This Girl, That Boy by facingthesun

Chapter 18

Buffy held her breath as William pulled the metal bar down, securing them into the chair of the Ferris wheel.

“Why did it take us so long to do this?” she asked as they slowly were lifted into the dark sky. The ride stopped rotating every few seconds to allow more passengers aboard.

“Guess we always had something else to do,” William suggested, motioning Buffy closer and tucking her under his arm.

“It’s so beautiful; the stars seem so much closer.” Buffy sighed dreamily and rested her head on William’s shoulder. “Now I see why you fantasized about this when we were younger.”

With a little grin, she reached for his hand and threaded their fingers together. As the creaky wheel turned, Buffy listened to the sounds of people enjoying the carnival and music of the other rides that surrounded them.

“Buffy,” William whispered, bringing her attention back to their private seat. “You mind if I…”

“Not all,” she answered taking her eyes from the sky to search his face. Assuming that she knew what he was going to say, Buffy caressed William’s cheeks before giving him a light kiss. “I was just stalling before the fireworks.” As if on cue, the first pop crackled above them and colorful sparks filled the air. “For a minute there I was afraid that they’d be too late and that the ride would end too soon--.”

“You set this all up?”

“Well, it didn’t take much, just had to get you in the right place at the right time.” She rested her hand on his knee and as they kissed, her fingers traveled slowly up his thigh.

“Buffy, I don’t think that that’s a good idea,” William whispered when she moved closer and closer to the zipper of his jeans. “The ride’s about to end and--.”

“Wouldn’t want to get anything started that we can’t finish?”


“You’re still predictable, even after all these years. I love it.” Smiling, Buffy nuzzled his blushing face. “Here I thought you’d get the hang of public displays of affection--.”

“Oh, pet, there’s a difference between a public display of affection and a public display of fuc--.”

“Language, William!” Buffy squealed, playfully covering his mouth with her palm.

With laughter shining his eyes, William brushed her hand away and pulled her into his crushing embrace. “How can you act so innocent when we both know about your randy little hands?”


“You don’t have to answer, Buffy,” he chuckled.

Buffy sat comfortably in his arms and they continued to tease and kiss each other until it was their turn to get off of the rotating Ferris wheel.

“I can’t believe she’s taking away all my car privileges for a bloody month!”

Buffy sat on the edge of the bed and handed William a bag of frozen vegetables. “This’ll stop the swelling.”

“I don’t need that. A month…” he whined. “That’s uncalled for.”

“You’ll live, I promise.”

“Did I get in trouble as often when I didn’t live here?” William asked before collapsing on his bed with a huff.

“Don’t you remember taking me down the cleaning isle at the grocery store? You could describe the taste of every bar of soap--.”

“Fine. I get your point.”

“William, you should really put something cold on your face. Mom said that it’d help.” She scooted forward and tried to offer him the bag again. “I refilled the ice cube trays, but they won’t be ready for awhile. Please?” she begged.

After rolling his eyes, William took the frozen peas and dramatically plopped them onto his entire face. “Now my day is complete,” he muttered with a sarcastic tone. “I get beat up, saved by a girl, have my car taken away, and now I have pea face.”

Ignoring his self-pity, Buffy lay out next to him, took the bag off his face, and dropped it on the floor. “You looked cute with pea face.”

“You lie,” he said, rolling on his side. “I just don’t think it’ll do anything other than turn my skin pink, Buffy, and I’m ugly enough with just the war wounds.”

“Okay.” She shrugged, running her fingers through his hair. “I’ll put the peas away.”

William let out a soft moan, enjoying Buffy’s soft touches. He reached for a pillow at the top of his bed and situated himself so he could rest close to Buffy’s chest.

“You weren’t saved by a girl,” Buffy pointed out quietly. “I could’ve stayed on the sidelines, but I had to get in there and knock him around a little.”

“I know.”

“We should--.”

