Pursuits of Happiness by facingthesun

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Chapter 9

Determined not to break their kiss, Buffy reached out and blindly searched for the drawer of the nightstand as her other hand caressed William’s body.

“Oh, owie,” Buffy hissed, shaking her hand.

“What happened?”

“I almost ran my hand through the stupid dresser,” she pouted.

“Oh? Let me see.”

“Well, that was my problem: I can’t see anything, it’s too dark.”

“We can turn on a light,” William suggested, finding her hand and pressing his lips against it.

“William,” Buffy cooed, touched by his actions. “You won’t mind,” she asked running her fingers through his hair.

“Not at all. I’d like to see.”

“Ok,” Buffy said warmly, getting out of bed before she turned on the lamp. “It’s too bad we couldn’t have candles…that’d be so romantic. But we can do something about this.”

William watched with a grin on his face as she walked around the room comfortably without anything clothing.

“You ok, baby,” Buffy teased, knowing she had given him an eyeful after she bent over to check for another electrical outlet.

“Yes,” William croaked.

“Oh,” she giggled.

“What are you doing?”

“Unplugging this and moving it. I’m making us atmosphere, William.” She stumbled across the room and plugged in the light again so it was tucked behind a corner, giving the room an eerie glow. “That worked,” Buffy said, proud of herself.

“It’s lovely, Buffy.”

Buffy turned and nearly whimpered at how William looked; he was buried deep in covers and pillows and his eyes were glowing with excitement. She had to control herself from pouncing on him. “I want to make everything nice for you, William.”

“You have already…this has been so much better than even my most wild of dreams,” William whispered.

“You have wild dreams? I so want to hear about them.” Buffy randomly chose a box of condoms from the drawer and hid into the covers next to him. “Damn, this is exciting, huh? I don’t think I’ve been this excited ever in my life. Look at me, I’m shaking.”

William leaned over and kissed her eyebrow as Buffy ripped open the box, causing condoms to fly and land throughout the bed. “Oops,” Buffy giggled. “Can you get them for me?”

He nodded, his hands searching under the sheets.

“Hey,” Buffy gasped. “Not yet.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t see.”

“You’re a naughty William,” she teased. “It’s not like you don’t know what’s going on down there. You already got the grand tour.”

“It was very different from the diagrams,” William said, blushing.

“Diagrams, huh? You did mention an interest in biology,” Buffy laughed.

“I like the pictures.”

Buffy sighed, her heart tightening as he winked at her. “Do you have all of them?”

“I believe so.” He placed the neat stack of condoms aside.

“Ok.” Buffy took a deep breath and she laughed when William did the same. “I know there’s a way to do this with my mouth but we’ll save that for another day.”

“Your…” William was unable to finish.

“Oh, yeah, kisses can be had just about anywhere, William.”




“You always find ways to calm me down. I love that,” Buffy giggled. “We can cover up again in a minute.” She pulled back the sheets and petted him lovingly before rolling the condom down his hard and swollen cock. “Not so bad, huh? I’m glad they taught that in school or that could’ve been embarrassing.” She laughed again when he gasped. “Gotta check for air bubbles.” She gave him a squeeze and William nearly choked.

“God, I love you so much,” Buffy whispered, guiding him to her opening and slowly sinking down. “Oh,” she closed her eyes as he stretched and filled her. “Nice,” she hissed, lying against him.

“Yes, yes,” William babbled.

“Kiss me, please.” She begged, beginning to thrust her hips.

“Yes, yes,” William squeaked, wrapping his arms around her.

“Does it feel different?” Buffy rolled off of him and tossed the used condom away.

“Yes,” William whispered, nuzzling his head into her chest. “Thank you.”

Buffy smiled, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “No, thank you, William. That was perfect.”


“You sleepy?”

“No, I feel energized.” His voice was muffled as he pressed his kisses on her breasts. “Is that strange?”

“No, I feel the same way.” Buffy playfully tugged on his hair, messing it up.

