One month ago…..

Buffy Summers stood in her kitchen, hands on her hips, waiting for her coffee.

“Stupid expensive piece of crap,” she muttered as the coffee maker emmited spluttering and choking sounds, but no coffee.

Buffy sighed deeply then ‘eeped’ when she felt a pair of strong arms surround her.

“Morning luv,” he said amorously, rubbing his erection into her bum.

“Spike,” Buffy hissed.

God. I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee. God, her husband could be a horny bastard sometimes.
Not that she didn’t love it. But still. A time and a place and all that. Certainly not before her morning coffee. In the goddamn kitchen. Where they ate breakfast.

“Yes kitten?” Spike asked, languidly cupping her breast.

“Shouldn’t you be ahhhh…….getting ready for work?”
Buffy ground out as he bunched up her robe, admiring her pink perky bottom.

“Something I….” Spike trailed off, taking hold of her waist, positioning her against the kitchen island.
“Need first. Gotta start the day right and all that rot.”

Buffy could hear the smugness in his voice. Bastard. As if he could just bend her over and....

“Hey!” Buffy protested, turning around to glare at him, when he undid her robe and let it drop to the floor, leaving her completely naked. But Spike only waggled his eyebrows, eyeing her luscious bottom as he bent her over the island.

“Shush,” he said, smacking her bottom. Buffy yelped. He’d smacked her so hard she knew she’d be walking around with the imprint of his hand on her ass for days.

“I know you love this,” he smirked, lifting her leg to allow himself to enter her more easily.

“Don't ..” Buffy began, in a hushed voice.

Goddamnit. He knew her so well. She did love this. Loved every second of it. She enjoyed him making her mad and then giving it to her. But what he didn’t know was that as much as she loved this, what she sometimes wanted was….

Spike interrupted her train of thought by thrusting himself completely into her.

“Ohhhhh,” Buffy whispered, her body shivering with pleasure. “Yes.”

Buffy whimpered when he began pumping his hips into her. She looked around at him. Her William was in there somewhere, deep down. Right now, she only saw….only saw…

“Spike,” she screamed, hitting her orgasm in record time. But he didn’t join her. Instead, he began slowing down until he could finally pull out of her. Then he grasped her hips, spinning her around.

“My turn goldilocks,” he snickered evilly. Buffy knew what he wanted her to do. He helped clarify by pushing her onto her knees.

“My my,” Buffy said, gazing hungrily at him. “What big….teeth you have.”

Spike smirked. He’d gotten her so horny she’d mixed up her fairy tales.

“All the better to….” he intoned then paused. “Know what? Just shut up and suck me off Summers.”

Buffy huffed, looking up at him, but she knew better than to challenge him, at least when it came to sex. Instead, she gave him the evil eye as she took him into her mouth.

“That’s right,” Spike said, when she began leisurely blowing him. “Your daddy left out this part in the fairy tales, didn’t he princess?”

“I thought you were my Daddy,” Buffy said haltingly, alternating between licks and sucks.

Spike grinned. God he loved this girl. Loved how nasty she could be.

Neither of them noticed the door of the kitchen slightly ajar. Or the woman who was rooted to the spot, her cheeks aflame with shock and embarrassment, her hand frozen on the knob of the door.

Dawn was mortified. She had just found her best friend and her best friend’s husband doing….that.
God. She knew she should leave. At least have the decency to look away. But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. She was afraid of moving. Of making a sound. Of even breathing. Most of all, of being noticed. God I would die, Dawn thought. Just die right here.

For Dawn it was like watching a car crash. A beautiful car crash she couldn’t look away from. She vaguely remembered she’d come over to borrow something. She couldn’t remember what, it wasn’t important now. She’d opened the door softly, only to see Buffy being roughly taken over the kitchen counter. She’d let out a gasp she was sure, but neither of them had even noticed, thank god. Since then she’d been standing there, hidden, unable to move, barely able to breathe.

Her mind reeled. William was doing this? Soft, sweet, almost shy William? Sure he could shed his demeanour and be fun sometimes, especially when he had a beer or two in him, but Dawn could never have imagined this.

And she found herself gaping like a fish at his chiseled physique. He looked like he was cut from the hardest leanest whitest marble, not an inch of fat to be found anywhere on him. His stomach muscles were gleaming with sweat that made Dawn’s mouth water.

Buffy was stroking William with her hands now, asking him how soon he was going to cum.
“Real soon,” Dawn heard William say, in a voice she’d never heard before. For a moment Dawn thought Buffy was cheating on her husband. But there was no mistaking she was with. Oh that voice. It sent a deep spine tingling shiver all the way down her body, curled her toes before bouncing back straight to her quim.

