Because I thought you needed a 7-page love scene, this chapter is a little smaller. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice those weirdo italic phrases are popping up again in the dialogue. :)

Chapter 7

William was afraid for a few minutes that they would be kicked out of the grocery store.

He had kissed her and it was their deepest and most passionate lip lock. He was intent on not letting it end until the store manager tapped him on his shoulder. William almost ripped the little bald man’s head off as he claimed that he was receiving customer complaints about their public display of affection.

“Ha! I bet we were the best show those housewives have seen outside of their Soap Operas,” William grumbled as he lit his cigarette.

He had left Buffy inside to pay for their food. He needed a smoke and to hide his hard-on from the nosy customers. She had been so earth-shatteringly beautiful, with weepy eyes while proclaiming her love for him in the grocery store. He hadn’t even realized what he had said, about him loving her, until her eyes widened and for a minute he thought she was mad at him.

He leaned against the De Soto, smiling when she appeared with her stuffed grocery cart. She pushed the cart to the trunk and then jumped in his arms.

“Buffy,” he gasped between kisses.

“Huh?” She struggled to breathe as William pushed his forehead against hers.

“We should go before they call the coppers and before I mount you in the parking lot.”

Buffy looked around, as if she had lost her sense of place. Then she giggled and kissed his cheek. “Let’s go.”

They drove through the neighborhood with their hands entwined.

Buffy secretly ooh’ed and aah’ed at the passing scenery. Even though she said nothing, William felt her involuntarily squeeze his hand as she found something new that delighted her.

“So, you like the house and all, sweetheart?”

“Oh yeah it’s perfect. I would’ve told you earlier but you know, you were a big jerk, remember?”

“Jerk, eh? One minute you love me then I’m a jerk,” he laughed, putting his arm around her, pulling her close. “I’m glad you like it, princess. It’s all for you.”

“You’re a regular little Mighty Mouse, aren’t you?”

Buffy grabbed as many full plastic bags as she could mange. “Yup, fear me Big Bad, I bet I could snap you like a twig.”

“Try it, love.”

“Maybe later, baby.”

“I get a nickname now?”

“I have many where that came from, sweetie.”

“Be still my heart.”

“I’ll catch you when you swoon, but open the door first.”

“Bossy bint.” William held open the screen door with a leg so Buffy could walk into the house.

“Look, a message.” Buffy placed down her groceries on the table and pushed the red button on the answering machine.

-Hey, Buffster, it’s yours truly. This is your friendly reminder that I’ll be picking you up at ten in the morning tomorrow and I have decided that I, as Mover Boy, should be treated to lunch. Please? I’ve been cut off again. Anyway, see, ya.-

“Xander, always thinking about his stomach,” Buffy laughed, shaking her head.

William was putting away the frozen foods, trying not to be jealous. “What’s tomorrow, love?”

“Oh, I’m moving in the dorm tomorrow.”

“You never told me,” he said, not facing her.

“No, I didn’t. Remember, you were still being a jerk.”

“Oh, will you ever forgive me?”

She hugged him from behind, pressing her face into his back and wrapping her arms firmly around his waist. “Of course, I’m sorry that I made you upset. I was just so jealous.”

Enjoying her touch and the cool air coming from the freezer that was still open, he took a deep breath. “Would you mind if I joined you and the boy? You may need extra hands and whatnot.”

“Are you questioning the strength of the Xan Man? He’ll be heartbroken,” she teased, but quickly sobered, feeling his body tense up. “William, I’d love for you to be there,” she whispered, kissing the back of his neck. “I really don’t want to leave you here, all alone in your pretty house. I don’t want to leave you at all.”

“Buffy.” William spun in her arms until he faced her. “I’d love for you to stay here with me but you need to live in those God-awful dorms, pet. It’s the whole college experience and all that rot.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” She took a finger and outlined a chiseled cheekbone. “Responsibility, blahty blah. I’ll miss you. You’re all I have left.”

“Buffy…” William felt his heart race. ‘I don’t deserve her. She’s so perfect.’ He moved away from her to close the freezer door, and then he picked her up and placed her over his shoulder. “Sod the groceries; I’m taking you to bed.”

William laid her lovingly on the bed. ‘It’ll be our bed from now on,’ he thought with a grin. “Sit back and relax, love. Let me have my way with you.” With her eyes shining in anticipation, she stretched out, her head resting on the pillows. “I’ll miss you too, so bloody much,” he whispered, kneeling at her feet.

‘Must treat her like the goddess that she is...’ Taking off her strappy sandals, he admired each of her toes. He took one foot in his strong hands and began to massage the ball, heel and each individual toe.

“Going to map every part of you,” his hands slid up her legs, “I’ll never leave you, kitten.”

He kissed, licked, and explored on his way up her body and smiled when he felt goose bumps forming under his fingertips. “Never. You see, my love, I’m nothing without you. Just a shell of a man.”

