and a curious looking blue woman. Buffy scanned the area to see what had devastated Dawn and Willow.

She saw it then. Her eyes impossibly wide in fear became glassy pools. Wiping her eyes haphazardly she felt the rage consume her only to be stopped cold when she saw the dragon roar, then collapse to the ground but not before…No!

“Spike, William! I love you! I love you, baby! Get out of there now! Dragon! Fire! Run for cover!” Buffy hysterically screamed as she tried to reach him, cutting through demons more brutally than ever. She had to get to him to see his cerulean eyes. She needed to get to him, and yet she couldn't understand why tears were running down her cheeks. There was no time for crying, she had to get to Spike!

Spike couldn't believe what he heard. She said it again, and he still couldn't believe it.

How could she still love him when she had been with the Immortal? Was she even with the Immortal at all?

‘Wait, she'd called him William and Buffy only did that when she truly meant what she was saying.’ Spike reasoned with his head, though his heart cautioned him.

He didn't let this give him hope, but that didn't mean he still didn't love her. He would always love her; he would love her for an eternity. Even so, he would not repeat what was said last time in the cave, so he told her what was still very much in his heart all while ripping a demons' head from its body.

Further away, Angel heard it all. “Buffy?”

‘Of course she would be screaming his pathetic grand Childe's name. Good riddance.’ Angel shook his head sadly but his lips twitched into a slight smirk with what he knew came next. He arrogantly observed the flames travel towards Spike, a group of girls, and Illyria. ‘Take that you insufferable prick.' Smugly, he watched.

“Buffy, luv? I love you, too! What fire?” Spike bellowed back in confusion.

Nooooooo! Run for cover! Oh, God, don't leave me again!” Buffy cried helplessly. She really tried, she did, but she couldn't get over to him; there were just too many demons on the ground. Everywhere she ran, she slipped through blood and guts. ‘This isn't happening, not again. I need to get to him. I can't watch him die again.’

At this point, for Spike and Buffy, everything appeared to move in slow motion.

That's when Spike realized he'd seen Angel finally finish off the dragon while he fought off demons, and then the dragon collapsed in a heap. He saw the dragon's last breath, but he saw Angel run from the battle looking smug. ‘I should have known you'd run, you oversized fore-headed gelled pillock. Buggerin''

‘Bollocks.’ Spike cursed. This couldn't be happening. He wanted her near him, but she was too far from him. Instead of denying her, he embraced her words from afar.

He knew the flames would engulf him and dust him with no hope of coming back. No Liz Taylor jewelry somehow bringing him back. There was no cave and interlocking flame lit hands. Tears welled up as he collapsed the heat too strong he managed to speak while his heart was breaking.

“Buffy, luv, I believe you! I love you…”

Then he was gone.

Buffy collapsed to the ground heedless of the blood and gore, she fell in. She was then unexpectedly surrounded by demons—one kicking her viciously in the stomach sending her flying through the air leaving her to land face-first in the bloodied ground. Buffy shook her head hoping the ringing in her ears would stop. The rain, now only a drizzle, gave her some relief to wash the blood from her face that she was now covered in. She hadn’t realized she’d taken the protection shield off leaving herself open for attack, something she wouldn’t recklessly do again. Sneering she tore into the demons violently using the torment and heartache forged from watching Spike dust from the flames of a dragons' last breath. Whispering the chant to protect her, she dropped to her knees and cried.

She was numb but he'd believed her.

He'd believed her. She was numb.

He was gone.

‘No, not gone, he will come back. Spike never gives up. Spike always comes back, that's what Spike does.’ Buffy tried hard to convince her heart while her head stubbornly told her a truth she didn’t want to know.

She would wait. She was positively numb. So numb she didn't realize her friends and sister were holding her while she cried.

‘When did she start crying, and when did the others get here?’ Buffy numbly thought to herself.

She was enraged and numb and so very cold. She knew her friends were still getting used to the idea, of how she felt for Spike, but her sister…She had told Dawn everything. Dawn had really ripped her one. Dawn didn't talk to her for nearly two months. Buffy had known during that time, Dawnie went through immense pain and regret over how she had treated Spike after learning the true truth.

As a result, now with his second demise she glanced at Dawnie and realized she wouldn't get her chance to make amends. She felt more anger engulf her.

She clutched her sister in a powerful hug whispering in her ear, “Angel’s going down, Dawnie, I swear to you. This is for Spike, for you and for me. I love you, be safe.” Sparing Dawn one last longing look, then she took off. She skidded to a halt when she heard very familiar screams reach her ears. She dodged to the side as a Fyarl demon tried to break past her shield. She really didn't want to turn around. Grasping for a breath as her heart pounded hard and fast in her chest at the possibilities of what happened since she ran off from those she held close to her heart.