“Yeah,” he growled. “I know you love it. Show me how much you love it.”

“Nuh-Uh,” Buffy said, letting him slip out of his mouth with a pop and shaking her head in denial. Spike reacted by coolly directing her head back down to her cock.

God that voice, Dawn thought in a daze. It was making her pussy hum. And the way he’d said it. It was a command. Dawn was shocked. Underneath all his well bred ways, William had always had something about him, but Dawn had never imagined it would be this. Dawn had always known that William was quite a hottie, but also that he was way way way off limits. Besides, Dawn was happily married. She loved her husband.

“Mmmmm,” Buffy said, running her tongue all over his cockhead as Spike groaned. Dawn saw Buffy take him in her hand and begin to stroke him furiously.

“Spike,” Dawn heard Buffy say. “Cum baby. I want you to.”

Spike? Dawn wondered. Was that a nickname? Buffy certainly hadn’t mentioned it before.

Then Dawn saw William’s beautifully sculpted body begin to shake. She heard William splutter and groan and hiss. Dawn saw Buffy’s face buried in his groing, heard her best friend drink groan as she drunk him down.

And then Dawn found the spell broken and she was backing away, her face aflame with embarrassment. She needed a long, cold shower. Maybe five.

“Yeah,” Spike said looked down, watching his spending glisten on Buffy’s face, breasts and mouth.
“You like that don’t you?”

The wanton look on his wife’s face told him she did.

“Shut up Spike,” she said. “I don’t. I’m just married to a perv.”

“You know that would be a lot more convincing if you weren’t swimming in my spunk?” he said, raising a

“God I hate you,” she said, her eyes narrowing.
Spike chuckled, sighing deeply as he ran his hand through his hair.

Buffy saw the subtle transformation take place before her very eyes. With every breath ‘Spike’ receded. His eyes turned lighter, his sneer softened into a smile. His posture, which had been tense and tightly wound, relaxed until he was nearly slumping over.

“Come here,” he said, giving his wife a hand, which she took. Buffy let him bring her up, then collect her in his arms, giving her a soft kiss on her mouth.

“Ewww,” Buffy said, breaking the kiss. “Baby, you’ll have to brush again.”

“I’m not the only one,” he said wolfishly, grinning when she punched him in the stomach.

“No more blowjobs for you,” she said glaring at him, then pushed him away, collecting her robe and scampering upstairs.

“I’m filing for divorce,” William called after her good naturedly. He shook his head, looking around the kitchen before noticing with alarm that the door slightly ajar.

Jesus, William thought, his eyes creeping to the stairs as he gently closed the door and turned the lock. Glad nobody walked in on us. Buffy would have never let me hear the end of it.

Upstairs, Buffy sighed as she cleaned herself up. As much as she had enjoyed being ‘taken,’ it would have been nice if, once in a while, her husband would just make soft slow love to her instead. Buffy didn’t know why she didn’t just tell him. It just had always been that way with them. They would fight and they would fuck as if they were fighting and they both loved it. Maybe she worried that he would think the fire was dying between them or something. God, she didn’t know. Buffy glanced at the neighbouring house from her bathroom window.

I bet Dawn doesn’t have that problem with Xander, Buffy thought, chuckling to herself.

Buffy doubted Xander had that take-charge thing going for him. Buffy wondered idly what it would be like to be with someone other than her husband. Someone like Xander. And just for an infintesmal moment, Buffy wondered about what it would feel like to be with Xander. He was so nice, and so funny. Buffy’s mind drifted as she imagined making soft, slow, sensual love….

With a shake of her head, Buffy banished those dangerous thoughts from her mind. She was happily married. Besides, her best friend's husband and all that. God, that was all sorts of wrong.

“Bad Buffy,” she chastised herself.

Later that afternoon, when Buffy returned from her realty office early, she was in a bad mood. She'd been feeling strange all day. Crabby. She'd snapped at a couple of coworkers and had been so frustrated that she'd just called it a day.

"Thank god I own the place," Buffy muttered, flopping down on her sofa, then sighing deeply. Buffy shut her eyes, trying to relax, but for some reason she kept squirming about.

"Arrghh," Buffy said. "What the hell's wrong with me today."

Buffy marched up the stairs, put on her pajamas, drew the curtains and crawled into bed. It was only there, in the darkness that she realized what was wrong. She was still horny. Unfulfilled. Unsatisfied.

"You have to be kidding me," Buffy hissed, talking to herself.

