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Summary: Third installment of my Sexy Single oneshot series.

After months of their secret fling, both Buffy and Spike are feeling things they know they shouldn't. Their 'relationship' was deemed only sexual, and yet they've both fallen for each other. Unable to tell the other, something happens that turns their world upside down. Can they fix it?
Rated: NC-17
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Genres: Angst
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Published: 04/08/2012 Updated: 04/08/2012

1. Gone by xoChantelly [Reviews - 9] Liked (2547 words)
So I've been sitting on this one for a while, and I can't remember if it is beta'd or not, but it if is, it was most likely beta'd by xaphania or Pagan Baby lol. So, I wrote this a long time ago and I found it in my hotmail, just waiting to be posted. So sorry for the wait. I've been slowly plugging away at my computer, hoping to get some more stuff to post. It's coming along slowly but surely, and soon I will have more to post. Thanks for being patient :)