Chapter 6

As soon as they reached the house, Buffy was pushed against the nearest wall. “Buffy,” William moaned, kissing her again and again, never getting enough of her taste. ‘Knew she’d taste good; just like sugar cookies.’


“Hmmm?” Before she could answer, her stomach rumbled loudly. “Hungry?” he asked, laughing and brushing his fingers over her abdomen.

“Very hungry. Neither of us ate lunch, remember?”

‘Be still my heart,’ he thought, taking in how beautiful she looked. Her lips were parted and swollen. Panting, she rested her head back and exposed her neck. “I’ll fix you something,” he said, pushing back a few strands of her wet hair. “Why don’t you take a bath, kitten? I never showed you the master bath, it has a huge tub.”

“You sure?”

I’ll check on you regularly; hell, maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll join you.”

“I’m feeling really lucky, William.”

“So am I.”

“Don’t fall asleep!”

“I won’t, I swear,” Buffy said, talking to William as he got their food ready on the other side of the house. “There’s no way I could sleep.” Smiling, she undressed and filled the tub with warm water.

“Love, you want macaroni and cheese or um…macaroni and cheese? Sorry, I guess we need to go to the grocery tomorrow.”

“Macaroni is good, William,” she said, closing her eyes and sliding into the water.

“Alright, it’ll take, ah, three minutes. Can you wait that long?”

“I’ve waited this long haven’t I?”

Minutes later William was propped up against the frame of the door, awestruck by the sight of her.

“Are you going to just stand there?”

“You knew I was here?”

“Yup, could feel you watching me and I could smell the mac and cheese. It’s not very fair that you get to ogle, and I don’t.” She opened her eyes and frowned, “You haven’t gotten out of your swimming suit yet.”

“Sit up, pet.”

“Why?” she asked, propping up on her elbows.

“I’m going to feed you, that’s why,” he said, sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Oh,” she laughed softly, moving closer to him. “It’s good,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “You do wonders with a microwave.”

“Don’t get cheeky, pet.” He smiled, pleasantly surprised that she felt so comfortable with him as she sat naked in the bath. “Are you all washed up? Don’t want you getting all pruney.”

She looked at her hands and then showed him. “I’m okay, but are you saying you wouldn’t want me if I were pruney?”

“No, not at all. I want you any way that I can have you.”

“I’m all squeaky clean, William.”

“Good, get out then so I can take a shower.”



Buffy flashed him her deadliest pout, causing William to capture her hand and bring it to his lips. “Wait for me.”

‘My room or his?’ Buffy settled on his. William’s bed was bigger and it meant she could lie down and wait to pounce the minute he appeared from the bathroom. Buffy was dressed in her prettiest nightgown as she lay over the covers.

‘Oh.My.God,’ she thought, feeling nervous. ‘I so need to calm down. I feel...bubbly.’

Laughing to herself, she rolled on top of the bed until she was comfortable.

William took a quick shower, barely able to control his excitement. ‘Finally.’

He came out of the bathroom a towel loosely around his waist and he used another to dry his hair. “Buffy? Oh,” he whispered, “must be quiet. My girl’s sleeping.”

He knew he should’ve been disappointed but she looked so peaceful, slumbering under his sheets. ‘I’d be a wanker to wake her,’ he thought.

After searching for his rarely used pajama bottoms, he got into the bed. Buffy automatically made her way into his arms, sighing contently.

“Love you, Buffy,” he whispered, kissing her forehead and holding her tight.

Buffy woke up the next morning to the feeling of her breast being kneaded through the thin covering of her nightgown. She moaned softly and pushed back against the warm body behind her.

“Morning, princess.”


William was making light brushes against her shoulders with his lips. She moved back again and began to gently move up and down, pressing against his crotch. William lost his ability to speak as she grinded against him and his movements on her breast became more intense. His kisses moved to her ear, where he nibbled on the lobe and licked its outer edge. Taking his hand from her chest, he moved it up her thigh to where her nightgown rode. As he caressed her, he groaned, finding no panty lines.

“Naughty Buffy,” he whispered, kissing her neck.

“Sorry, I fell asleep...”

“That’s…” his hand snaked up her nightgown finding a resting place between her thighs “…alright.” He cupped her mound, not allowing his palm to make contact but still feeling damp heat radiating from her.

“Not fair,” Buffy whined when his hand didn’t move. As a result, she just rubbed against him faster.

William’s breathing was erratic, “Give me a few more seconds and...”

“I want you to come for me, William.”

