Xander shook his head. As he sat in the corner, drinking the ridiculously overpriced beer, Spike had somehow, swung it so that two strippers were him a lapdance. And each woman was competing with the other to see who would be the lucky lady to take him back to the ‘private viewing area.’

God, he could be such a charming bastard, Xander thought enviously. Must be the accent. The prick.
Just then, Xander felt his cellphone vibrate. He was tempted to ignore it, but he pulled it out of his pocket anyway, doing a double take at the time displayed.

1 am? Dammit, we’ve been out for hours.

Xander broke into a smile when he noticed who was calling him.

“Hey baby,” he said. “You girls having fun?”

“So much fun,” Dawn said loudly.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Buffy shrieked in the background.

Xander frowned at the slight slur he heard in Dawn’s voice.

“How many beers have you had young lady?” Xander joked, trying to hide his concern.

“Just a couple,” Dawn said playfully.

“Shyeah,” he heard Buffy say. “A couple dozen.”

“Shuddup,” Dawn retorted annoyed, before her voice softened, turning back to her husband.

“Drunk enough to do ana…”

“Dawnie,” Xander chided. “Not in front of the B..U..F…F…Y”

“That thing you always wanted,” Dawn finished. “In my butt.”

“That’s much better,” Xander said dryly, wincing when he heard Buffy roar with laughter.

“We’re on our way back in a cab,” Dawn said, as Xander caught sight of Spike heading to the back of the club, his arms around the two strippers. Spike gave Xander a knowing smile and a wink and Xander raised his bottle to the blonde.

You the man mothafucka.

“Yeah,” Xander said, as Spike disappeared from view. “I think I’ll head back too.”

“Where is my dear husband?” he heard Buffy interject.

“He’s…..” Xander said, searching for a way to cover. “Got his hands full right now.”

“Hands full of strippers?” Buffy asked, her voice stern.

“No,” Xander said, pretending to be shocked. “Never. We’ll be back in an hour.”

“Good,” Dawn giggled. “That’s enough time for at least three more drinks.”

And before Xander could protest, Dawn had hung up the phone.

Xander sighed. This was fun, but in truth he’d had enough. He enjoyed a lapdance as much as the next guy, but there was only so much of it he could take.
It’s like having your cake and not eating it, he thought. At all.

Xander didn’t even bother looking for Spike. He just gave up, giving the girl serving him a fifty. Xander tried hailing a cab outside, without any luck. He pulled out his cellphone but found his battery dead.

Well, Xander thought. It’s a beautiful evening. Might as well have a walk on the Vegas strip. The girls won’t be back for another hour anyway. And with that, he set off in no particular direction.

William meanwhile, was enjoying his very private double lap dance from ‘Ruby’ and ‘Ava’two twenty something blondes. Still, he made sure to keep his hands to himself.

Look, don’t touch mate, he reminded himself.

William cursed when his phone vibrated furiously in his pocket. Ruby and Ava exchanged a look.

“I guess you must be really happy to see us,” Ruby giggled, gently putting her hand on his thigh.

“Real happy,” Ava said, her hand sneaking into his pocket. William felt her fingers brush against his cock, before she withdrew his phone and tossed it at him.

“Hey baby,” he said, telling the girls to hush up as he quickly found the bathroom and locked himself in an empty stall.

“Hey,” Buffy said. “Where are you?”

“Oh just….you know,” William said, trying to stall until he came up with an excuse. “Around.”

“Around strippers?” Buffy asked pointedly.

“Yes,” William admitted grugingly. “But it was Harris’s idea.”

“Shyeah,” Buffy said. “Right.”

“Luv,” William sighed. “It’s not…real. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“I know,” Buffy said.

“You’re not mad are you?” William asked.

“No,” Buffy said. “I’m not. I’m just teasing.”

“Minx,” William chuckled.

“So what have you gals been upto?” William asked.

“Oh you just know,” Buffy teased. “Around.”

“Hey Spike,” he heard Dawn scream into the phone. “Your wife is so drunk right now.”

“Had a few eh?” William chuckled.

“Please.” Buffy said. “Dawn’s….exchaghe…..exaggamacahlit….”

“Not drunk eh?” William chuckled.

“Maybe I’ve had a couple,” Buffy groused. “How many have you had?”

