Name: Spikelissa (Anonymous) · Date: 10/08/2010 - 04:30 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Speedy response even better!!!!! Ok, I just looked back and your right. I just got confused with all the Buffy's and Spike's. Rome!Buffy and Rome!Spike had the scars. That's what threw me for a bit.

Here check here: I actually trust this site more than anything else. Here it is spelled Amara

But here it is spelled Amarra

I don't trust Wiki at all because so many people change things.

I do however, trust this site a bit more:

Even funnier here it's spelled Amarra too:

But here it's spelled Amara

So...drum roll says...It's a toss up!!!! LOL!

I look forward to more and I will try if I can keep a darn beta lol! I tend to get away with myself in my writing and long spurts of writers block, so we shall see! :-) Thanks for the encouragement though!

Author's Response: Hey there! yeah, I don't remember now what my beta referenced on the Amarra/Amara thing ... but - whatever! We all know what we mean! :D

I was really worried after I finished the main story that I would have nothing more to write ... but luckily, that hasn't happened ...yet! I haven't tried writing any other Spuffy couples, I'm not sure if I could anymore! To go back to canon and write a bitchy-Buffy who was mean to Spike would be soooo hard! Although, my Buffy has been known to hurt our sweet Spike without meaning to or is she was forced to out of a sense of doing what was right ... but, that's different.

I hope to have more soon ... I actually have 2-3 chapters writen and beta'd, I just have to get them formatted and start posting ... but I don't want to leave anyone hanging for too long while I move, so I may hold off on that until I'm sure I'll have time to get it finished in a timely manner. I know I hate having to wait to keep reading -- the way you did it totally rocks!

Thanks again for all the references and taking the time to do that! Everyone I've 'met' here on TSR is so nice! And you're no exception! {{hugs}} -P4S 2010.10.08

Name: Spikelissa (Anonymous) · Date: 10/08/2010 - 03:25 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Oh and I completely forgot but did the twins go on the trip? I'd love to see more about them growing up or had grown up. There are so few stories out there with older kids in the Spuffy World. More please! And again AMAZING SERIES!

Author's Response: Hi again ... yes, the twins did go, but since they're so young I only mentioned them a couple of times ... my next focus is going to be on the kids and how they grow, the challenges they face from being 'different' and just normal challenges of growing up, too. My hope is to wrap stories about the kids growing up around the stories about Spuffy fighting demons or other evil ... But yes, I do intend on following them as they grow and on Buffy and Spike being parents first and heroes second ...

Thanks again for your awesome review! :D I hope I answered your questions ... if not ... c'mon back! :D!

-P4S 2010.10.08

Name: Spikelissa (Anonymous) · Date: 10/08/2010 - 03:22 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Wow! I decided to read this all straight through and in Word form, so I appologize for the lack of reviews. I have down time at work and certaintly can't be on this site having it refresh multitudes of time for each chapter. I'd like to keep my job lol! So I had to copy it to Word. Anyway...couple of things!
Great story! Do you plan to continue writing more in the verse? Like say: An older Annie, years that have gone by. Or will you finally address Angel being at the bottom of the ocean. He was in a shark cage. You'd think he might've broken out by now, maybe? Or certaintly some big meat eating fish would be perplexed to try...yes vivd imagination of Angel demise in ocean lol! Unlike yourself I um don't have a love for DB at all. My kinks are Alex S. from True Blood, and Jake Gyllenhaal and oh Vin Diesel and some DB to me is blah and more blah. So imagine my surprise you did very well playing Angel as the bad guy but also seemingly the good guy too. You did an awesome job of it! You twisted what had happened in canon but intertwined it with your own. My only thing was this and I was wondering if it was forgotten? It wasn't mentioned again so I questioned it quite a bit through your story. Buffy's immortality. Yes she could be killed just like any vampire or demon could be killed. What confused me was the bleeding out part that placed her in a coma. Medically I have no education on that but wouldn't Buffy's Immortality have played some role in this? Although bleeding out could kill humans or demons so I guess that's not really what I'm referring to. It's towards the end of this story that puzzled me. Why would Unexpected Spike even want the Shanshu when Buffy is Immortal? That's my other question: Will the Rome!Buffy just be a resurrected Slayer along with a Shanshued Rome!Spike and live a human life span together? While Unexpected Verse lives on eternally unless they aren't killed at some point? If so, will you address this with other stories on how it effects family and friends, and themselves in that verse? Yes, I have lots of questions that seemed unanswered when it finished. Beautifully written though! Another thing that bothered me a bit. When a version of Buffy and Spike melded with Unexpected version of Spike and Buffy. It seemed at times like they would forget the Unexpected storyline but remember this other timeline and then vice versa, but not both at the same time. Perfect example: Read the part during the memorial they had for 'you know who' and see what I mean. It was vague but it was there. A bit confusion maybe. Rome!Buffy knows there is a crater but if I remember correctly Rome!Spike had heard of it never saw it (was my understanding). My question though was this burned up Spike and Buffy who stayed in the cave burning that melded with Unexpected brought their physical as well with them? The burned hands and chest? Sometimes I got confused because in the beginning when they melded I thought it was just memories that intertwined with the Unexpected dimension not physical attributes.

