Nina and Spike both moved back towards the center of the room as so to get a better look at the girl who had come from the portal, but neither lowered their gun.

“How do you know my name?” Tara asked as she and Dawn also continued to aim their gun at the red head.

“We knew each other… where I come from.” Willow replied as she gawked at Tara, her eyes watering at the sight of her dead lover standing before her very much alive.

“And where exactly is that and why are you here?” Wes asked as he slowly rolled his chair from behind the desk, suddenly gaining Willow’s attention.

“Oh my God, Wesley what happened?” Willow asked in concern.

“Ok she knows Wes too, how about me?” Dawn questioned.

“Yes I know you too, I know all of you well except you,” Willow addressed the last part directly to Nina. “Funny thing is you’re the one I’m here to see.”

“Why?” This time Spike spoke out and startled Willow, who until that point hadn’t seen him.

“Whoa Spike, I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

“Answer his question, why are you here for me?” Nina asked her gun still aimed.

“We need the best slayer in all of the worlds, and that apparently is you.”

“Again I ask, why?”

“There’s a new big bad coming in my world and from what we've gathered you’re the only one who can stop it.”

“Don’t you guys have your own slayer?”

“Yes, but Buffy…”

“Buffy?” Dawn interjected. “Your slayer is named Buffy, oh that name must strike fear in the hearts of all the demons in your world.” Dawn chuckled, as did Tara.

“Dawn, shut up.” Nina said as she finally lowered her gun and re holstered it. “You’re saying your slayer can’t stop whatever is coming?”

“She can’t do it alone, there’s a prophecy and it says to save our worlds, all the worlds from being consumed by this new evil we need you.” Willow explained.

“Wait,” Wes interjected. “All the worlds?”

“Yes, which is why I’m here, why I made the portal, its linked directly to our…headquarters,” Willow said for a lack of a better word. “There we have all the research we’ve compiled on this prophecy. Giles says…”

“Giles?” Nina repeated cutting Willow off.

“Yeah, Giles he’s Buffy’s watcher, well he was when there were Watchers, which there still are but not as many since the first…”

“No,” Nina cut in again as she turn to make her way back to her and Spike’s room.

“No?” Willow repeated not sure to what Nina meant.

“No, as in I’m not going anywhere. If your slayer can’t help you, then you’re fucked. I got my own baddies to deal with and in case you didn’t know they’re the majority here in our world.”

“But if you don’t help us, this baddie will consume your world too.”

“We’ll deal with it when it come, Sorry Blaze but I’m not interested.” With that said Nina left the room leaving a stunned Willow, with the rest who didn’t seem at all surprised by Nina’s response.

“Ok I don’t think I’m explain it well, if this thing succeeds in consuming our world that its, all worlds will fall. Were just the one world it has chosen to make its stand in.” Willow explained further. “If she doesn’t come and help we’re all going to die.”

“Die?” Dawn repeated. “You didn’t say anything about us all dying.”

“Uhm sorry, I thought the whole consumed by this evil was self explanatory.”

“Here, that’s every day of the week. This is a hell world where the Demon, human ratio is 8 to 2, not in our favor. So when you come spouting about doomsdays and the hell on Earth ya gotta mention the ‘were all gonna die’ up front.” Dawn said and then turned to Spike. “You’ve gotta talk her into it, our lives aint the best here but I don’t wanna die.”

“I have to agree with Dawn.” Wes added.

“Me too.” Tara piped in.

“Are you all new,” Spike asked. “You know when she’s made up her mind there’s…”

“Yeah right, I know that if you tell her she should do it, she will Spike.” Dawn said as she folded her arms across her chest. “Question is why was she abrupt about not going and why are you so damn set against telling her to go?”

“Cause I can’t stand to see her hurting, and the reason she doesn’t want to go is because you said a name that she can no longer bring herself to say.” Spike said as each of them looked at him perplexed, and so he continued explaining. “Giles, he was our son.”

AU, London, 1961

“Are you sure he came down this way?” Nina asked as she ran beside Spike.

“Yes I’m sure, but if you doubt me, use those slayer senses of your like that old witch told you to.”

“She’s not a witch she’s a ‘guardian of the slayers’.”