“Just one,” William answered, a little too quickly.
He could almost hear her eyes narrow on the other end.

“Three,” he admitted.

A moment of silence….

“I’ll see you back at the room yeah?” Spike asked.

“I told you baby,” Buffy teased. “Don’t wait up.”

“Buffy,” William warned, but instead found himself hung up on.

William sighed, then returned to the ‘private area.’ He thanked the girls like a proper British gentleman, giving them a couple of hundred dollars, then returned to the bar where he was told his friend left after paying his tab. William shrugged, then slipped the barkeep an extra twenty to have him call a cab.

He reached the hotel in ten minutes, then spent another half hour downstairs playing poker.

Buffy hung up the cellphone to find her best friend staring at her.

“Another shot?” Dawn queried, her eyes wild and fiery, holding up a glass she had procured from the bartender. It was a challenge.

“You know it,” Buffy grinned, taking the tiny glass, then clinking it together. The girls exchanged a look, then drained their glasses whole.

When William finally stepped into his room he froze. His jaw dropped at the sight that greeted him. Despite the drinks in him, there was no mistaking what his eyes were seeing.

His wife was lying on the bed, flat on her stomach. William’s eyes went to her magnificent ass, which was propped up by a strategically placed pillow under her stomach. A lacy pink thong ran between her ass, highlighting her rosy pink cheeks. It was all she was wearing. His eyes ran up her back, drinking in the golden tanned flesh. Her hair, as always, was shiny and bouncy and styled up in just that way he loved. Spike’s nostrils flared as he caught her scent. Vanilla and honey. God, he loved the way she smelled. His cock, which had been teased all evening, began to throb. As always when it came to sex, William went away. And Spike took charge.

God he loved this girl, Spike thought. Loved the raw, animalistic sex they had. From the time they had met in college, it had always been this way. They had met at a party. Sparks had flown. She had taunted and teased him mercilessly until out of frustration, he had grabbed her and practically carried her off into one of the empty rooms to the amusement and hoots of all present. She called him all sorts of names as he slammed her up against the door. But not once had she told him to stop as they swapped desperate kisses, undressing each other. When he was finally poised at her entrance she had told him she wanted him from the moment she’d seen him. That she would lose her mind if he wasn’t inside her right now. He’d made her wait then, touching her all over until she was frantic, telling her she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Finally, she wrapped her hips around his waist and sank down on his cock. For the next half hour, she rode him, First against that door. Then on the floor. Finally he lifted her onto the bed and proceeded to give her another mind blowing orgasm before he finally joined her. And thus had it always been between them.

“Christ Summers,” Spike said through gritted teeth as he tossed away his shirt. ‘You drive me crazy you know that?”

She responded by beginning to move her hips, gently humping the bed.

“If that’s how you want it,” Spike said roughly. Quickly, he moved to the bed, straddling her back. His hands moved to the ripe peach that was her ass. His eyes glazed over as he spread her wide, greedily massaging the flesh. Spike lowered his face until he could smell her pussy. He took a good sniff. She’d washed herself with his favourite scent. She smelled peachy. It made him harder, if possible.

“Delicious,” Spike muttered, wrapping his mouth around the flimsy fabric, then proceeded to rip it off with his teeth and toss it aside, making her gasp into the pillow.

“Hush,” he growled, as he gazed upon her now bare pretty pink bum. “Bad girls don’t get to talk.”

As always, she was in incredible shape. In fact, her ass had never looked better. Spike vowed to write a letter of thanks to her yoga instructor.

Spike gently planted a kiss on each pink cheek, then gently nibbled on a particularly tasty looking area, managing to somehow smirk all the while. This time, she was unable to hold back a moan, though stifled by the pillow.

“I told you,” Spike growled furiously, his hand swatting her pretty pink cheeks with every word. “To. Be. Quiet. ”

Spike decided she needed to be punished. It was one of the things he loved about her. In their relationship, they were equals. But when it came to sex, he knew she wanted him to take charge. Spike undid his belt, tantalizingly dragging the metal across her cheeks, making her squirm.

“That’s right,” he whispered. “You know you want it.”

She hummed with satisfaction, nodding her head. Spike’s eyes narrowed. Wanted it, did she? Then he sure as hell wasn’t going to give it to her. Spike shrugged off his pants as he ran his tongue down the crack of her ass, teasing her asshole with a forked tongue, making her body shake. Spike went lower until he reached her sopping wet pussy.