“Let her come in. We aren’t breaking any rules. The door’s open, we’re dressed from head to toe and I’m going to keep all my parts to myself.”

“I was going to say that we should talk more about Thursday,” Buffy admitted with a laugh. “It’s coming up; it’s the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh, that,” he yawned. “Um, just tell me what to do, love, and your wish is my command.”

Buffy grinned as William nestled his head under her chin and brushed sleepy kisses into her cleavage.

“Getting beat up takes a lot out of a guy. First I had Angel jabbing me, then your mom gave me the verbal blows…”

“I can’t wait to see what he looks like at school.”

“Bald, bruised and covered in scratches—possibly a few bite marks.”

“You bit him?”

“Hey, had to take advantage of all I had—teeth included.”

“Ew, William.”

He chuckled and let out a big yawn. “I’ve had this bitter taste in my mouth ever since. How long will it last? You should know since you’ve kissed the guy.”

“God, don’t remind me. You’ll be fine in the morning, aftertaste-wise,” Buffy said, wrapping her arms tightly around him. “I’ll stick around until you fall asleep, William.”

“You’d better,” William joked, closing his heavy eyes.


“I am never eating ever again,” Dawn announced as she held her stomach and sluggishly made her way up the driveway. “Cotton candy, hot dogs, pizza, and Tilt-a-Whirls so do not mix.”

“Don’t forget the ice cream and candy, bit.”

“Oh, God, I’m going to die,” she moaned at William’s comment. “Kill me now.”

“That can be arranged.”

“Very funny, Buffy,” Dawn grumbled as she unlocked the front door. “So you guys going to say goodnight or are we having us a little slumber party?”

“I thought you were dying, why should you care?” Buffy teased, waiting on the sidewalk, arms linked with William. “Just give us a minute and I’ll be in to make sure that you aren’t dead.”

“Yeah right. Do whatever you want, I’m too sick to care.”

“Isn’t she a dramatic one?” William said once Buffy’s sister was out of sight.

“But you’ve got to love her…I guess.”

“Sure you won’t need help nursing our girl back to health? I make a good chicken soup.”

“I don’t think she needs to eat anymore…”

“Alright, point taken I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Buffy grabbed William before he could cross the street. “That doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to stay over. You want to take up Dawn’s offer of a slumber party?”

“I heard that it was coming out of both ends,” Dawn said with a bright smile. “She can’t even move without some kind of spew-age.”

William kept his eyes on his cereal and tried not to laugh at her excitement. At least Buffy’s got one of them convinced that she’s really sick, he thought.

“Do you think she’s going to school today, Dawnie?”

“Not unless we tie a barf bag around her neck and attach her to a port-a-potty.”

“That would be amusing,” William snickered. “But, eh, not so amusing for your sister.”

“Nice save, but too late. I’m going to tell Buffy that you think her sickness is funny.”

“Please don’t,” he said, playing along until Joyce walked into the kitchen where they were eating breakfast. “Mrs. Summers, how’s Buffy?”

“She doesn’t have a fever, but she doesn’t seem to be feeling very well at all. I hate to leave her…but I’ll have Rupert check on her throughout the day.”

“Really?” he asked, nearly choking on his cereal. “But Giles is working and—never mind.”

“Dawn, are you about ready to go? I don’t want to be late. William, we can drop you off at the high school if you don’t mind getting there a little early.”

“Oh, no thank you. I’ll walk, Mrs. Summers.”

Joyce nodded as she fluttered around the kitchen, worried about Buffy and afraid that she and Dawn wouldn’t make it on time to their fieldtrip. “Can you check on Buffy before you leave?”

“I’d be happy to...”

William nudged open Buffy’s bedroom door and wasn’t surprised to see his girlfriend curled in a fetal position.

“Mom?” she moaned. “I don’t think I can make it to school today…”

Without answering her, he tiptoed closer to her bed and soundlessly took off his t-shirt.