“Fine, just use your senses.” Spike said as they both came to a halt in the middle of the darkened street as the rain and fog wrapped around them. Nina took a deep breath and closed her eyes and focused, as she used all her senses to track the vampire they had chased across two continents for several months. They knew this vamp was just a gopher, a minion of Angelus, who Nina had spent the last five years hunting. It didn’t take long for her to hear the piercing screams of a woman somewhere nearby.

“This way,” She called out as they took off running, they stopped at the end of an alleyway and began to cautiously make their way through it. Halfway through they saw what looked to be a man hovering over a woman, and a small child blocked off in the corner crying. “Did we catch you at a bad time?” Nina asked as the man turned already vamped out. She didn’t even give him time to drop the lifeless body he held before she sent the stake flying into his chest, his dust settling before the woman’s body hit the ground.

“Fuck Nina!” Spike yelled out. “We’ve been tracking that piece of shit for months and when we finally catch up with him you kill him before he can tell us where Angelus is.” Nina seemed to be ignoring him as she just stared at the small dirty child still huddled in the corner. Spike saw that her attention was focused elsewhere and so he moved in closer to see what had her so captivated, and he saw the little boy, who was so covered in dirt and soot and blended in so well with the wall, Spike hadn’t took notice of him. “Christ. Come on Nina lets go.”

“We’re just gonna leave him here?” Nina asked as she turned to Spike baffled.

“Yeah, either that or we’ll have to explain to bobby what happened to this boy’s mother, which is a conversation I just don’t want to have, so let’s go.” Spike said as he grasped Nina’s arm and began to move them away from the small boy, who looked to be about six or seven years old, who now hugs his dead mother as he cried out for her.

“We can’t just leave him Spike and who the hell is bobby?”

“Bobby is the police and they’re going to be swarming about here any moment so again I say leave him and let’s save our own asses.”

“Did you contemplate leaving me too?” Nina asked and Spike instantly squeezed his eyes shut to the question, which he knew was in reference to the night he had found her half dead in an alley. With a small growl he moved around her and scooped up the whimpering child, who put up no fight of resistance, and stalked off.

“Lets go Nina,” He called back to the girl who stood looking after him with a slight smile on her lips. “Now!” She jumped a bit at his voice, which seemed to echo off the walls, and then hurried after him.


They had made it back to the inn they had been staying in, without any trouble, but Spike didn’t let his guard down any until they were locked away in their room. He hadn’t said a word since they had left the alleyway and Nina knew by now that meant he was made, which was a side of him that still frightened her, which was evident by the way she cradled the child close to her chest and stood in the corner closest to the door. She had been called to slayerhood three years before hand, so she knew she was faster than Spike and stronger, and could handle herself in a fight with him, but she also knew she could never take his life if it ever came down to it, so she figured that if it ever did she’d run. He silently sat on the foot of the bed for a good twenty minutes before finally speaking again.

“He’s filthy and smells like something dead, you had better give him a bath or else he’s sleeping outside the door.” Nina only nodded in agreement as she made her way to the adjoining bathroom to start him a bath. Spike stood and moved to the door, which caused Nina to stop and stare at him questioningly. “He looks half starved,” Spike, answered her questioning eyes. “I can stand for a bit to eat myself, how bout you?”

“Yes,” Nina said with a smile and a silent sigh of relief that Spike was seemingly coming around to having the child there. “And I’ll have…” Nina then paused realizing she didn’t know the little boys name. “What your name sweetie?” The boy who had been hold her tightly about the neck and resting his head on her shoulder slowly lifted his head and looked at her and spoke.

“My name is Rupert Giles and I’m seven years old.” The little boy answered quite proudly. Spike looked at him with a look of disgust.

“Rupert,” Spike repeated. “That’s a Nancy boy name so from now on you’ll just be Giles. So you got family around here Giles?” Spike asked as he stood at the door with his hand on the knob.

“Just my mummy, but that bad man hurt her.” Giles said sadly as he then turned his attention to Nina. “Is my mummy in heaven now?” Nina could only nod in reply. “Are you going to be my mummy now?” He questioned further and Nina stared at him wide-eyed and then looked to Spike who was vigorously shaking his head no, but when he saw the smile light up Nina’s face he knew he was overruled.

“If you’d like me too be,” Nina answered. “And Spike will be your new daddy.” This caused the boy to brighten up and a smile stretched across his face as well, as both he and Nina now smiled at Spike.


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