.“Mmmmm,” he said, lapping up her tangy juices, his cock now throbbing madly. “You’re all wet luv. So wet for me.”

And with that, Spike straddled her properly. His hand went to her waist, guiding her ass up a little so that he could enter more easily, then positioned himself against her quim. He made her wait then, rubbing himself up against her until she was even more wet.
Spike growled, when she tried to push back against him. He reached up to gently grasp that shiny blonde hair, bunching it up in his fist, making sure to keep her head against the bed. God, she never learnt. But he sure as hell was going to enjoy trying to teach her.
With a single deep thrust, he entered her entirely, making her moan.

“Shut,” Spike said, his teeth gnashing loudly, his hips thrusting with every word. “The. Fuck. Up.”

But she didn’t. Instead she gasped incoherently with every thrust, mewling her pleasure. Making Spike angrier and angrier. And hornier.

Spike snarled, frustrated more than usual by her usual disobedience of his commands. He grabbed her hips with both hands, then pulled her up until she was on all fours, never once pausing his expert thrusts.

“I told you to…” he growled, not so gently turning her face around so that he could look into her beautiful green eyes. "To shut..."

Blue eyes. Spike blinked. No, that can’t be right. He blinked again. Blue, he saw once again. Blue and dark. As if reflecting a stormy, angry sea. Not green. His eyes dropped to her cheeks. High yes, just as beautifully set, but sharper. Her nose. The same. Small and perky. But different. Her lips. Shiny, full, glossy. But not defiantly set. Instead, curved into a shy smile.

What the…

William couldn’t move a muscle. It was as if he was stuck in time. He tried to think, but found his mind clouded by a haze of lust. Any little blood remaining had long since left his brain a long time ago.

“Dawn,” he whispered, his voice hoarse in shock, his
eyes widening in recognition.

“Mmmm,” Dawn breathed sensually, her hand curling around his neck to stroke his hair. “Fuck. So good. Don’t stop.”

William couldn’t think. Stop? Stop what? And then he remembered. He was inside her. Inside Dawn Harris. He had been fucking the knockout blonde who lived next door. The one with the face of an angel, shiny blonde hair, succulent lips, perky tits, smooth sculpted legs and a luscious ass. The one he’d fantasized about since the day she moved in next door with that dolt of her husband. His wife’s best friend. The ones he stored in the darkest, most perverted corners of his mind. And if things couldn’t possibly get more fucked up, they were in his favourite position. Doggystyle. Raw.With nothing between us. That last last thought nearly undid him. Fuck, he thought. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

He was utterly fucked. In more ways than one.

When Xander slipped into his hotel room, nearly an hour later, he found himself in near darkness. He fumbled for a light switch but then a soft golden light turned on by the bed. He blinked furiously, his eyes taking a moment to adjust.

His wife was lying across the bed, shrouded in darkness. There was only about enough light to highlight her every curve. The black negligee she had on was tantalizingly see through. Xander’s eyes flickered to her cleavage, where her golden breasts were on offer. His eyes ran down her body, pausing at her stomach and then to her long smooth legs.

God, Xander thought. Dawn wasn’t naked, but she might as well have been. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. And, god, she smelled like...strawberries. Ripe, succulent strawberries. His favourite.

“Jesus,” he breathed, taking a step forward. “D…..”

“Shhh,” she said, holding up her hand, ordering him to stop. Her voice had a sexy rasping quality.
I guess she's screamed herself hoarse.

“Baby,” Xander sighed. “Come on. Don’t tease.”

But he didn’t step closer. As always, she wanted it her way. And as always, he was her slave.

“Shirt,” she rasped.

Xander shook his head. All that screaming and yelling and god knows what else had lost her her voice, but had left her with a sexy rasp. Xander grinned, slowly stripping it off, enjoying the sigh he heard escape her lips. Once again, he thanked the gods of construction for leaving him with a musclular body.

Eat your heart out, high school me.

“Pants,” she whispered and he followed her orders, leaving him in just his boxers.

“These too?” Xander said, hooking his fingers into them.

She nodded, her golden hair bouncing in the dark.

“Come get it,” Xander quipped, getting on his haunches and sitting on the bed.

