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Loved the chapter, and love you! Keep writin! =D *huggggles & smooochies*

Author's Response: :D *big grin* Thanks for all your encouragement as well as suggestions when it comes to this story. Couldnt do it with out you! B&S together is always good, even dressed as fairy tale characters! (shout out to Fractured Fairy Tales by PaganBaby) Much love to you!

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Author's Response: Thanks Lissa :) I need to finish, when it haunts my dreams. Just need to make the time to get it all typed out. I do hope you like what I have in mind... Stay with me, I hope to have more out very soon.

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Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing BF :) and thrilled to know this story is still on other peoples minds. Stay with me, the tale has almost been told...

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Author's Response: a bit remiss>>> fits for me too. many good questions, all will be answered in the upcoming chapters :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Author's Response: more here, and more to come! Thanks for taking time to comment Liz. *Hugs*

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Author's Response: Thanks lynn :) your review made me smile. Stay with me, more tale to be told!

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Author's Response: Thanks xaph :) more is here. sorry for the delay in my response

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Author's Response: sorry for the delay in responding, and posting, but new chappy is now up! thanks for the r&r

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Author's Response: :) just you wait>>>> I think you will like the upcoming chapters, Blazing Fire!

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Author's Response: *hugs msspikester* glad to see still enjoying, new chapter just posted today.

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Author's Response: thnaks bridget, and will do!

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Author's Response: thanks cordy *winks* I like the idea myself

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Yay! I missed you Kitten and your great stories. I'm so happy to see this updated. Sorry about RL, I hope you're feeling better now and things are going well. :)

Great chappie, I loved understanding Spike. He loves her no matter what, even in another body. And is willing to do whatever Buffy wants and help her with the baby. He's so's his child too, even if he's not the biological dad. *hugs Spike* The last scene was so sweet, both S/B and H/G.

Spike in a loincloth? *drools at the awesome image*LOL

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Author's Response: thanks for the review ami, sorry for my delayed response. So much more to come and hope you enjoy future updates as well.

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Hooray! I'm so happy that you're working on this story again :D The holidays threw me for a loop too, I know of what you speak lol

Spike was sooo wonderful *dreamy sigh* Being all comforting and supportive and strong. He'll step up and be the baby daddy :D I just wanna cuddle his brains out hehe And Awww! What a sweet moment there at the end with Groma and Hourak :)

And I love that the fact that Buffy is in a different body doesn't make a difference in how Spike feels about her. They're connected on a level that goes beyond physical *another dreamy sigh* heehee

To sum up: Loved it, Kitten! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get time to write lots more for us :D *smoochies & hugs & lurve*

Author's Response: sorry for my lack of response to this lovely review! Your opinion means so much, dont want you to ever think any differnt! This tale must be told, and having you there to help me work out the details makes this all possible. You rock \m/ Nuff said.

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Author's Response: read now lynn! new chappy up! thanks for review!

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Author's Response: LMAO yup, that about sums it up! stay with me for more mad tales!

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Author's Response: Thanks for the r and r xaph, and sorry for my delay in response. RL is such a pain, but want you to know reviews mean the world to me. *hugs tight* So glad you still enjoy.

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