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Chapter 4 – It’s Begun

The future looks extremely bright indeed, with lots of possibilities ahead -- big possibilities. Like the song says, ''We've just begun. And, so it begins.

Present Day May 19, 2004 Santa Maria, California

The James Household Mansion 1930 Laguna Avenue

Catherine’s family and friends gathered around discussing rather heatedly the events occurring. Each of them tried to come up with necessary plans of action to defeat the rise of evil coming from Los Angeles. The horror and devastation of the damage already done had been felt from all in the room. Warriors across the world could feel the change, the evil taking over. Hearts breaking knowing that their world was coming to an end made them stronger.

Ronin brushed a kiss to his mate Cat’s hand. Catherine beamed beatifically at him then disappeared right in front of him.

“Caaaat! Nooooooo,” Ronin wildly looked towards the matriarch of the family. “Nana, where is she! I can't feel my sweet, Catherine!” Collapsing to the floor in agony, he roared in immense heartache when his connection to his mate Catherine severed.

“Nana Clara, please, say something,” Ronin begged and pleaded. He grasped the elder woman weeping in despair over losing his love, his everything, vanishing before his eyes.

“My dear Ronin, she has not left you”

Nana, the elderly woman with long flowing white hair and deep blue almost violet like eyes shifted her gaze from Ronin to the skylight looking to the skies above. Sighing she turned to Aubrey, Julian's mate. She trusted Aubrey.

Aubrey, though powerful, was so exotically beautiful she often wondered why she was taken with Julian, who was so average looking. It wasn't that she loved her son Julian any less or considered he deserved less, but he was just your average man. Standing tall nearly 6'3” blue eyes, average build and long light brown hair. Aubrey had men weak at the knees with just a glance. She looked very much like that actress Olivia Wilde, but her curves made her fuller and more enticing. Her eyes were otherworldly. Just as her own eyes, which Nana supposed could be also intriguing; Aubrey's eyes were a different story.

Aubrey, a talented Seer, Vampiress, and Shape Shifter could stop anyone with just a look. Her eyes were as she believed of an old soul. This woman knows much, and feels more, and being a vampiress enabled her handle the visions the Divine Balance sends her. Even when she brought forth the vampire visage her eyes were never gold.

‘Hmm, that could be said for the entire Vampire Solus Order. The whole line’s eyes never turned gold, they are all silver.’ Nana mused.

Looking at Aubrey's green almost teal speckled with silver eyes it was then Nana knew this was not what caught everyone's attention. Her right eye was teal speckled with silver, while the left was the palest blue with silver and green. ‘She is absolutely breathtaking.’ Nana thought.

Aubrey felt somewhat confused as to why Nana stared at her so intently. Nana was her family so it warmed her heart to have such a respected family member staring so undeniably at her.

“Nana, did you feel it too?” Aubrey softly spoke.

“Yes my dear. Aubrey you should get a mess…” Nana abruptly cut off as she noticed Aubrey's eyes changed swirling into silver, blue's, and green's. The Divine Balance was sending their message to their Seer, their family. Nana felt tremendous relief knowing they were getting the needed message so quickly. Just as the message came, it was gone after only mere seconds. However, Nana knew that Aubrey had deciphered it quickly.

Aubrey slightly weakened grasped hold of Julian her mate. She lightly brushed a loving kiss on his lips then mumbled that she was fine. Leaning against him, she thought that even though being a living Vampiress these visions did take a lot out of her. They may be given in a loving gentle matter, and still, they tended to be so overpowering it would exhaust her of energy. She took a cleansing breath closing her eyes in the same moment because what she learned broke her heart. The message the Divine Balance sent had left her emotions in turmoil. Desperately wanting to know, she turned abruptly towards her brother-in-law her eyes full of fire. How could he have kept this from them? Weren’t they all family? Did he trust his family so little?

“Darien, what did you do? How could you keep this from us, your family?” Aubrey exclaimed. Everyone took in what Aubrey had said and turned to look at Darien, whom they felt in their hearts, was their father, their family. They all had the same thought. 'What could he have possibly done that was so wrong?'

Darien, with tears falling from his eyes, lowered his head in shame. His long kept secret was now about to unravel…

Meanwhile in the Divine Balance Realm…Boss to the Powers that Be

“Has she awoken yet?” The cloaked being spoke.

“Brother, please be patient. This is a very delicate matter” The identical cloaked being retorted. There were times Sister hated being all-knowing and together with more facts than that of her Brother. Looking down at the young and beautiful Slayer, she sighed. This was going to be very messy indeed. Sensing her brothers need to speak, she turned to him.