She accepted his challenge. Her palm reached out to stroke his stomach with the palm of her hand, running her finger nail right over the cloth. She stretched it out, threatened to pull it away, before letting it snap back against his cock.

“Easy,” Xander hissed.

Her fingers apologetically touched his stomach before played the toned flesh like a piano. Xander felt her hand curl around his waist to position him right in front of face. He felt her lips and tongue kiss his stomach before teasing his cock through the denim, making him gasp.

Her nails dug into his sides as she used her teeth to pull his boxer down, then tugged them until they were at his ankles, unveiling his cock.

“Nice,” she whispered, eyeing his stiff cock, then looked up at him. He could just about make out the outline of her face tilted upwards, watching her intently. And then she was leaning forward, giving his cockhead the gentlest of kisses.

“Jesus baby,” Xander sighed throwing his head back when her tongue flickered out against him, making him gasp. Xander’s hands gently massaged her hair and stroked her face. She rewarded his gentleness by opening her mouth and taking him in.

“God you’re the best,” Xander sighed. “But slow down. I won’t last if you keep that up.”

But she just ignoring his warning. If anything she gave her tongue even more release, running it up and down the length of him in wide circles. When she mercilessly tongued the tip of him, Xander groaned in warning.

“Fuck,” he gasped, as she held him in place, continuing to blow him voraciously. And then his hips were shaking as he spluttered and groaned his release and she was drinking down whatever he gave.

“Is it my birthday?” he quippled his voice as shaky as his legs. Dawn rarely ever did this for him. Must be a special occasion indeed.

“Maybe,” she whispered, her voice so soft, he had to strain to hear the words.

“Then I guess I better unwrap my present,” he quipped, laughing a little as he lay down right besides her.

His hand quickly moved to divest her of the flimsy black thing she was wearing, as her soft hands wrapped around his cock, trying to coax him back to life. His lips sought hers, but she turned her face away. Xander chuckled. As if he cared about kissing her after what she had just done.

God, she was always so shy. But he didn’t want to push it, so he simply kissed her neck, then dropped his mouth down between her breasts, inhaling deeply.

She smelled different, he thought as he nuzzled a breast with his cheek. But undeniably delicious. Xander hoped he’d remember to ask her what new perfume she’d used. And how much it cost, he thought darkly, before banishing such thoughts for later. Instead he planted soft kisses on her breasts, then suckled on her nipples as if they were candy, making her mewl.

It’s like making love to a stranger he thought wickedly. I guess there’s something to this darkness thing after all.

Pretend it’s Buffy, he heard a tiny sinister voice inside him say. Xander shook his head, trying to banish that very dangerous thought. He loved his wife. Yes, he’d fantasized about Buffy before. Even when he was making love to Dawn. Christ, I’d have to be dead not to have, he thought.

But right now Xander refused to think those thoughts. Refused to think about anyone other than Dawn. The woman he loved. Whose gentle hands were stroking him back to full arousal as his face played with her breasts. Xander found himself surprised when she placed his cock at his quim. He knew his wife was on the pill, but still. No condom?

Maybe it really is my birthday after all, he thought.

Well, no point looking a gift horse in the sack.
“God,” he muttered against her breasts, peppering them with kisses. “I love you so much baby.”

“Make love to me,” she rasped.

Xander rose up on his hands, then tenderly pushed himself inside her.

“Yes,” she gasped when he began pushing himself ino her. Achingly softly. Over and over and over again.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she gasped with every thrust.

Over and over and over again. Xander frowned when he looked down, frustrated at not being able to look at her beautiful face. He looked around in the dark, then reached out until his hand reached the bedside table and found a lightswitch. With a soft click the soft light illuminated both their bodies sweaty, tangled bodies. Xander looked down at his beautiful…

“Buffy,” he gasped. Xander’s eyes widening comically.

No. It couldn’t be. But it was. Buffy. Jesus. How?

The look on Buffy’s face was pure want. Her tiny nose was flaring, her eyes hooded, her cheeks flushed from what they had been doing.

Jesus, the look on her face. One he could only have ever imagined.And he had. But it had been nothing like this. This real, this raw. They stared at each other for a moment. Suddenly, she flipped them over using speed and strength he could have never dreamed she possessed.

Xander gasped, finding himself caught off guard and underneath her.

“Alone at last,” Buffy said amorously, looking down her prey.

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