Final question: Did you leave things not addressed because you will come back to this verse? Like why does the bond stay after you know who is gone? And how was it possible that it worked for both sets of Buffy's and Spike's to be bonded but the credit card didn't transcend to the other dimension lol? Yes I'm an analyst lol! Or maybe having that certain someone dusted didn't take away the really if ocean sunk Angel ever finds away out of his watery grave he can be dust in the wind!

I love everything about this story! You made the 'claim' different than what others (including myself) have done and made it more symbolic and unifying! I was impressed as I'm sure everyone else who read this amazing series. I laughed and cried and fell in love with this series! It rates up there along with Niamh, Dawnofme, dreamweaver, maryperk, and so many more I can't think of that I found amazing. I definitely will keep my eye out for more of yours! Thanks for sharing! I do have to say that after reading so many great and amazing stories, I have just about given up finishing my stories. Amazing stories that I just can't compete with or begin to try to stand up against. I'd rather read lol. Oh and one more thing: it's Amara with just one r. I checked every place I could find. And what's more it's also referred to as the Stone of Amara. I didn't care I just wanted to let you know what I found when I searched at one point on. I crossed referenced everywhere and was shocked how this is always a common error. Even the dvd spells it with one r. It sounds better and seems better with two, but it's not unfortunately. Just wanted to point that out :)

Hope to see more from you!

Author's Response: WOW! Well, I think this one review makes up for lack of others ... no problem whatsoever! Glad you could find a way to read it and keep your job, too! :D

OK, let's see here...Yes, more is coming. Yes, Angel will be addressed. More about why Spike would want the Shanshu even tho Buffy is Immortal will come soon (although that is a good point!) and Buffy's immortality (along with Spike's) will also come into the story as time goes on ... it's not really apparent now, but will be in 20 years ...

It is my thought that yes, Rome!Buffy and now Shanshued Rome!Spike will just live a 'normal' lifespan, growing old together... unless something else magical happens or the PTB step in to do something to them, of course! you never know!

Ok, I'm trying to follow your question on the memory melding ... our Buffy and Spike didn't speak at the memorial for Willow - just Rome!Buffy and Rome!Spike did ... ours lit candles. Ours never saw the crater ... and your right Rome!Spike never had before either. I'll double check, but I think I said that right in there. Rome!Buffy, Rome!Giles and Rome!Andrew were the only ones that had seen the crater before from the group there. When their memories/souls first melded, the memories from Unexpected were pushed back for a short while, then it reveresed and the memories from 'canon' are now there, but pushed back. At times I use liberties and pushe them back further for the sake of a plot. Ok, the scars on Unexpected Spike and Buffy are from the amulet that BUFFY wore and Spike tore off her ... they did not bring the physcial scars from the burned up canon Spuffy with them. Does that answer the question? I'm not sure.