“She’s gone, pet,” William answered as he slipped off his tennis shoes. “You did it. She called you in sick and didn’t tell you because she didn’t want to wake you.”

“William,” Buffy turned towards him and said his name warmly. “Hey.”

“Good morning, how’s my award-winning actress?”

“Very nice,” she purred, stretching her arms above her head. “You going to join me?”

“In a minute.”

Buffy waited patiently, watching as he unzipped his jeans. “So this not wearing anything under your clothes, you do it all the time?”

“Isn’t everyone naked under their clothes? I’ll admit to having fewer layers than most, but--.”

“Ha, I get it.” She laughed as William joined her under the blankets. “Everything ran smoothly with mom though?”

Humming, his hands moved up and down her body, allowing him to take a mental note of what she was wearing and articles of clothing that he could look forward to removing. “What did you do, Buffy? She didn’t have any doubts; in fact she’s sending Giles to check on you.”

“What? That’s not good!”

“Don’t panic, I already did that for you.” Taking a deep breath, he slid a hand under her tank top. “He can’t get in unless you let him,” he explained as he ran the pad of his thumb over one of Buffy’s erect nipples. “And if you don’t get the door, you can just say that you were sleeping.”

“That…I guess that sounds alright.” Buffy melted under William’s touch and inched closer. “You’re fine with ditching class now?”

“I still think I’ll get caught.” He gently freed her from her shirt and tossed it aside. “But when I think of what I could be missing,” William grinned, taking in the sight of Buffy’s bare chest, “it won’t be so bad. Even if I get caught, it’ll be worth it.”

“We haven’t been caught yet.”

“There’s always the possibility, Buffy.”

“I know,” she admitted, kissing his temple. “I’ll have to make it really, really worth it since you’re putting so much on the line for me. Gosh, if mom knew you were playing hooky, you’d never see your car for years.”

“Don’t…don’t say things like that,” he mumbled, as if she was talking casually about the worst punishment that he could think of.

“Okay, no more talking about getting in trouble.” Rolling over, she settled on his body, and straddled his hips between her legs. William let out a quiet groan as she pressed against him with only the thin fabric of her underwear separating them. “You won’t believe how much I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“I have a good idea, pet.”

Buffy tucked her hair behind her ears before giving William a deep kiss. As their lips fused together, she barely rocked her lower half.

“Oh, William,” she sighed, feeling his excitement grow from underneath her.

With a mixture of lust and affection shining in his eyes, William changed their positioning so he hovered above Buffy. While propping his weight on his arms, he peppered her face and neck with kisses.

“Buffy,” he whispered, “What would you like to do first?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…you know.” His fingers curled under the waistband of her underwear, pulling them to her knees. “We have a few options…um, one or two things that we haven’t tried before…”

“Such as?” she asked with wide, innocent eyes. “William, just tell me. I’m up for anything if you are.” Straining to sit up, she slipped her underwear around her ankles and kicked them away. “Come on, out with it,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and wiggling until she was comfortably sheltered by his body. “Don’t turn this into a guessing game.”

Choosing to remain silent and fearing rejection, William swallowed before giving Buffy a new line of tender kisses.

“William, would your new options have anything to do with you getting all hot and bothered over the way I licked my spoon on your birthday?”

William froze and weighed the pros and cons of answering Buffy’s question truthfully. Bet it’s too soon to bring it up…

“William?” Buffy ran her fingers up and down his back, causing a patch of goose bumps to rise to the surface of his naked skin. “Okay, you don’t have to tell me. I think I know what you’re getting at.”

“And, eh, what do you think about it?”

“I think you’re crazy.”

“I know, Buffy, I’m sorry--.”

“Wait, let me finish. Here you’ve been trying to get in my pants for days and now instead of having sex, you want to make things awkward by bringing up other ‘options.’ Yesh, you’re dumb.” She burst out in laughter and between her giggles, Buffy gave him quick kisses. “I love you so much, William.”

