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I Believe in You by TammyAsh666

Rated: PG • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: "Forever" goes a bit differently. Buffy heard Spike when he showed up with flowers for Joyce. She decides then that things need to change.

I Blew His Mind by katj

Rated: NC-17 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers, 25 and single, is a girl who likes to have fun with her friends despite being nagged by her mother to settle down. William is just another guy she’s forced to be nice to. PWP. ~OK, part 2 is coming soon!

I Choose This Path by Jade

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews
Summary: Buffy ha skeft Spike,pregnant. Spike has no idea about this. After 6 years Buffy returns to Sunnydale with her daughter Toni. Will she be able to tell Spike the truth about Toni?

I could write a sonnet... by Lilachigh

Rated: 15 • 21 Reviews
Summary: Buffy needs to make this Easter a happy one for Dawn, but can she do it alone? Spike just wants to help, but that’s when the trouble begins.

I Do by Spikes Bint

Rated: 15 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Dawn get's sick and Buffy discovers that their medical insurance has lapsed. She needs money fast...Spike has come to the US to start a new life and escape his painful past, he needs a green card. There is only one solution...marriage

I Don't by MyOtherName

Rated: 15 • 14 Reviews Liked
Summary: AHAU. When Angel decides that he's hopelessly in love with the bride at the Summers-Finn wedding, it's up to Spike to keep his lovestruck friend away.

I Don't Know How To Let You Go by Hannahlee_ann

Rated: U • 20 Reviews
Summary: Rewrite of the end of Chosen, then goes AU. Based on the Sarah McLachlan song, "Do What You Have to Do."

I Don't Wanna Know by Drusilla Williams

Rated: U • 0 Reviews
Summary: Drabble. Spiek POV. Post-Touched. Spike thinks about his realtionship with Buffy as they lay in bed together.

I fall to Pieces by pangsofblue

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 15 Reviews Liked
Summary: Angel told Buffy to move on, she has an idea to make him jealous and want her back. Let’s just see what happens. Oh, and I LOVE to mess with timelines.

This is for MARYPERK!!! (How did you remember this one?)

I hate you by Shadow of a soul

Rated: U • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike talks to Buffy after "the gift"

I Hate, Not You by Oracleholly

Rated: 18 • 13 Reviews Liked
Summary: REVISED 7/31/05 Begins during "Showtime," what happened after Buffy saved Spike? Written for Summer of Spike 2 (Summer 2005) Spoilers - BTVS S7 "Showtime". Disclaimer: Joss Whedon - the man, the myth, the legend – owns the characters of Buffy and Spike, unless you are talking about ‘Spike’ from Cowboy Bebop, but I’m not – so go back to the first. While I receive nothing for my efforts, except for any reviews, you, dear reader, care to throw my way - I do gain the immense joy of playing with them.

I Have Waited For You by xaphania

Rated: 15 • 22 Reviews Liked
Summary: As a series of mysterious disappearances sweep Sunnydale, Buffy meets William and they fall in love. When a bleach-blond, leather-clad vampire with a familiar face arrives in town, their relationship is tested, especially when it seems that William knows more than he's letting on about those going missing. Set in an AU Sunnydale.

I Hurt The One I love by Magan

Rated: 18 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: I rewrote some things in Dead Things and fugde the time line a little bit. Somethings in the season never happened. Such as Buffy telling the gang about her and Spike.

I Just Can't Fight This Feeling Inside by Spikes_Deb

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spuffy re-write of Buffy -v- Dracula. Spike finds out that Drac's in town and wants the Slayer to play with. He's fine with that...he thinks...but when the time comes to deliver her all trussed up, will he? Or, will he decide that a trussed up Slayer's all he ever wanted.

I keep a part of you with me by Marisol

Rated: U • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: Post Chosen: Buffy and Spike have a conversation in which Spike convinces her that she should try to find someone she will be happy with.During the next months she writes him letters, but he doesn´t seem to see what these letters really mean...

I know what you quite possibly did twelve summers ago by Jake

Rated: PG • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spoof of I Know What You Last Summer, The gang spend their last night as seniors in Sunnydale when tragedy strikes.

I Know You, II by Slaymesoftly

Rated: NC-17 • 196 Reviews Liked
Summary: The sequel to Prologue/I Know You - this fic will follow season II Buffy who has been sent to another dimension where she is eventually joined by season II Spike who has been kicked out of his own body/dimension by "our" Spike. Cameo-type appearances by the Spike and Buffy from the original fic, as well as Dawn, Giles, et al.

I love her, I hate her by bogwitch

Rated: PG • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Post No Place Like Home-ish Spike is still a bit confused about all the emotions that have been churned up inside by the Slayer

I May Hate Myself In The Morning... by beanie

Rated: 15 • 5 Reviews
Summary: (Season 6) Buffy's had a hard day and needs some comfort, so she seeks out Spike. But things change when she gets there. Inspired by Lee Ann Womack's song "I May Hate Myself in the Morning".

i met a girl by lindsay

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 30 Reviews Liked
Summary: spike and buffy meet at the library and pretty much goes spuffy not too long after, meant to be a two part story, will add the second part as soon as its done

I Must Be Dreaming by velvet cat

Rated: 15 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel to 'Dreaming of You' (which was the sequel to '..Or is This the Dream That Never Goes Away?') set in the same AU world, which will make no sense if you've not read the other two! Set during series four, Buffy and Wesley head back to Sunnydale, where Joyce is awaiting surgery for a brain tumor...

I Need You by TammyAsh666

Rated: 15 • 176 Reviews
Summary: Spike is the new teacher at Sunnydale High and he finds himself drawn to Buffy who happens to be one of his students. He realizes that he needs her in his life and she will soon realize that she may need him, too. Nominated at the Cradle of Humanity Awards.

I never knew by caatje

Rated: U • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set during season 2 in an alternate universe. Buffy has not met Angel and doesn’t know any different than that vampires are evil. Until she meets Spike… Things aren’t always as they seem.

I Never Told You by Jerzeyanjel

Rated: 15 • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy’s POV after the end of season 6 – Spike’s gone.

I Only Have Eyes For You by Jerzeyanjel

Rated: NC-17 • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: My Spuffyverse remake of I only have eyes for you.