“Again?” William smiled bashfully as he whispered into her ear.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Buffy smirked, reaching towards the nightstand.

“I’m laying back and enjoying this round.”

William swallowed as Buffy opened her arms and legs, beckoning him closer.

“I’m giving you complete control. You can do whatever you’d like.” Buffy explained as he settled on top of her. They both moaned as she guided him inside her again. “Come closer.”

“I thought I was in charge?” William kissed her forehead as he chuckled.

“Sorry.” She hummed in delight as he rubbed against her. “Wow,” she gasped, clinging to him, as his experimental movements became steady paced thrusts.

“Yes, wow…oh, Buffy…”

Buffy rose her hips to meet him and she laughed softly when he gasped. “Feels really good, huh?”

William inhaled sharply and he nodded, unable to speak.

“Remember my um, bumpy thing? Would you mind touching it like you did before? You don’t have to, you’re the boss and all but—oh God!”

“Shhh,” William chucked. “Like that, Buffy?”

“Yes,” Buffy squeaked, nodding frantically and yanking his head down for a fiery kiss.

“Buffy,” he panted minutes later. He squeezed his eyes shut as her vaginal walls fluttered around him.

I know what that face means, Buffy thought, grinning. “Come for me, William,” she whispered, nipping at his earlobe.

“My Energizer Bunny finally ran out of batteries,” Buffy laughed softly as William lightly snored. She sighed, content, wrapping her arms around him.

“Love you, Buffy,” William muttered in his sleep, pulling her closer.

“This was how it should’ve been, how it should always be…” Buffy kissed William sweetly before falling asleep.

“My, you have quite the appetite this morning, William,” Elizabeth commented. “You must have had a wild night.”

“What?” William looked up wide-eyed.

“I heard you and Buffy sneak out early but I never noticed when you both returned.”

“We-we got something to eat, as you’ve noticed, I-I eat a lot.”

“I see,” she nodded, “however it’s probably a good thing I’m a heavy sleeper, yes?”

“Um, probably,” William agreed weakly. “Maybe I should take my meal into the other room...”

“No, no, I’m teasing you, William. Sit, sit, besides I need to ask you another question and lucky for us both, it may be my last.”

“But Buffy’s still showering…”

“William, I need to ask you this without Buffy being in the room.”

“I don’t know…” William frowned.

“Don’t look so worried. I just need your permission…would you mind if I added a bit about Buffy to my book? Your relationship seems to be very important to you and I have a feeling if you retain all your memories of this month that Buffy may have a profound affect on Spike as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s a good question,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve been going over how I’d explain this to you for a few days and I still end up confusing myself.”

“Go on, I’ll try to understand,” William said, interested.

“Ok, I’ll try to keep this simple. I’ve studied you since I started with the Council. In many ways, I may know more about you than I know about myself. I was completely floored to know that you, as a living and breathing man were so different from the stories Spike told about himself. He wanted to keep you, the poet and dutiful son a secret. Looking through my case studies and my secondary and primary sources, I see many traits that are consistent in you and Spike, loyalty being the biggest. Do you love Buffy?”

“Yes and very much.”

Elizabeth grinned, “I could be wrong but, I have a feeling that your love for Buffy may not die when you become Spike.”

“As long as I’m living—or however you classify a vampire’s existence—I’ll love her.”

“That’s very heartwarming, William,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “Buffy is very lucky girl.”

“What are you trying to say? Would it be bad if I loved Buffy as a vampire? Can a vampire love?”

“Oh, vampires can love, William and very passionately. I guess I’m trying to warn you as William so it’ll sink into Spike. When you return in the next few weeks to 1880 and if you find yourself remembering a certain spunky little Slayer, wait. Don’t try to find her too soon, remember her but don’t tell anyone about your memories of your trip to the future.”

“Why not?”

“First off, people will believe that you’re insane,” Elizabeth laughed. “And secondly, it may ruin your chances with her. I won’t get into the details but I can promise you if news of you and Buffy gets leaked, many, many, people will stop you from ever meeting her. Those people believe that a vampire and a slayer should never love each other. Lucky for you, I’m quite the romantic and I have a soft spot for you.”