“I love you too,” he replied, not understanding what she found to be so funny.

“Let’s make a deal: make love to me and I’ll agree to whatever you want afterwards. I’ll do whatever and let you do whatever. How’s that sound?”

“You’re serious? You’re not teasing me?”

“William,” Buffy giggled, reaching towards the nightstand to retrieve a condom, “I’m very serious.”


“How’s the sicky?”

“She’s full of queasiness and ‘I told you so’s.”

William nodded from where he was standing in the doorway of Buffy’s room. His arms were crossed and his eyes were focused on the closed bedroom at the end of the hall.

“What are you looking at?”

“My old room—the door of my old room. Do you always keep it closed up?”


“I don’t mind if you do,” he said, uncrossing his arms. “I just wondered. Your old room is closed too?”


“Buffy, hey, I didn’t want to frazzle you. I just—forget I said anything, pet.” Afraid that he’d said the wrong things, he stepped forward and looked at her apologetically. “Let’s get some sleep, love.”

“I moved into mom’s room after she died,” Buffy explained quietly. “Mine was too small and filled with too many memories. And yours…we were going to change it back to a guest room, but we never got to it. It looks pretty much like it did when you left. It depressed me to see it so empty and gutted so, I’ll admit it, on most days I’d just close the door.”

I hurt her so much, William thought, as Buffy looked at her shoes in embarrassment. At that moment he was reminded that no matter how well the day had gone, the wounds between them were still sore and not completely healed.

It’s going to take a bit more than just a few days, he realized. I’ll have to give her all the time she needs. I will not mess this up.

“Let’s get some sleep,” he repeated lamely, offering her a hand.

“I am kinda tired.”

“You should be.” He guided her inside the bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind them. “Is there something in particular that you’d like to sleep in?”

“Are you going to dress me?” Buffy asked, lifting a brow.

“Just answer the question.”

“In the top left drawer of my dresser you’ll find my nightgowns, any of those will be fine.”

Buffy smiled and watched as William kneeled on the carpet. He untied the laces on each of her shoes with care and delicately handled her feet. Once her feet were bare, he stood and concentrated on taking off the rest of her clothing. She noticed a change in the pace of his breathing as soon as she was left in nothing but her bra and panties.

“You know the bra has to go.”

“Of course,” he said, clearing his throat and placing the nightgown back down.

“Do I get to undress and dress you too?”

“If you ask nicely.”

“Pretty please?”

“Arms up.” With her back facing him, William slipped her nightclothes over her head. “You all set now?”

“Yup and thank you.” She turned and automatically reached for the buttons of his shirt. “How much should I take off since you have nothing to change into?” Buffy pushed the shirt off his shoulders and couldn’t help but run her hands along his chest. She fought the need to fan herself, her body heat rising with each stroke of the muscles that her fingers grazed over.

“Are you alright?” William asked, noticing her sudden flush.

Buffy nodded, reaching for the belt of his jeans and letting it fall to the floor. “I have some boxers you can wear.”

“I’m not wearing--.”

“They’re men’s boxers, I swear. I got them because they have Scooby Doo on them. They could be a little tight, but--.” Buffy grinned ear-to-ear, imagining him in a pair of snug cartoon-covered shorts.

“I’ll stay in my jeans.”

“No,” she whined. “You should wear the shorts! Please?”

“No way. I saw the faces that you were making, missy.”

“Please, please?” she begged, leaning forward and kissing along his collarbone.

“What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” Batting her away, he started to pull down the sheets of the bed.

“The part where I don’t get my way.” Pouting, Buffy dove under the covers and quickly turned out the lights. Seconds later, she let out a sigh of pleasure as William wrapped his arms tightly around her.

“Good night, my love,” he whispered, putting kisses against the side of her neck. “I can’t wait to see you rise and shine in the morning.”
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