Airport in England
Buffy and Dawn was on their way to see Giles in England. As soon as they landed, Buffy felt it. She felt that familiar presence that she felt so long ago. The last time she felt was a couple months after the battle with the first. She shook it off like she did now, until she saw the bleached blonde hair. It couldn't be Spike it couldn't be. Buffy started pushing the people in her way as she made her way to bleached blonde. She heard Dawn yelling after her, but it didn't matter she needed to know if it was him.
The man started walking away; she turned the way he was walking. She went to shove another guy out of her way but only ended up pushing him across the lobby
"Buffy", she heard Dawn scream breaking her sight away from the man.

"What", Buffy replied aggravated.

"You just threw a guy across the lobby"

"I did?"

"We have to go, now"

"But, I saw him"


"…never mind"

Dawn pulled Buffy out of the lobby. Spike leaned against the wall and let out a sigh of relief. 'That was too close', he thought to himself. He couldn't just bump into Buffy at the airport. 'Oh, hi Buffy I am alive, just didn't want to bother you over in Italy'. She would flip, when his flight was called he headed to the line, he need to get to Alex.

Warehouse in L.A.
After the blast, a group of black cloaked women surround the unconscious group. Zach already waking up saw a blur of women until one picked him up and dragged him to a separate part of the warehouse. As his sight became less blurry he saw all his friends lying around him, except Alex. 'Shit, what are they going to do to Alex?' he thought. Joey starting to come to as well. Zach struggled to get up, but something was stopping him.
He was frozen and couldn't speak. He looked over and saw Joey struggling as well, but Dylan and Zoe were still out. He listened closely, and heard women talking about Alex.
"I don't get why we're here", said one.

"Yeah, she isn't even a Moon Sister", said another.

"It doesn't matter, she's family", said another voice, one that sounded slightly mature.

"Yeah, through a renegade", said the first voice.

"Enough, she is my grand-daughter, and she has Moon Sister blood in her, so we are giving her a proper burial", yelled the mature voice.

'Her grandmother', Zach thought. 'Why would Alex's grandmother give a fuck about Alex, she sent an assassin after her, and had Alex's parents killed. Why would she care'. Zach thought it was suspicious. He continued to struggle, when a slender women came into the room, she was stunning she had curly brown hair neatly tucked into a loose bun, her eyes were light green, and she had the palest skin complimented by a crescent moon on top of her brow. She smiled at him before waving a hand over his head. When she did everything went black.

Hotel in L.A
Angel stared at Gunn and Illryia. Gunn just looked confused, and Illryia just stared at him.
"So you don't know what's gonna happen", Gunn asked.

"…no", Angel said after thinking.

"All you know is Spike will be here, then Buffy and her crew then we're going to know where to go, who to kill, and who to save"



"I don't know, maybe another spirit will be sent down"

"So we're just gonna sit here and wait, while it's already starting"

"Look Gunn, we don't know where to go or…" Angel said looking past him.

"Got the hotel back, I see", a familiar British voice said.

"Wesley", Illryia spoke"

"Why are you here? Spike and Buffy aren't here yet", Gunn said.

"I heard you arguing, thought I give you some information to keep you calm"

"So what is it?" Gunn asked.

"Basically, it's about this girl who is a slayer named Alex. She died, but she won't stay dead for long but her resurrection will cause unspeakable damage on the world. Spike knows this girl he helped train her, so he can tell you more about her"

"So we just wait here?" Gunn said angrily

"Unfortunately, yes for now, and one more thing"

"What?" asked Angel.

"Alex is half vampire and the other half is unspeakable power that she's barely tapped into, be careful with her, when you see her she will not be herself she will be using her magic to her full potential"

Wesley looked at Illryia. He smiled then turned around and walked away, disappearing as he walked. Gunn looked frustrated and Illryia just stared at the place where Wesley disappeared.

'This is fucking stupid", Gunn declared after several moments

"We just need to be patient", Angel responded

London - New Watchers' Council
"Buffy!" exclaimed Andrew, "I'm so happy you’re here"

"I'm just as happy as you are", Buffy replied less excited than Andrew,
"She would be happier if she didn't attack anyone at an airport", Dawn noted very aggravated.

"Buffy, Buffy. You never change do you?", came a British accent.


Buffy ran over and hugged Giles. After they caught up he took her upstairs to show her the new operations. She was very impressed. The subject changed to the urgency of her visit. Buffy explained everything that had happened in Rome with Tara. Giles looked stunned. He admitted that Jenny had appeared to him and told him of the current apocalypse. She told him to wait for Buffy, well now she was here. Giles had already sent for Xander, Willow, Kennedy, Faith, and Wood. Buffy was shocked; Tara hadn't mentioned they would be ready. Next step: California.

Different Room of the Warehouse
'Look at those stupid ass witches, giving such power a burial it's not right. I will give her something so much more. She will be my instrument in tearing down the major players. I will not let Buffy destroy my plans again, that was simply a fluke. This girl will kill Buffy and all her friends. Too bad I'm gonna suck the life out of her afterwards, she would be such a good apprentice. Almost show time'

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