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Summary: Takes place during the episode Killed By Death. Heartily sick and tired of hearing Dru and Angelus shagging their brains out, Spike leaves the mansion in search of a bite to eat, only to end up at the hospital where Buffy is sick with the flu. Will he take advantage of the Slayer's weakness or will he find out the enemy of his enemy is his friend?

In response to a fic challenge on the LJ community, Spuffy_Wonder. What if Spike visited Buffy in the hospital when she was hospitalized with the flu?
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1. One by Darkrivertempest [Reviews - 19] Liked (4233 words)
Thank you so very much to my lovely beta's, Dusty273 and Im_bloody_english!

This is probably the sappiest thing I've written in a while, but when I saw the prompt, I couldn't help but write it. Enjoy!

Some dialogue taken from 'Killed By Death' and 'Becoming, Part 2'. ~Just FYI, I'm not dealing with Der Kindestod (the demon) in this. Everything goes cannon so assume Buffy kills the thing.~