She really didn't want to turn around, but she did. Then she saw…Her friends, Giles, and her sister. They never had a chance, the protection spell had weakened it appeared. It would explain why she felt the slight weakening of the shield when the Fyarl knocked into her.

With a feral leap, she attacked the beast going after her sister. Her friends were gone. She couldn't have saved them, but Dawnie with fear in her eyes was bravely holding her own. Buffy saw though, her sister was barely hanging on, fighting for her life.

From what Buffy could tell Dawnie was weak. She was badly injured bleeding tremendously from the wound on her neck from what the claws of the beast did to her. Buffy tackled the demon from behind ferociously ripping its head clear off its body.

Buffy rushed worriedly to her sister scarcely in time to catch her. Buffy howled, her heart in her throat, wrenching despairingly to the heavens above. “If there is a great power up there that is watching over us please, please protect us!”

She fell to the ground with Dawnie holding onto her for dear life, emotionally exhausted. She didn’t know how much more she could take. She lost Spike again, her friends, Slayers, and now she was losing her sister. She knew this was inevitable, they all had known, but it didn’t hurt any less. Her heart shattered beyond repair by Angel’s duplicity, her first loves attempt at taking out evil he should have never done alone. Buffy looked down at her sister in despair trying hard to shush her from speaking. However, Dawn ignored her efforts.

“I remember when I first came to you Buffy” Taking a gasping breath, she needed to say this, so she hoped there was someone out there to generously help her hang on. She desperately had something to tell Buffy. Buffy just held on and tried to quiet her but Dawn tenaciously managed to eye ball her.

“I remember. I k-know where I came from B-Buffy. Oh God he doesn't know how sorry I am, and he will never know” She coughed up blood.

“Hang on Dawnie, please don't leave yet. Wait...What do you mean you know where you came from? Dawn you came from me. You came from Summers’ blood. Of course Spike forgave you, he loves you Dawnie. Spike always…” Dawn cut her off seeing that she knew she didn't have much time.

“No Buffy. L-Listen I have checked. Remember those two months I-I was mad a-at y-you. I checked and re-re-checked it. I know he forgave me in his own way, but I would, would have liked to have said it to him myself, y-ya know.” Taking a breath she continued praying she could get this out.

“B-B-Buffy my real parents are…” Dawn painfully grimaced from the pain by her neck.

“Dawnie, stay with me, damn it! What are you talking about?” Buffy hysterically cried. Her baby sister was talking nonsense and slowly fading from her.

Dawn spewed coughing up blood, gasping, she held on for this last moment. She had to say this. “I love you Buffy”

“I love you too Dawnie, come on fight it!” She desperately tore off her shirt to stop the blood flow coming from Dawnie's neck.

“D-D-Don't B-B-Buffy, it's my time. Listen things will be changing for the better” In this moment she had a moment of lucidity, and she heeded to the voice, the voice she once knew—Joyce. No, not her mother, but still she felt her love was maternal.

“Buffy, I have to be quick; a higher power is giving you a message.” Dawn paused taking a shuddering breath she continued, “Fight hard champion, all is not lost. Have hope. Open your heart, and when the time comes upon, a higher power will turn back to a time changing it—bringing the balance. Stay true as you are chosen above all. You are our daughter. This is our gift to you when it changes…Your heart and dreams will lead you. Do what you were destined to do—take out your enemy and follow the time light”

‘Huh?’ Buffy was seriously wigging, but this was just like the Powers. She was actually surprised that she didn’t see the smelly Whistler emissary for the Powers lurking about, except a thought just occurred to Buffy. Something bigger was going on because Dawnie didn’t say the Powers. In fact, she called them a higher power. She couldn’t figure that out right now given that she needed to understand the message. Looking down at her dying sister she pleaded while cradling Dawnie in her arms. She was slightly panicked when she noticed that her sister’s temperature had dropped drastically.

“Dawnie please tell me, in plain English, come on, we can fight this, you can do it, Fight it!!” Buffy felt her fading fast even as a pain she'd never felt coursed through her blood, through her bones, through her body. This loss felt like it did when…When Spike was gone. ‘Huh?’

“Buffy be strong. B-B-B-Beat him Buffy. Beat him for daddy, and for you, mommy. Y-Y-You and S-S-Spike a-a-are my p-p-parents…I love you…” But Dawnie took her last breath with her last word.


Buffy was stunned, and yet she couldn’t stop the hot endless river of tears falling from her emerald green eyes.

‘Was it true? Dawnie was hers and Spike's?’ Buffy wiped manically at her tears.