“If I remember, I wait, but until 1998? That seems like a very long time, I’ll miss her terribly.”

“Oh, but William, you’ll get another chance, how marvelous is that? You’ll both have this month and then you’ll meet again—you’ll be like a supernaturally-based Romeo and Juliet—reunited on Earth and not only in death.”

“But I’ll be dead, Buffy said--.”

“Right, strike that last bit, I got carried away. You’ll be…on a pursuit, yes, on a journey back to your lady love…back to your happiness.”

“What if I don’t remember her?” William swallowed, “It’s unlikely but what if I can’t?”

“Then we go back to my book. If I have a section about William and his love, Buffy, it’s more than likely that Spike will learn the details of his lost month where he passed out and woke up weeks later—he’s rather interested in reading about himself. No matter what, Buffy will remember.”

“That sounds complicated.”

“Time travel is very complicated.”

“I hope I remember.”

“Me too, William.”

“I want you to write about Buffy.”

“Good. Can I quote your comment, ‘As long as I’m living…?’ That was beautiful.”

“I—of course,” William blushed. “That’s how I feel.”

“Thank you, so much, William.”

“Hey, what’s going on guys?” Buffy appeared and she walked over to William. “You’re blushing, what’d she say? Elizabeth, I told you to be nice--.”

“She was alright, Buffy.”


“We were talking,” Elizabeth added, “Right, William?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Hm.” Buffy looked from William to Elizabeth, wondering if they were trustworthy. “Ok, but remember,” she shook her finger at Elizabeth, “I’m not afraid to go Slayer on your ass.”

“Buffy,” Elizabeth gasped at her language but then she laughed, “Oh, I’ll behave.”

“You’d better. So, what’s for breakfast? I’m starving.”

“Can you swim, William?”

“No. I’m not fond of the water.”

“What if there was a little bit of water, like a bath tub but bigger?”

“I don’t know,” William chuckled. “Your hands are freezing, Buffy.”

“It’d have warm water too…and bubbles,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his ear.

“I think I could manage that.”

“Really? Now I know what we’ll do today. More shopping.” Buffy took her hands from underneath his t-shirt and slid off of his lap.

“But…we were…Buffy,” he pouted, reaching for her.

“Oh, you pout so well, William.” Buffy set his shoes on his thigh and she kissed him. With a smile, she pulled back before their kiss could deepen.

“Buffy,” he whined.

“Foot, please.” She laughed when he did as she said with a dramatic sigh. “These boots are so nasty. Spike should’ve got rid of them decades ago.”

“Are we going to buy new shoes today?”

“Nope, swimming suits. It’ll be very exciting. Other foot, please.”

“But we won’t swim, right?”

“I can’t swim either. There, now I think we’re ready to go.”

“No, we’re not.” He resisted as she took his hand and tried to pull him to the door. “I need to kiss you, Buffy.” Before she could say anything, he brought her into his arms. “I need to…” He looked her in the eyes before fusing their mouths together.

Bossy William is so cute—so hot, mmm sexy, Buffy thought as she sank to the floor, her knees no longer supporting her weight. “Yum, William,” she said in a half moan and whimper as they fell back on the bed. “Am I crushing you?”

“No. More, Buffy.”

“Oh. Oh.” Buffy felt like purring as William lavished her with soft, lengthy kisses. “We didn’t close the door…she’ll see.”

“In a minute. We’ll go in a minute.”

“I won’t want to go in a minute.” She gasped as he sucked and toyed with her upper lip. God, he’s a quick learner. Did I teach him how to do that? She wondered silently as she clung to him.

“Buffy,” he groaned as she rubbed against his bulging pants.

“Sorry. I can’t help it. You’re busting at the seams…Little William wants to play.”

“Please…naming my body parts…it’s odd. I hope you don’t mind but…it makes me uncomfortable.”

“No naming, got ya. Sorry.”