How could she possibly be in need after what had happened in the kitchen that morning. She couldn't. Her body was just wrong. Yes, that was it. Her stupid body was just off.

"Stupid sexy body," Buffy muttered crabbily, shifting her positions every few seconds to try to get comfortable. But she couldn't.

"Fine," Buffy said, gritting her teeth. "You asked for it."
Buffy reached down between her legs and started touching herself. Her fingers began working at a frantic pace, thinking of her husband, but then she slowed herself down.

Yeah, Buffy thought. Slow. Nice and slow. Softly. Buffy's body began to relax, but then tensed up again.
Something was still missing. And then Buffy found herself thinking about soft brown eyes that
were looking deep into hers and gentle lips brushing hers.

"Xander," Buffy whispered.

Oh god. I shouldn't.

But it was a dark room on a lazy wedneday afternoon and it wasn't real. Just once, Buffy thought. Get it out of your system. And then she was sliding her fingers in and out of her slowly, over and over and over again until she came with a soft sigh.

When Xander got back that night after work, Dawn was waiting for him in their bed, wearing a flimsy red thing she’d picked up a month ago for a special occasion. Dawn had somehow managed to hold off the cold shower. The images that kept flashing before her eyes kept her nice and warm, despite her shame and embarrassment.

“Dawn,” Xander gently smiled.

“Come here baby,” Dawn said, her voice unusually harsh to her own ears. “I need you.”

God, I need you to fuck me. Please. Just fuck me.

To her delight, Xander began shedding his clothes quickly. Dawn turned to lie on her back, but found him only turning her over.

“I wanna see your face,” Xander said, touching her gently. “I want to make love to you.”

Inside Dawn cringed. God, as much as she loved her husband, sometimes he could really be an idiot.

Dawn wondered why she couldn’t just come out and say it. Was she embarrassed? Or was she afraid that this perfect image Xander had of her in his mind, his loving, caring wife would disappear if she confessed to him her dirtiest, nastiest thoughts.

Come on baby, Dawn begged in her mind. Read my body. Look into my eyes. Don’t you see what I need?

But to her chagrin, Xander gently undressed her, laying soft kisses everywhere. Dawn sighed in disappointment. No, she thought. This was wrong. All wrong. Xander mistook her sighs for arousal.

“Soon baby,” he said chuckling as he suckled on a breast with exceeding softness, his hand gently stroking her quim to get her ready for him. “I promise.”

When Xander got on top of Dawn and gently pushed himself inside her, Dawn shut her eyes. God, this wasn’t what she wanted. This was the opposite. But like a good wife she moaned his name, as if he were driving her to the cliffs of desire. When Xander finally reached his climax, Dawn groaned his name as well, pretending she had cum.

“Did you?” he asked, out of breath. “You want me to keep going?”

“No baby,” Dawn sighed, touching his chest. “It was perfect. I promise.”

And then she was kissing his lips gently, pushing him back down onto the bed. Later, when Xander was asleep, Dawn stared up at the ceiling. The images of what she had seen kept flashing before her eyes. Buffy and William. Jesus.

She called him Spike, Dawn remembered suddenly. It was like….like he was a different person. Dawn felt a warmth between her legs suddenly and a desire to touch herself. She glanced at her husband, flushing with guilt. God it was so unfair. She knew she should just ask Xander to do what she needed. But god knows why, she couldn’t.

Maybe “Spike” could help Dawn thought suddenly. Somehow, after what she had seen, Dawn was sure she could. Mmmm, Dawn thought. Spike. She felt the heat between her legs increase exponentially.

Dawn felt guilty for even thinking about “Spike” that way. Not only was she happily married, he was also her best friend’s husband. But Dawn only bit her lip as her hand found itself slipping down in between her panties and she slowly began to touch herself.

Just a minute later, Dawn was sneaking glances at her sleeping husband and fantasizing about being taken in that way. Doggy-style. But not by her husband. By Spike.

Dawn found herself grabbing the pillow and stuffing it into her face to keep from making noise. When she had gathered her breath, she shook her head at the fantasy she’d just had. God, she thought. I can never look Spike in the eye again.

Maybe I should just ask Buffy if I could borrow Spike, Dawn thought wryly. Just for an hour. Dawn snorted at that absurd thought, then for some reason took it further. And she could have Xander, Dawn thought, withholding a giggle. I bet the guys would love that.

Dawn rolled over to try to get some sleep. But she didn’t know that a seed of a thought had been planted in a dark, desolate corner of her mind. And Buffy’s too. But neither of them knew it just yet.

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