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Summary: This takes place roughly after Spike has his I can feel moment with Harmony. The fight with Angel didn't happen. Buffy finds out that Spike has come back. She goes to him, but the problem is...A lot of factors are standing in the way. Memories are lost and the only way Spike can get them back is with Buffy's help. The song I am using is by Bethany Joy Galeotti featuring Enation 'Feel This' Good song, go and check it out!
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1. Feel This by Spikelissa [Reviews - 2] Liked (2737 words)
I wanted to point out this is a short song Ficlet which, may include more at some point. I want to stress that my characters are usually very much out of character. If this is a problem then please do not read! THANK you so much Charlie!!!! You are absolutely amazing!!!!! I love reviews and will do my hardest to respond...hmm something to do at work!!! Enjoy! :) P.S. Just to let you know - the bold italic wording is the lyrics!!!!