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Summary: Buffy is tired of being constantly hurt by her boyfriends, so what does she decide to do? She picks up a man dressed in black to show her a good time. Taboo Spuffy 81 Prompt Challenge: Set #1 First Time: Buffy has saved herself for years and in one night, she decides to give it all to a sexy stranger dressed in black. *WARNINGS* Underage sex between 17 and 22 year old.

Nominated for: Best Plot, Best Sex and Best Challenge Response. Thank you!!!

EDIT: 2012! This fic has been nominated again at the SunnyD Awards!

Nominated in the catergories: Best Alternate Universe, Best NC-17, Best Pairing Conventional, Best Plot, Best Romance!

Thanks to whoever nominated me, it made my day, for sure!! *BIG HUGS!!*
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1. Oneshot by xoChantelly [Reviews - 58] Liked (3867 words)
Okay so, I know that I posted YGB chapter 12 first, but this was my first shot at virginity smut. I hope you all like. If you don't like to read underage sex between younger Buffy/ older Spike, don't read. Thank you to the wonderful PB for beta'ing and xaphania for prereading for me and making me this perfect banner. I love all of the support you ladies have given me!! *smoochies!