“We should close the door, Buffy.”

“I don’t want to move, this feels so nice--.”

“Good Lord, I’ll close the bloody door. You’re both driving me mad.”

“Thanks, Elizabeth,” Buffy yelled after the bedroom door was slammed shut.

“It’s good to know we aren’t being wasteful with the Council’s money.”

“They’re very generous.”

“I don’t want to take off your shoes, I went to so much trouble putting them on.” Buffy slid the condom wrapper between her lips. “This is fun. I love that we can do this.” With a grin, she pulled down his zipper and William sighed in relief. “Maybe you shouldn’t wear your pants so tight, it looks painful.”

“It is.”

“Well, it’ll feel better soon. I’m so glad I bought this.” After opening and putting the condom on William, Buffy raised her sundress to her waist.

“You had nothing on underneath?”

“Don’t play innocent with me, William,” she teased.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he lied, his blush reaching the tops of his ears.


“Yes, very ready.”

“God,” she gasped after lowering herself down slowly. She rested her forehead against his chin, savoring the initial shock of having him inside her. “I want you so bad, William. You can tell, right?” She wiggled on his lap, pushing him deeper.

“Yes,” he said, his voice deep. “I want you too. I hunger for you, Buffy. I feel like I’m starving and only you can sustain me.”

“Poet talk…so pretty. Don’t stop…but don’t make me cry.” Buffy babbled as she nudged him to his back. “I like it when you get poetic.”


“Yeah, especially when it’s about me.” Buffy groaned, keeping the tempo of their lovemaking slow. “Makes me feel special.”

“You are special, love.”

“Tell me,” Buffy pleaded.

“You remind me of an angel—an unearthly angel, sent to save me, love me and make me finally feel like a man. You glow. You’re effulgent, Buffy.”

“What does that mean,” she whispered, trying not to cry.

“Radiant. Beaming. Shining forth brightly. You’re such a beauty.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me.”

“I love you, Buffy. Don’t cry, love.”

“I’m not,” Buffy lied as William wiped tears off her face. “I shouldn’t be crying but I’m just so happy with you, William. You make me feel so happy, so loved.” Sniffling, she gave him a tight hug.

“I’ve decided this is fate. These past few days, fate brought us together.” Holding Buffy close, William rolled them over so he was on top. “And if we continue to be lucky and have good fortune, I believe fate will keep us together.”


“Fate is very secretive, Buffy, she doesn’t give us all the answers so quickly. Sometimes, we must wait,” William said with a grin.

“I think fate is being stingy,” Buffy pouted until William began thrusting again, sliding in and out of her at a slow pace that made her break out in goosebumps. “That feels so nice.”

“We were meant to be here, in this very situation, and at this very moment,” William whispered.

“We…were made for each other,” Buffy offered as she panted.

“Yes, of course,” William agreed, his eyes dazzling.

“William, finger, please.” Buffy wiggled underneath him, nearing her climax.

“That’s why we were unlucky in love before…”

“Because we needed to meet each other.” Buffy arched her back and whined as he gently caressed her clit with his thumb. “I like the sound of—uh!” She came hard, mid-sentence and after a few more thrusts William followed her. “I don’t want to go shopping just yet, William,” Buffy said softly. “Let’s just stay and rest. I need to cuddle.”

“That’s a wonderful idea.” William slipped out of her with a groan.

“I miss you already,” Buffy confessed as she threw away the condom. “The moment you leave, I start a mini countdown waiting for you to come back.”

“I can take my shoes off?”

“Yeah.” Buffy sat and she pulled off her sundress. “And all the rest. No clothes, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t at all.”

“I had this dream where I was a tailor, I made and sold shoes.”

“I can tell this is gonna be wild.”

“Hush now,” William chuckled, “let me finish.”

“Go on,” Buffy rested her chin on her hands, waiting for him to continue.

“The room was covered with boxes of shoes…entire walls, packed with shoes.”

“Terrifying, too bad I can’t show you my shoe collection at home.”


“Sorry. Go on.”

