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Summary: A witch and a Slayer are sent to an old city in the mountains of Transylvania to retrieve a very powerful artifact, setting off a chain of events that will alter the fate of an entire dimension
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Genres: Romance, Action
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Published: 10/09/2008 Updated: 03/17/2019

1. Onu's tip by Blackoberst [Reviews - 8] Liked (1798 words)
This was supposed to be a reply to the nekid numbers on the LJ community nekid_spike. It's grown :D

Sotia helped me with her test-reading again and Mari was nice enough to beta this for me.

2. Take me to your leader by Blackoberst [Reviews - 7] Liked (3466 words)
Sorry for the delay in posting this. RL was a real b***h lately and also there have been some other things bringing me down. All in all, I'm getting better and I hope whomever will actually read this enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A million thanks to Sotia for everything and also a lot of gracias to Mari for being the wonderful person that she is and helping me bring this to you.

3. Lots of moving occurs by Blackoberst [Reviews - 6] Liked (2639 words)
Sorry it's been a while. Here is another chapter of this story that I hope you'll like.

As always, thanks go our to my wonderful Sotia and to the talented Mari, without whom I could not even begin to imagine how this would look like.

4. Changed lives by Blackoberst [Reviews - 6] Liked (2919 words)
A million thanks to Mari for her wonderful beta work. As always, Sotia deserves a prize for her help and support.

5. Remembrance by Blackoberst [Reviews - 3] Liked (4775 words)
This chapter (with the help of the ever so gracious Mari), is for my beautiful and alltogether wonderful fiancee, Sotia. It was her birthday two days ago and, on top of that, she has agreed to do me the honor of becoming my wife. I'm sorry this isn't such a happy chapter, but it's some of my best work so far.

6. Hello, cutie by Blackoberst [Reviews - 7] Liked (2760 words)
I would like to once again thank Mari for her beta work, as well as Sotia for test-reading. I hope you all enjoy.

7. Reset by Blackoberst [Reviews - 2] Liked (3217 words)
Thanks to both Sotia and Mari putting their beta-ing skills to the test, I'm able to bring you the continuation of this story. I hope from now on the updates will be more regular.

8. Reunions by Blackoberst [Reviews - 2] Liked (3573 words)
I'm posting this right before I leave for the airport, where my love, Sotia will be landing alongside her parents. This should be one fun weekend.

Many thanks to Mari who managed to get this done despite her busy schedule and RL issues. *huggles*

9. Confrontations by Blackoberst [Reviews - 5] Liked (2507 words)
Remember me? Long time no writing, I know. I hope there is someone out there still interested in this story. :D Many thanks to Sotia and Mari for their help with this.

10. Hit me by Blackoberst [Reviews - 2] Liked (3344 words)
Guess what? I managed to update before another year passed :D.
Many thinks to Sotia, Mari and Mailyn for making this chapter better than it was.

11. Underground by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2814 words)
So 'A breath is but a soundless whisper' isn't going forward as I hoped it would, mostly because I don't actually have the time to sit down and write, so I decided to put up some chapters of this, since they've been lying around and gathering dust for a while.

12. All your bases by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (2884 words)
No, this does not mean I've given up on 'Breath,' it just means the muse kept being fickle, and while most of the chapter is written, it's not yet done.
So I give you this to tide you over.
Also, this is the second chapter uploaded today, so maybe look back just a bit.

13. Pow-wow by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2763 words)
It's been a while since I posted here, and I decided to mend a wrong and update everything I can.

14. Cleveland calling by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2779 words)

15. The Talk by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2422 words)

16. Wandering time by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3211 words)