William rolled on his back and Buffy moved to face him, snuggling into his side.

“Looky looky, Spikey wet his pants.” Buffy daringly petted the wet spot on his pants and gasped as her touch made his pants tent again.

“Don’t look so shocked, kitten. You wound me.”

“Sorry, I’ll just have you kiss and make it all better.”

“You better believe it,” he said, and welcomed her warm lips.

Their kiss grew deeper, their tongues entwining; and he was about to pull her on top of him when the phone rang.

“Bloody hell.”

“Don’t. It’s no one important.”

“Could be my job, it starts soon remember? Or your school, your classes are on Monday.”

“Fine. I’ll be making breakfast,” Buffy said, stumbling out of bed.




“How was the showing? Doesn’t she love it?”

“Well, actually, I’m not sure…” William suddenly remembered why he was mad at Buffy. “We never talked about it...”

“Will, is something going on? Do you need to talk?”

“No, not now, I need to get off here, but we should get together tomorrow, yeah?”

“Okay, be good, William.”

“Always, pet.”

“So, I was going to make something eggy, but we have no eggs.” Buffy turned to greet him, wearing a robe. “So, I’ve decided that one, we’re definitely going shopping; two, no one needs this much tea and Wheetabix; and three, I hope you really, really like macaroni because…hey why are you looking like that?”

“We need to talk.”

‘Oh God, oh God, it’s over already.’

“Okay.” Buffy walked past him as he leaned against the doorframe. He nodded, following her into the living room. “Let’s talk.”

Buffy looked terrified and William suddenly felt like a jerk. ‘Maybe I should just let it go…No, I can’t, I have my pride; big bad and all that rot.’

“What I am I to you, Buffy?”

‘Oh no, not Buffy. Don’t call me Buffy. Give me a nickname, any nickname.’

“Um, well I think we are good friends. Ah, good friends who want to…to be more to each other?”

‘You’re my best friend, my crush, and my savior, my love,’ Buffy spewed silently. She was scared to say the words, dreading that he was going to break her heart.

“Do you know why I was upset with you before?”


“Well I think we should get what happened straightened out before we—ah—become more to each other, okay?”

“Okay.” Buffy waited.

“You really have no clue, do you, pet?”

“Nope, I thought about it for hours and gave myself unbelievable amounts of stress, but I have no idea.”

“Buffy, I…”

“Don’t get all squeamish now. Tell me what I did.”

“Bossy bint,” he mumbled, feeling embarrassed. “On orientation day, you ignored me. You were ashamed to even hint to that chit that I was your…whatever the hell I am.”


“You could’ve given me a crumb, you know; a grin, little wave, instead of running off like I was some stranger.”

Buffy got up from the couch, moving until she was standing in front of him. She kneeled before him and looked into his eyes. “That’s what made you so cranky?”

“Yes, I--.”

Buffy put a hand on each of his knees and leaned closer to him. “You’re so adorable.”

“Buffy, now, don’t interrupt me—adorable?”

“Yup.” She smiled at him, “That girl I was with, Faith, she’s not good news. She’s the skankiest of the hos.” William nodded, having no idea what the other girl had to do with anything. “She thought I knew you, so she wanted me to introduce you to her. I couldn’t let it happen. You know why?”


“Because I was Cave Buffy, and Cave Buffy didn’t want anyone messing with her man.”

“Her man?”

“Yes, you,” she placed her hands on his chest, “William, are my…whatever and I’m not gonna let anyone, especially Faith, take you away from me.”

“Is that so?” he said with a guilty laugh. “I feel like a bastard.”

“Don’t.” She moved in even closer, until he could see down her robe. “You see, Cave Buffy is really fond of you.” She placed a quick kiss on his Adam’s apple. ‘Been wanting to do that for forever…’

“Only Cave Buffy, pet?”

“All Buffys like their William,” she said, kissing his chin and forehead. “And their Spike. You should’ve talked to me earlier.”

“Sorry, never do that again. I think you missed a spot, love.”

Buffy kissed his lips. “We good?”

“We’re great, brilliant even.”

“Good,” Buffy laughed, kissing him again.

“Love, don’t you think we should get dressed today?

“Nope.” Buffy snuggled closer in his embrace. Somehow she had gotten in his lap, their chests were touching and his hands rested on her lower back.

“I really think we need to get food, pet. Don’t want us to starve, yeah?”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess we should at least take a shower. Your manly scent is kinda turning into BO.”

“Funny, pet.”

“So, since I was cheated last night, are you going to join me in the shower?”