Looking down at Dawn she knew in her heart it was true. It really explained a lot actually. Buffy held onto her sis…Noher daughter—hers and Spike's. Her heart bled for what could have been. Heart racking sobs escaped as she cried for her, Dawnie, and Spike. Inconsolably she cried, except she was being crudely interrupted in her grief and dawning realization or in Spike terms, ‘Another bloody revelation’.

“I'm sorry Buffy, you shouldn't have come. This wasn't your fight” He simply chided sympathetically.

Silently, she said her goodbye to her daughter and her true love, Spike, hoping they were together as father and daughter. Giving her silent wish of seeing them soon but not before she took this piece of shit out.

Placing a chaste kiss to her daughter's forehead “I love you baby girl,” she turned to the murderous bastard who started this. With a feral smile, she gave him what he deserved.

“Why Angel, would I not be here to save the world? I may not be the one and only chosen one, but I am the chosen one.” She spat out barely able to quell the unbearable rage threatening to overtake her before she had it out with the fool who started this war too soon.

‘Arrogant control freak—thinks he’s the all-freaking-mighty!' Ok, so her internal insults weren't that great, but she did pack a mean punch! Snickering internally he wouldn't see it coming. His last ‘get out of jail free card’ expired. She would not listen to his reasons this time.

“I know that Buffy but this wasn't your fight!” Angel shot back exasperated.

Buffy was near breaking; she was approaching past her boiling rage limit. She really needed to hold this off to get what she needed to say out before she startled pummeling his ass.

“Really, Angel? By the Council's records, you just started the last war and forced the side of evil to prevail. So I tell you this—why wouldn't I be here when the world is ending? No, don't you even try to answer that. Angel, I am the Chosen Champion. You are a Cursed Vampire fatally attempting redemption, I will add. What you've done…” Taking a deep breath she placed the spell around them to keep the demons away so she could get this done. And then, she could finally find her peace once again.

She was ready. She wanted her family. She was tired and this aggravating asshole was getting on her last nerve!

‘First love my ass. What was I thinking?' Buffy rolled her eyes at her own naivety.

She could just imagine what Spike was saying. ‘Pet, you have bloody appalling taste in men, but you have a big heart, and you followed it. Don't let Peaches get to you, luv.'

With intense feeling of love for Spike, for their Dawnie, for her friends, Giles and for her mother she faced this pretender.

“Buffy I love you. I have always loved you. Please understand I needed to take this evil…” Angel maintained gazing down at her unhappily with his puppy brown eyes expecting she would recognize his good intentions.

“Just stop. You didn't need to do anything. You started this Apocalypse all by your itty-bitty self—Just you. You call yourself a champion? Yeah right!” Angel started to open his mouth to refute.

And Buffy jumped closer snarling, “No do not interrupt me, I’m not finished!”

Angel gave her the sad brown-eyed pout in hopes she would forgive him, she’d always in the past. He had to wonder why it wasn’t working now.

“So not going to work this time Angel. You are under the delusion that you and Angelus are two different people. Judging by this battle all around us just proves me right. You are one and the same. This is worse than Acathla, Angel!” Buffy fumed as she inched closer ready to strike if necessary.

Angel really tried to come to his defense, but she wouldn't hear of it, so he kept his mouth grimly shut. He didn't know this girl. What happened to that sweet innocent girl he knew back in Sunnydale?

‘Spike did this. The fucking ungrateful bastard! He changed my Buffy. What was she saying?’ Coming out of his thoughts he truly fought to keep his enraged demon down because this girl, his love, was questioning his motives, his authority. ‘Who was this girl?' Angel snarled internally.

“Angel I'm going to say this once. What you have done is unforgivable. You have taken from me. You have killed my family, my friends and my sister Slayers. You have killed the entire world, and for what—for petty revenge? On the other hand, all because of a threat Wolfram & Hart held over you because of your son? So you accept their offer for a position as CEO of the company with intentions to take them out from the inside? Puh-lease.” Buffy folded her arms scoffing. Raising an eyebrow she knew she had him right where she wanted him. He said nothing, but his eyes grew impossibly huge in surprise very likely because she knew.

“Yes Angel I knew of your liaison with Darla and the son you had with her. Thank Cordelia for that one. Yes, Angel, Cordy paid us a visit. Where was I? Oh, that's right—At least Darla did the right thing this time by dusting herself for her son. What did you do? You deceived your team; your friends, me, and even more—you lied to your son!” Buffy heatedly exclaimed.

Buffy stepped closer even as she saw the anger build in Angel’s face. “You have just sentenced this world and brought everyone down with you. Angel you even killed your own team for what vengeance? It's about the mission Angel, and frankly I don't believe—actually I know you never had it in you to succeed in your redemption. It was all about a reward wasn't it?”

