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Summary: Summary: A sort of fairy tale set in Elysian Fields. Buffy receives word that someone she knows has come to the meadows across the river. Written for the 15th anniversary of Seasonal Spuffy in Fall 2020 and for all the lovely people who make fandom a wonderful place to be.

The absolutely gorgeous and haunting banner is by stnia!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Disney owns all.
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Published: 03/13/2022 Updated: 03/13/2022

1. Buffy, Spike, and the Witch of the Acheron River by sandy_s [Reviews - 0] (6778 words)
The theme for Seasonal Spuffy was Fairy Tales Retold. Special thanks to stnia who really collaborated to create this gorgeous banner to fit the story. Somehow she included all the elements I requested and made the fic seem much more glorious than my words.