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Summary: AU/AR Takes place about two month post Omniscient. Spike and Buffy now have a place of their own and while the girls are having a day out, Xander decides to spend some time with the only other male in the Scooby group that's remotely cool... Spike. And what better way than a Star Trek marathon on cable?
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Published: 05/12/2009 Updated: 05/12/2009

1. Chapter 1 by Darkrivertempest [Reviews - 5] Liked (2022 words)
This is in response to a drabble challenge on LJ from Carly, ie, bloody_bint: In light of the new movie hitting theaters on Friday, I'd LOVE a Trek drabble. If you want to make it Spike and Xander discussing Trek, that's okay too. So this is for Carly! *hugs and smoochers hun!*

This turned out to be much more than a drabble - more of a ficlet! Plus I wanted a tentative friendship already established because I wanted Xander to come to some conclusions on his own. Many thanks to my awesome beta duo, Mari and Tina, who made it much better than just a mere drabble. Thankee ladies!

*Star Trek is property of Paramount and there are quotes from ST, Wrath of Khan littered throughout this.*