Buffy slowly came awake, a huge smile appeared on her face when she opened her eyes and saw Spike laying next to her. Her body felt sore, but well-loved. She took a few moments to just look at him as he slept.

'I can't believe what we did last night!' She smiled and stroked his face lightly.

Spike stirred, rolling onto his back. He opened his eyes slowly, yawning and stretching.

"Morning!” Buffy greeted him. “Or afternoon, to be exact," she said glancing at the clock, it read 12:15 PM.

"Sleep well?" Spike asked with a smile.

"Like a baby." She leaned in and gave him a kiss. "My breath isn't too bad is it?" She pulled away, putting her hand over her mouth.

"Not at all. I like your morning breath," he said honestly, taking her hand away from her mouth and pulling her back down for another kiss.

Just as they were starting to get into it, the phone on the nightstand rang. With a frustrated groan, Buffy sat up and answered it.

"Hello," she said with a tinge of anger.

"Buffy? Hi honey, it's Mom."

Buffy's eyes went wide. It was weird and somehow inappropriate to be talking to her mom when she had a very nude man in her bed, a very nude man she'd spent the previous evening having lots and lots of sex with and was about to ravish again.

'Thank God this isn’t a video phone!'

"Um... hi." She couldn't let Spike know that she was talking to her mom. It would blow the older, independent woman thing she was trying to play off.

"I know it's only been a couple of days, but I miss you so much! It's good to hear your voice," Joyce Summers said.

"I... miss you, too," Buffy said slowly.

"You okay, sweetie? You sound a little off..." her mother asked, concerned.

"Oh, I'm fine! It's just that I didn't expect you to call..." Buffy looked at Spike out of the corner of her eye nervously, her body tensing up.

Spike sighed, he felt a pang in his heart. 'That'll probably be her husband... lucky bastard. Better give her some privacy...'

He tapped on Buffy's arm. When she looked at him, he pointed to himself and then to the bathroom door, indicating that's where he was heading. She nodded, clutching the phone to her ear and covering the mouthpiece with her hand. He smiled sadly and got out of bed, walking naked into the bathroom, scratching his head and stomach lazily.

"Buffy? Are you still there?" Joyce asked. Buffy had been so into watching her lover's sweet little ass as he walked away that she hadn't heard what her mother said.

Once Spike closed the door behind him, she snapped out of her daze. "Sorry, Mom, I'm just a little distracted. What did you say?"

"I said that I'm sorry that your dad didn't come."

"Yeah, well... I had a good time anyway." She looked at the bathroom door when she heard the shower turn on. Visions of wet, naked, soapy Spikes danced in her head.

"That's good. I know how disappointed you must have been. When's your flight tonight?"

Buffy's heart sank, she was anxious to see her loved ones again, but at the same time, she didn't want this wonderful fantasy to end.

"Eight o'clock. We're supposed to land in L.A. around 1 AM."

"I'll be waiting for you."

"I have a lot of stuff to get done before I check out. I hate to cut this short but..." Suddenly, it was imperative that she join Spike in the shower.

"I understand, honey. I'll see you at the airport. Have a safe flight."

"Thanks, Mom, I will. Bye." She hung up the phone and hurried into the bathroom.

The room was getting steamy from the hot water. She saw his form through the glass shower door, taking a second to admire him before going to the sink to brush her teeth and use mouthwash. He might not mind her dragon breath, but she wanted to be minty fresh for him. She tested her breath by huffing into her palm, she nodded, satisfied that she wouldn't wilt any nearby flowers and opened the shower door.

"Mind if I join you?" Buffy said seductively.

She flinched when Spike yelped and jumped. He wiped the water out of his eyes and laughed shakily.

"Don't sneak up on people like that! Give me a bloody heart attack! Haven't you seen the movie 'Psycho'?" he laughed.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought..." Buffy was mortified. What she intended to be a sexy surprise, only scared him.

'He could have fallen and hurt himself because of me!'

Spike saw her disappointment and recovered quickly. "It's okay, luv. I was so busy thinking how nice it would be to have you in here with me that I didn't hear you when you were actually in here with me," he said with a saucy smile, pulling her into the stall with him.

She relaxed in his arms immediately, tilting her head up to latch onto his lips with hers.

An hour later...

Buffy and Spike laid on her bed, basking in the afterglow of their last bout of lovemaking. They didn't say it, but that's what each of them considered it.

Buffy looked at the clock and sighed heavily. She had to start packing and get ready to go to the airport. Spike noticed her look.

Reluctantly, he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "I have to get going," he said apologetically. "I'm supposed to meet with some friends in a bit."

"It's okay... I have to start packing up my stuff anyway..." Buffy was surprised when she had to fight to keep her voice steady and hold tears at bay.

It was hitting her hard, how much she was going to miss him, miss this. The fantasy was over. She watched him as he stood up and got dressed, memorizing everything about him -- the way he moved, every sharp plane and rounded portion of his flesh, the way his hair was sticking up and curling at the ends.

When he was fully dressed, Spike went back to the bed and leaned down to give her one more sweet kiss.

"I... had a really good time. Thanks," Spike said softly.

He wished he didn’t have to leave her. He’d gladly stay in her arms and her bed if she wanted him to. But she had a life somewhere else that she had to get back to, someone was waiting for her to come back to them. He thought again about just how lucky that man was.

"Me too," Buffy said in a small voice.

"If you're ever in New York again..." he trailed off.

She smiled. "I'll give you a call."

"I'd like that. I hope I hear from you... soon. Goodbye, Darla." Spike smiled lopsidedly at her and walked out of the bedroom.

He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat -- he couldn’t believe that he was actually getting choked up. He knew, in all likelihood, he would never see her again. The idea to give her his home phone number was quickly dismissed from his mind. He did what she paid him to do, he didn’t want to look like a fool by asking for more if she didn’t feel the same way.

Buffy hugged her knees to her chest as she listened to him exit the suite a few moments later. She allowed her tears to flow. The thought of never seeing him again sent waves of sadness crashing over her.

Buffy packed quickly and headed to the airport earlier than she had to. Being in the hotel room without Spike seemed wrong. Her heart (and loins) still ached for him. But she was making a little progress with the 'It's over, but I have all those wonderful memories' attitude.

She was lucky, a lot of women never got the kind of attention he had lavished upon her in their entire lives. At least she could say that for one night, she was thoroughly and completely worshipped by a man... and what a man! She'd cherish their night together for the rest of her life.

Buffy handed the stewardess her boarding pass and started up the gangway to the plane. She stopped in her tracks.

"Oh my God! I forgot to tip him!"


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