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I am an avid reader and I love stories that let the characters develop.

Goes without saying, I love Spuffy, but I also love Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordellia, Wes/Fred, Giles/OC, Joyce/OC., and others that don’t involve Riley (I realy, realy don’t like Riley).

I also love Dalton, Tara, Anya (she's hilarious).

Did I even mention...I realy, realy don’t like Riley, I find him boring as fuck, I think he could make fall asleep  even a stone.

Angel is OK, as long as his self-importance does’nt go beyond Gobi desert.

Dawn is Ok, as long as she does’nt become a whiny, ungrateful brat.

Harmony, for me is just a filler, she’s like a cartoon character, I don’t take her seriosly.

Dru, as long as the writer does’nt exaggerate with her craziness, she’s enjoyable.

I prefer season 2-4 Spike, rather than 5-7, and especially I didn’t like what Joss made with him in the first part of season 7.

Comic books...Bleah! I have read season 8-9. WTF?!? At season 10, I gave it up, it became boring. Maybe someday I give it another go.

Buffy, I like to read her in any characterization, I do not like the exaggerations of her character or her behavior (be it good or bad). She's not a infallible woman, but she has a good heart, and too many "know it all" people around her, wich  for her „own good”, just drag her down.

She's a beautiful woman, she's too loyal at times, especially to those who do not deserve it. She's brave, too stubborn and ruthless sometimes, she’s  gentle  and tough at the same time. She’s  a real contradiction that offers a vast array of color.

I love Spike's character, because he's arrogant, insensitive at times, intelligent, ruthless, violent, brave, stubborn, has a big mouth, which most often brings him trouble, but also he’s loyal, loves selflessly, and don’t forget, hot.

I do not like it when the author turns him into a spineless crying baby. That’s not how I see him, just as I not see him as saint or a monk.

As for me... I have too many flaws and "birds" to bring them here, and it's not relevant anyway.

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