“Well, that depends.” He touched the tip of her nose with his pointer finger. “You would have to stay on your best behavior and resist my sexy bod.” He removed his finger, planting a kiss on her nose, and then resting his forehead against hers. “Which I know would be just…”


“Yeah, especially since I know you’ve held a torch for me ever since you laid those beautiful green eyes on me.”

‘Held a torch? Hell, I literally became a walking flame.’

“Ego, much?” She teased.

“All true, pet and you know it,” William said, his eyes twinkling.

“Sure, I know it, but why are you so sure of yourself?” She wrinkled her eyebrows, thinking that he was hiding something.

“Well, I had ears, pet, I heard you back home, at night, you were--.”

“You spied on me!” Buffy leaned back, horror in her eyes.

“No, Buffy--.”

“Ha! Let me play. Well, Spikey, I had ears too. You took some really long showers and the noises I heard---.”


She got up and ran towards the master bath, a red-faced William on her heels.

“Hey! No touchy!” Buffy slapped away his wandering hand. She was trying to be good, but if he touched her, all bets were off.

“But, love...” He whined.

“No! You said in and out and off to the store, remember?”

“I’m a liar, you see...”

‘I will not look at his…you know. Nope, can’t—ahhh! Too weak!’ She quickly glanced behind her. “I can see that, you and your little Spikey better stay away,” she said, surprised that her voice wasn’t shaky.

William looked down at his cock as it curled up towards his belly button. “I’m not little,” he pouted.

‘I can see that, too.’ Buffy closed her eyes, massaging shampoo in her hair.

“Let me help.”

Before Buffy could stop him, she felt his fingers gently scratch and rub her head. “Mmmm.”

“Like that, princess?”

“Hmmm.” She nodded. Buffy drifted off for a few minutes and he brought her back.

“Time to rinse.” He moved her under the spray and turned her until she faced him. “Ah, Vanilla Bean or Sugar Cookies ‘n’ Cream?”

Buffy opened her eyes to see him squinting to read her body wash selections. ‘Wonder if he wears glasses? That would be too cute--.’


“Um, you choose.”

“Gotta love cookies,” he said squeezing his choice into her pink body sponge.

“William, are you sure you can handle washing me?”

“I hope so.” He looked up and down her body, not sure where to begin. “Give me a foot, love.”

‘That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.’

William had great control as he glided the fluffy sponge over her tan body. He almost cracked twice. He tried to not notice how beautiful her breasts were covered in bubbles or how it would feel to run his fingers through the coarse hairs between her legs. “Love, since you’re done, maybe you should dry off you know…”

“You and Spikey need some private time?”

William looked away, embarrassed. “You know me too well.”

“It’s okay. I need to blow-dry my hair anyway.” She kissed his cheek, stepping out of the shower.

“Don’t have too much fun without me.”

“You never told me your schedule, sweets.” William placed a few cans of soup in their grocery cart.

“Oh, I have English 101, Math 100—also known as ‘Math for Dummies’--.”

“You aren’t dumb, sweetheart.”

She smiled and continued her list, “European History Part I, Intro to Black and White Photography and ah, 19th Century Poetry.” She hurried through the last class, jumbling the words together.

William grinned. “What was the last class, pet?”

“Oh, I feel like a dweeb. 19th Century Poetry.”

“You weren’t fibbing when you said you liked poetry?”

“No, I love hearing it, I don’t like to write it, and most of the times I don’t understand it, but hearing it makes me happy. I was kind of hoping you could help me with the class.”

“I’d love to.” He stopped in the isle and kissed the top of her head. ‘This is my girl.’

“Did you ever figure out your major, kitten?”

“I don’t think so. I’m still kind of confused. I was thinking about looking into photography. I really enjoyed it in high school.”

“Oh, right, I remember now. Joyce brought your prints with her sometimes. She would go on and on about her daughter being a photographic genius.”

Buffy grinned at the mention of her mom but then guilt flooded her. ‘I’m going to fuck my mom’s fiancée. I really, really want to fuck my mom’s fiancée.’

William seemed to be reading her mind. He steered their cart to a safe location and hugged her. “Buffy, my love, I have no regrets. None. We need to move on; Joyce shouldn’t haunt us. We’re good together; she would understand and I think she knows how much I love you and she’s smiling up there, with her harp and little cherub friends. I bet they are rooting for us, even.”

Buffy started to cry. ‘He said he loves me.’

William brushed away her tears with his thumb. “Ah, kitten, don’t cry. I didn’t want to upset you.”

“I love you too, William, so much.”

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