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Summary: Elizabeth and William are two strangers who walk into a coffee house but walk out as something different.
Rated: NC-17
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Published: 02/16/2005 Updated: 10/08/2005

1. Getting To Know You by tahmoe [Reviews - 13] (2330 words)
For those who read Mr. Cabdriver and liked it, you should find this story equally enjoyable. I missed writing that story and decided to write this one.

2. Passion and Ecstasy Defined by tahmoe [Reviews - 11] (2232 words)
I recommend you read this chapter slow for a better affect:)

3. Pleasure Seekers by tahmoe [Reviews - 8] (3642 words)

4. Turning Poetry Into Sex by tahmoe [Reviews - 9] (3717 words)
I hope you are still enjoying the story. You can expect the smut pretty much throughout the next few chapters but things will also start to get complicated for the two lovers.

5. Caught? by tahmoe [Reviews - 9] (3653 words)

6. Easier Said Then Done by tahmoe [Reviews - 13] (4067 words)

7. A Constant State of Arousal by tahmoe [Reviews - 8] (2214 words)

8. Significant 'Others' by tahmoe [Reviews - 10] (2130 words)

9. Separation Anxiety by tahmoe [Reviews - 13] (4732 words)
This chapter is pretty long. I got carried away with the smut...lol

10. Wish Granted by tahmoe [Reviews - 11] (3988 words)

11. Perfect Together by tahmoe [Reviews - 9] (3200 words)

12. Not Again by tahmoe [Reviews - 9] Liked (2151 words)

13. A Bump in the Road by tahmoe [Reviews - 12] Liked (1706 words)
The words in the beginning of this chapter were taken from a poem written by Barbara Chase-Riboud.

For me this chapter is rather short but I stopped it here for a reason. Please tell me what you think. Also, this chapter does not have our favorite couple having sex...sorry but I'll make up for it.

14. These Three Words by tahmoe [Reviews - 14] Liked (2212 words)
Afua Cooper wrote the poem in the beginning of this chapter. The poem is titled “Untitled 2”.

Carole Hill Faulkner wrote the second poem used in this chapter. Some words were added and deleted to suite the characters.

15. She Loves Me by tahmoe [Reviews - 6] Liked (3708 words)
I know its been a while since I updated so I hope this chapter was worth waiting for.

16. She Loves Me Not by tahmoe [Reviews - 11] Liked (4375 words)
I thought it was best for the story to give you a glimpse into Rupert’s mind. Also, I want to give a BIG thank you to Greyangel for helping me with this chapter and if you haven’t read her story Winters Storm, you are truly missing out.