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Summary: Spike leaves after Tabula Rasa. Unable to cope without Spike, Buffy's life spirals out of control until she believes she belongs in the darkness. Only after Spike returns is Buffy forced to face not only herself but the life she's created.
Rated: NC-17
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Genres: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Buffy/Other, Spike/Other
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Published: 08/20/2008 Updated: 08/29/2008

1. Chapter 1 by MrsMuir [Reviews - 7] Liked (1091 words)
Some of you may remember this fic which I wrote in 2002, without a beta and without the experience I have gained over the years. And since I have continued this verse with a new chapter to begin, I realized that this fic needed to be cleaned up. Although there are a few minor changes the story has been left the same, while the grammar and readability have been updated.

2. Chapter 2 by MrsMuir [Reviews - 3] Liked (1842 words)