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Summary: What if Spike were the one to find Buffy in the water in The Prophecy? Written for the LJ community spuffy_wonder
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Published: 03/05/2009 Updated: 03/24/2019

1. So our dance truly begins by Blackoberst [Reviews - 18] Liked (2726 words)
As soon as I saw this prompt, the answer came to me, so I just had to write it. Many thanks to Mari for her fabulous beta work and to Sotia for all her help.

2. Mood for blonde. by Blackoberst [Reviews - 6] Liked (2726 words)
So, this is the second chapter of what was supposed to be a one-shot. Funny, huh? Anyway, hope you like it. Sotia, without you everything would be harder. Mari, I am indebted to you for your work to help my stories.

3. Huff and puff by Blackoberst [Reviews - 8] Liked (3022 words)
So I'm back dfrom Greece once again, after exchanging the engagement rings with Sotia in front of our reunited families during Easter. I am so happy there are no words to describe how much.
As for this chapter, it benefitted, as ever, to the watchful eye of Mari. Many thanks to her.

4. Lift my spirits by Blackoberst [Reviews - 5] Liked (3218 words)
Many thanks, as always go to Sotia and Mari. Now, without further ado, and after a great delay, the continuation of this story, with my thanks to any and all who still want to read it.

5. Home is where the heart is by Blackoberst [Reviews - 2] Liked (2496 words)
Believe it or not, I'm still alive! It has been a few years ince I've updated any Spuffy, but RL has been at me like you wouldn;t believe. I have more chapters on this ready to go and I hope I will actually finish it soon. So here's hoping anyone out there is still interested in this one.

6. Dad and Watcher by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (2190 words)
Here it is, as promised, another installment. I fordot to mention that the previous chapter was beta-ed by MAri, whereas from here on it's the work of Marilyn Rowan. A great 'Thank you!' goes out to both, as well as to my wife, Sotia.

7. Say that again by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (2411 words)
Busy Thursday means I only had time to update this today. Beta by Marilyn Rowan.

8. Kiss with a fist by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (2598 words)
Beta by Marilyn Rowan. In other news, the muse has been pretty flaky this week (maybe because I'm manning the night shift), so not much writing has been done on the 13th chapter, but the ideas are there and I have it fleshed out in my mind. Now if I could stay awake long enough to write.

9. Chapter 9 by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2803 words)
Beta by Deibirchen.

10. Morning sleepy-head by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (3591 words)

11. Give a little by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2768 words)
Let's try another one.

12. Fool me twice by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3670 words)
As you might figure out, the timeline from here on out won't be strictly canon. Some things will come sooner than they did on the show, some later, some not at all. I figure that the power dynamics shifting so much would cause a ripple effect and attract or deter various occurences.

Anyway, this is yet another chapter sans-beta, so I hope it's not too bad.

13. Will you by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (4014 words)
As usual, I take full responsibility for my mistakes.

14. Drive by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2513 words)
Another chapter without a beta. I take full responsibility, but my schedule doesn't really allow me the time/energy to start looking for ways to make this work other than as is.

I would like to, once more, explain that some things will happen faster and other slowr than on the actual show. The changes in the power dynamic would have the 'ripple effect' and therefore some 'bads' would steer clear where they'd previously swarmed in, while others would be attracted like moths to a flame, appearing faster than they were supposed to.

Anyway, enjoy!

15. Back by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2918 words)
Yet another chater sans beta, but that's become the norm. I hope the writing won't give anyone headaches.

16. Watch by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (4056 words)

17. Learn by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2658 words)

18. Join me by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3682 words)

19. Explain by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2818 words)

20. Party on by Blackoberst [Reviews - 2] Liked (3907 words)
So this is the ninth chapter I've uploaded today. I hope you take the time to take a look at the previous ones, and maybe even comment. :)

21. Mi casa by Blackoberst [Reviews - 1] Liked (4481 words)
I just realized I hadn't updated this story here in a very long time, so I'm going to be posting some ten chapters over the course of the next couple of weeks.

22. Chances by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2804 words)
I seem to have forgotten that I also needed to update on this site. I'll try to bring things up to date, since the fic is actually completed at 32 chapters (including two epilogues)

23. Pieces by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2424 words)
Here is another installment. The differences from OTL are going to become more and more major.

24. First contact by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] Liked (3299 words)

25. Sleepy by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3044 words)

26. Pain in any language by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3860 words)
Song title from an Apollo 440 song. No beta.

27. Electro glide in blue by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3007 words)
The chapter names for this and the previous one (and possibly for the following chapters) are taken from Apollo 440. Also this is unedited.

28. Time is running out by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2648 words)

29. Stadium parking lot by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (2930 words)

30. Raw power by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (3763 words)

31. Yo! Future by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (1629 words)

32. Omega point by Blackoberst [Reviews - 0] (1802 words)