“An attractive —or at least I assumed she was attractive—woman walked into the story. Looking back, I can’t remember if I ever saw the details of her face. Dreams are fascinating, it saddens me when they fade after waking.”

“So what happens next?”

“I measure her foot.”

“You totally have a foot fetish!” Buffy laughed and William gave her a puzzled look. “Just laugh with me, William,” Buffy said, tickling his sides.

“I’m telling a story here.” William mirrored her actions, tickling her until she gasped for air.

“Sorry,” she squealed, “sorry!”

William cleared his throat before continuing, “So, I’m measuring away when I notice the hem of her dress seems to be raising slowly, higher and higher. I can feel my face burning and my hands shake—it was very nerve-wracking, Buffy.”

“Sounds like it. Did you peek up her dress?”

“I didn’t have a choice.”

“Sure you didn’t, naughty William,” Buffy teased, shaking her head. “Was it just like the diagrams?”

“All I saw was white but it was enough, I then suddenly fall madly in the love with the woman. I ignore her shoes and kiss her deeply.”

“Then what?”

“We rush out of the store hand-in-hand and my mother wakes me up because I’ve overslept,” William grinned.

“That’s very wild.” Buffy scooted up, kissing him.

“Are you going to share a dream as well,” he asked between kisses.

“You really want to hear one?”

“Why not?”

“Hm, I think I’ll spare you from a wild and crazy Buffy dream but I’ll tell you a top secret one. One that I’ve kept to myself for a few weeks now, a dream about Spike.”


“Well, it could’ve even been about you…since I’m the Slayer, I have strange dreams…sometimes my dreams kinda tell me things, like what’s about to happen…” Buffy said thoughtfully. “I bet that sounds crazy. All I know is that he looked like Spike.”

“Don’t I look like Spike? Since I’ve came here I’ll believe that anything is possible… Tell me, Buffy.”

“I’m at the Bronze, which is a place where younger people listen to music and dance, and I make my way through all these people who are jumping up and down and rubbing on each other—that’s how kiddies dance in the future—but then I see the back of a bleached blonde head. He turns and our eyes lock and everything seems to stop, the music, the dancing—everything freezes. I walk towards him and push people out of my way and he just stands there waiting for me but I know he’s not frozen like the rest, you know? He smirks at me and my throat kinda tightens.”

“Then,” William asked, infatuated by her story.

“I reach him and we just look at each other but everything around us starts to move again and they actually start speeding up so much that all I can see are colors swirling around me. I feel so overwhelmed and almost sick but then he touches my hand and leads me up some stairs that go up to a balcony. The whole time I’m freaking out because I know I’m with Spike and I know that he’s my enemy. I can’t even put into words how I felt because it was so weird. I was kinda excited and anxious. It was so weird.”

“Then what happens, Buffy?”

“I can’t remember. I was so grossed out that I dreamt about Spike that I didn’t want to remember. I wish I wouldn’t have been such a brat about it…I know at one point there was kissing and that was too icky for me. Lips of Spike are bad.”

“His lips are my lips…”

“True…” Buffy paused not sure what to say. “But it’s you that I love, William.”

“Would it be impossible for you to have feelings for Spike?”

“Well…no, probably not but I don’t want to think about that right now,” Buffy swallowed. “I just want to think about you, ok?”

“Come here, Buffy.” They held each other tight.

“Wow, things got all intense there for a minute,” Buffy laughed softly.

“I was just curious,” William mumbled, his face in her hair. “Don’t be upset with me, Buffy, but I hope I can remember you and continue to love you—no matter what form that I’m in.”

“I…I hope so too.”


“Yes,” Buffy whispered. “But don’t tell Spike.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” William chuckled, pulling back so he could see her face. “Now that we’ve wasted the morning and a good part of the afternoon, do you want to go out like you mentioned before?”

“You’re hungry.”

“Starving, Buffy,” he admitted with a laugh.

“I bet you want other food too. No hotel food,” she grinned.

“You read my mind, love.”
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