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I' m 28, just got the exact job I've been avoiding all my life (working with my dad... but it seems OK after all... go figure!!!) and have almost finished my MBA. Been a Spuffy fan for ever, but only got addicted to fanfic in May, 2007, following a nasty break-up (guy pulled an "Angel" on me, and left me for my own good).

Desperately needed a Spike in my life, so I finally decided to give -my- Buffy one (at least to start with; if my first story works I'll try to make as many Buffys happy as possible!!! :P)

01/11/2008 Hey, I got an lj account, (yup, Sotia is finally catching up with technology! LOL) Almost nothing there yet, but starting next weekend I plan on starting to post there too! Please friend at will! LOL

02/22/2008 See that 'almost finished my MBA' a couple of paragraphs up? Well, replace that with 'have just finished my MBA' (if that jerk doesn't fail me again!!) Woo Hoo!!!!!

03/17/2008 The moving icon was made from a manip made for my birthday by framedinlove on lj. Isn't it cool?

01/13/2010:I decided to de-Spuffify and self-publish the P-Series. That means that I will be taking it down from all sites, including LiveJournal. If you want a copy, just comment here with your e-mail address, and I'll send it to you. I'd never have finished that series if it weren't for you.

And if you really wanna buy a copy of the original version, Passionate, you can get one here (and feel free to spread the word). :D

05/28/11: An e-publisher has asked to read the original version of the Tooth Fairy (thank you Kim for pointing me their way!!!)

Whether they decide they want to publish it or not, I will be taking it down from archives and my LJ tomorrow. As with the P-Series, I'll gladly send Spuffy copies of it to anyone who asks for it. Feel free to save it before I take it down, if you want, but please refer people who ask for copies to me; I wouldn't like it to be passed around without my knowing about it.

Thank you,


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