Angel calmed fractionally hoping maybe she would see the reason and softly pleaded, “Buffy you don't understand the Black Thorne…I signed away my right to the prophecy to become human.”

Buffy shook her head in disgust, “I don't want to hear it Angel. You gave up being a human once before. No, don’t you dare to deny it. God was I delusional. I was a child Angel. That love you felt—looking back on it was disgusting. It makes me feel dirty. You stole my innocence with your cryptic talk. You proceeded to sweep me off my feet with your hero crap, and then Angelus came out to play. It really makes me wonder if you knew about it.”

“Buffy…” Angel interrupted only to be shot down by a very irate Buffy.

“I said don’t interrupt me!” Buffy seethed.

Angel was really trying but his demon was getting closer and closer to the surface.

Buffy calmly pressed on, “This war ended that get out of jail pass. You say you love me, but yet you walked away from me. I genuinely thought I loved you, but now, now I don't even know what to believe. You have taken everyone I have loved from me. You are a manipulative, controlling, and patronizing Vampire. It has to be your way or no way.

Buffy’s temper boiled exponentially as she held the Scythe in hand. Her hands were holding the weapon so tightly that for a second she thought would it break or the very least splinter. She was surprised it didn’t then look at Angel and directly in his eyes, “I finally understand you now; you only think of yourself, everything you did was done with only your own selfish motives in mind, letting everyone else be damned! Not anymore! Cause I've had it with you and your actions! Angel, I can say this with complete confidence; I didn't know what true love was until Spike. Spike with me—is love. Angel, your love with me is a joke—as you once referred us as a freak show pleading, I look for normal.”

With a smirk that could rival her Spike, she told him with clarity that she knew would shock him cold. “I never loved you like, I love Spike! With Spike, what he and I shared that last year was true love. That's the definition of soul mates! Spike loved me when he had no soul, and because of that love, he protected my family and friends, even when I was dead! What I had with you was the real freak show! You could never be the man that Spike was! Yes, spike was a man, and you're a self-centered selfish monster!”

Buffy leaped knocking him to the ground done suppressing her rage, devastation, and shattered heart. At his shocked face, she punched him in the nose with every ounce of strength that she possessed. Grabbing his shirt she pulled him up from the ground as she stood, flinging him into one of the walls of the alley, repeatedly again as her rage consumed her.

Angel slumped to the ground groaning. Buffy didn’t stop. She grabbed him again by his shirt hoisting him up punching him so hard he flew across the alley, sliding down a wall in a heap. Having him flat on the ground again, she stood over him and again continued to pummel him.

YoupunchSickcrackDisgusting Assholekick "Selfish Perverted Prick" crack "Evil Monster" punch. Buffy blindly thrashed Angel, her emotions so high, she didn’t feel anything.

“You took everything from me!!” With more strength than she’d ever known she punched him, feeling the cracking of a bone in his face. She wiped furiously at the scorching tears scolding her already flushed face.

Angel's demon was incensed. Coughing up blood, he really tried to break away from her, but it seemed Buffy wasn't having any of it.

“Lover didn't know you still cared” Angel mocked.

“Ah, there you are Angelus,” She spat out in contempt. She attacked his bloodied face with vehemence now that the demon came out, not even trying to hold back her true strength.

“Knew that…” Angel derided coughing blood, “that you couldn't stay away, lover.”

“I will never be your lover—never again. I wish with everything I am that I was never your lover!” With quickness, no one ever saw of Buffy—not even from any demon that met imminent death against her, she whipped out the stake driving it home straight into his un-beating heart.

Losing his game face he managed out one word. “Buffy?”

Without a backwards glance she knew Angel was gone.

Her Slayer was euphoric.

Buffy the woman was at peace. She was finally going home, but then in a sudden realization, she knew what Dawnie had meant when she died. With wide eyes, she silently wondered. ‘Turn back to a time, and change it,' as her thoughts formed someone sounding suspiciously like her mother said, ‘Yes, Buffy, do it over, and do it well, see you soon'

As she basked in the silent request, a spectacular smile graced her lips. She vibrantly smiled even as the barrier fell and a Turok-Han tore into her neck with precise accuracy draining her life away.

Buffy had been the last one standing, the last warrior to fall. The Turok-Han dropped her to the ground roaring in triumph. Buffy’s heart beat barely hung on but as she took her last breath and said with perfect clarity, “I'm coming home Spike–my love, my Dawnie, and…mommy”

Her heart beat its last time, and the greatest Slayer ever to live, succumbed to her peace with a smile gracing her lips. Then there was darkness.

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