“Sister,” The being hesitantly spoke.

“Yes, Brother,” His Sister responded quite intrigued.

“We can ease her pain.” The answer simply stated.

“How, my Brother shall we accomplish this feat?” Sister questioned perturbed by not realizing this very factor bringing the Slayer to the Divine Balance Realm.

“By allowing her mate's connection or to have him here with her” Brother answered.

The Sister considered this for a moment then nodded. Saying but only a few words there was a flash of light and Ronin Pratt appeared laying aside his mate, Catherine James-Pratt.

“Now Brother we wait”

Back in the James Mansion~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Darien glanced around the room apprehensively. He felt the urgency to seek his sire. Looking to Armand he was taken back to a time that felt incredibly less painful than his secret…Remembering his awakening as he looked deep within to help aid him in his grave error…

150 years ago Bath, England…

“Do you wish to live?” The Vampire leered at his victim. His golden eyes seemingly glowed more golden when the aroma of fear enticed its Demon.

“Dear God, what are you? Oh god yes, please let me live! My precious Keera awaits me,” Darien cried out in fear for his life.

“As you wish,” growled the Vampire completely ignorant of his soon-to-be fledgling’s needs.

“Please don't hurt me…” his voice faded out screaming from the pain the monstrous bite the Vampire inflicted. The vampire bit harder laughing into his throat consuming of his blood. Darien only prayed to the gods to keep him well. Before his life faded to black, his last thoughts and memories were of his beloved Keera.

When he awoke, he felt more powerful and alive as a Vampire than he did as human. However, upon waking, he felt hunger, despair, pain, and so much loss. He fell to his knees screaming to the gods, pleading for the pain to go away. This had to be more than the pain he felt at the fear of his Keera not loving the monster he had become. He pounded on the ground vowing he would get his revenge against the monstrosity who would do this to him. The pain was so unbearable, but the hunger was immense, and yet, he refused to take a life. He would rather die than to take after that morbid creature that drank of his blood.

Did this mean he still had his soul? No, he felt empty, but yet, still felt the same. ‘Interesting,' he marveled. ‘Are these creatures that vile or is it how they are taught,’ he pondered?

The scholar and sorcerer in him wanted to further this but the pain was too much. Crawling on his hands and knees he felt his demon in so much torment, but he had to go on, he needed to do something to get away from the cruddy and dusty old crypt.

“You are in pain because your Sire has dusted,” Armand cautiously approached Darien.

Wearily, Darien raised his head “Sire? Dusted? What…Are you like me? Am I dead and evil? Please, I have a wife. Help me to end this suffering. I can’t bear the thought of feeling anymore pain than I am right now. It pains me that my darling Keera does not know what has become of me; I've been gone for too long.”

Armand reached for Darien and pulled him up. “Oh, dear fledgling, you smell divine, so pure and untainted. Do you wish for your soul to return to you?”

“What…How can that be possible?” Darien spoke in awe.

“I can ease your pain by merely transferring Sire ownership. My bloodline, my Order keeps their souls. I was born into this, and never really understood how this can be, but it is. Do you want this?” Armand eyed Darien intently, which only compelled Darien to nod his head affirmatively. As soon as Armand learned more about his new soon-to-be Childe, he began.

Armand gathered Darien in his arms placed an innocent kiss to his forehead before marking his new Childe, he whispered upon Darien, “I take thee Darien James into my family, the Order of Solus. You are my Childe as I am your Sire – Accept with your heart”

Armand bit deeply sinking his fangs into his neck drinking until there was but a drop left. He offered his wrist to Darien, his first Childe. Darien silently accepted stared into Armand's eyes then closed his eyes as he bit and drank deeply.

Armand had never felt such an exquisite feeling of home as he did with Darien. He was more than a Childe, he was brother kin. He would cherish all who came into this Childe's un-life, and he would protect their family for all of eternity, this, he vowed.

Darien surrendered to oblivion knowing Armand would see to Keera, and that he had saved him from the animal he could have become.

’Ah the memories,’ he thought.

This still did not make it any easier. The ramifications of his actions would soon come to full knowledge with all in this room – never mind those who already knew.

Wiping away his tears he turned back to them. They had all been through too much. Praying to the Gods he hoped that this too would not damage their close-knit family. It just never ended.

Sighing he started to form something to say to them but was stopped even before he could speak.

A flash of light appeared and vanished as quickly as it came just as it did with his Catherine. After everyone adjusted his or her own eyes they all saw and heard Nola crying in agony.

Ronin, Cat’s mate, and Nola’s brother, was gone.

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