Reaching her thighs, Buffy gasped as he unbuttoned her shorts and gently pulled them off her body. She quickly hugged her legs together embarrassed, knowing her thong was soaked.

He smiled, kissing her waiting lips. “Too much. Too much clothing, not enough Buffy.” He attempted to unbutton her shirt but the buttons were too tiny for his shaking fingers.

“Here, let me,” Buffy croaked, surprised that she could speak.

“I can get this part.” With her top off, he reached behind her and without looking, unhooked her bra’s clasp.

“You’re awfully good at that.”

“Years of experience,” he replied with a wink.

Once exposed, Buffy hugged her chest, shielding her breasts from him.

“That’s not nice, love.” Chuckling, he kissed her lips again, moving her arms away. “Let me see you.”

“Sorry, habit.”

“My Buffy likes to play hard to get, yeah? So perfect.” Moving left to right; he made the most of his mouth and tongue. He playfully bit the fullness of each breast and also attacked her nipples.


“Hey, you’re still up there?”

“Need you. Need you.”

“Need me where, kitten?” he said, looked up mischievously.


“Nope, not unless you tell me. I’m busy here.” He licked her nearest nipple with the tip of his tongue, making her squeak. “Now that’s a sound I love to hear.”

“William, go, ah, lower, please.”

“Lower. Okay, will do.”

He moved down to her bellybutton. “Here okay?” Before Buffy could respond, his tongue slid into the little hole. He held his head so his forehead rested against her stomach. On his third lick in the shallow space, he was delighted to feel fingers in his hair.

“Hmmm…lower, again.”

“As you wish.” He was assaulted by the scent of her arousal as he faced her floral thong. “Open up, sweets.” He slipped his hand between her legs, spreading her thighs. He placed a finger on her underwear, pressing against her clothed clit.

Buffy gasped and moaned, “William…”

“I am going to be bald before I get you naked.”

“God, just take them off!” Buffy demanded, giving his hair another yank. As soon as she was free of all her clothing, she announced, “My turn.”

“Something funny, pet?” he asked, as she giggled, pulling his shirt over his head.

“Yup, you were all sexy and seduce-y until you saw all my, er, down there all up close and personal—now you’re out of it, William.”

“I’m not sexy anymore?” William pouted playfully.

“Stop it. You know you’re going to get some. No more pouting, you know what it does to me.”

“I do,” he smirked.

“Now there’s my Big Bad.” Taking a deep breath, she pulled his pants from his hips. “William, do you even own underwear?”


“Damn, that’s going to make being around you very difficult in the future.”

William kicked his pants away and hovered above her body. “I’ve dreamed about many dreams.”

“Me too.”

“I burn for you, Buffy...have since I first saw you.”

“Want you so much.”

“You have me, kitten”

“Promise, me if we skip the foreplay I get some later.”

“Love, I think the foreplay stared the moment you pranced around in that suit yesterday.”

“Can I be on top?”

William swallowed and nodded, rolling on his back. Looking into his eyes, Buffy sat on him and shimmied her hips up. They both gasped, and William held her hips as she wiggled onto his hard shaft, biting her lower lip.

“Oh, finally.”

Buffy began to move and William set the pace. “Love you.”

“Love you more.”

“Can’t. Not possible.” She rode him until breathing became more difficult. The thrusts were deep and slow, quick and shallow. He never let go of her moving hips and she never stopped staring into his beautiful eyes.

“William! Gonna come, don’t let me stop…”

“I’ll keep you moving. Come with me. Come with me, love—Buffy!”

“Oh—oh, God, William!”

William had changed their position somewhere during their second climax. He was on top of her about to slide out of her.

“Don’t leave me.” Buffy moved her legs quickly, keeping him inside and altering his angle.


“Hmmm. Life is good,” Buffy announced, feeling that he was hard again.

“Life is perfect.” William kissed her shoulder and then her lips as he began to move.

“So, I guess I won.”

“Huh? I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was trying to but then I started thinking about our bet. I think I won.”

“Which bet?”

“You know, Spikey. Don’t play dumb on me now.” She ran a hand down his spine and William shivered. He wasn’t looking at her; his face was buried in her chest. “The ‘Who will explode first?’ bet.”

“I don’t remember exploding.”

“Stop being difficult and let me have my glory. You said that I’d be the first to give in to your handsomeness and charm. Remember? But you came on to me first, in the pool, therefore, I won.”

“Not so fast princess. You kissed me first and you attacked me tonight.”

“Attacked you?”

“Yup, I was defenseless against your horny ways.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“No, I’m tired and I’m not gonna to let you take advantage of my sleepiness and I’m not going to let you demand prizes for a bet you didn’t win.”

“You’re no fun. What if I told you I would want my prize to come in William shaped boxes?”

“Mmmm, that sounds interesting.”

“So, did I win?”

“Will it make you happy?”


“Alright, then you won,” he said, yawning and snuggling into her cleavage. “Night, kitten.”


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