On the bond ... I think the bond would stay in place even after Angel is dust, since he was the clan leader at the time. The credit card actually did transcend... it's just that Disney in unexpected dimension didn't have the transaction, since it was made in the Rome! dimension ... but when they re-ran it, it was the same number and charged to AI... so the card number was valid, just that Spike made the purchase in the other dimension, so Unexpected dimension's Disney didn't have it ... their computers don't talk across dimensions ... :D

I've actually found the Gem of Amarra/Amara spelled both ways ... If my swiss-cheese memory serves, my beta and I went around about it and she said she was sure from a canon source that it was Amarra ... I don't recall now what the source was. Thanks for the heads up on it, though - we'll double check it!!

On the claim, I did it kinda how I'd like it to be myself ... and made it so they could 'turn it off' or close it down 'cause no one wants someone else in their head all the time ... even Spuffy!!

I'm really honored to be included in the list of authors you listed ... wow! I'm so glad you're liking the series and YES there will be more. Right now I'm in the middle of moving, but I will get back to it soon ... I hope to have a couple of chapters of the next story ready in the next week or so and I think a lot of your questions will be answered in that story. My next focus will be on how the kids grow ... BTW... yes, the twins were at Disney ... I mentioned them a little ... Spike watching them during the day when Buffy took Annie to the Fairy Faire and Lorne babysitting ... but since they're so young, there's just so much they can do. I will get them more involved, however, in the next story and future ones as I move time along more quickly so they can acutally have ... dialog! LOL!!

My muse desparately wants to jump ahead several years, but there are a few things we need to cover first ... anyway - more to come!!!

Thanks again for this awesome review! I hope you do keep writing ... don't get discouraged! There are never enough Spuffy fics ... the world can always use more!!

Thanks again!! {{HUGE SPIKE HUGS}} for you!!!

-P4S 2010.10.08 (PS- LMK if I missed anything .... I tried to cover all your quesions! :D)

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 10/02/2010 - 11:54 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Aww what a sexy, amazing chappie for both Spuffy couples..yay! for Rome! Spuffy, they're happy too. btw will B ever find out Mr Broodypir(tm) is no more? lol

LOL poor Snow White....and Annie was too cute, she's happy when she hears the loud Spuffy noises...knows they're nearby. :)

Thanx for the sexy pics. Yummmy!
And congrats on the wins over at SunnyD.especially Best New Author..well deserved. =)


Author's Response: Hi AMI!! I'm so glad you liked it!! :D My muse has not divulged to me who, other than our Tara, knows that Mr. Broodypire is no more in that dimension ... perhaps Andrew knows from the buttoncam, but that's purely speculation my part ... Mr. Evil-Blue-Eyed-Muse just smirks when I ask him about it... it's kinda scary sometimes! :D

Thanks so much for your kind words on the SunnyD's ... I'm gobsmacked on that win and 'Unexpected' getting runner up in three highly competative categories! Wow ... that was just amazing! I was shocked and giggly to get nominated and knocked out when I actually won!

You're welcome for the sexy pics ... they may have to tide you over a little bit while I move this month ... but hopefully things will settle down and I can get back to the Spuffy fun shortly!! :D

{{BIG Spike HUGZZ}} to you for your awesome reviews ... you're always entertaining and enlightening! Luv ya!

-P4S 2010.10.04

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 10/02/2010 - 07:48 pm · For: Baby, I Love You
OMG I love Annie...that was so funny..UH-UH OH-OH..poor Giles lol. And Anya cracks me the hell up. I love the way you write all of them, you have their voices down to a T. =)

We stayed at the Cinderella Suite a couple of yrs got it thru some company charity thing. Anyway you did a good job describing it.:)We took his niece and my goddaughter.. btw the Princess Fairy Fantasy Faire makes me insane..oh god,so crowded. :( But they like it so..
LOVED the pic of Spike in Mickey ears lol and the little girl looks like she could be Spuffy's daughter... so pretty.

I loved the end too when B gave him his ring. Yay! Loved this happy, funny Spuffy chappie. (it's how they should be forever darn it :D ) *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! I'm so glad I got you laughing! Isn't Annie too cute? And I totally love Anya, too! So funny ... but definately interested in helping Xander be all that he can be! :D

I've never been in the Castle ... so I'm glad it was close to the real thing. I also have never had the pleasure of the Princess Fairy Fantasy Faire, but I knew Annie would *HAVE* to go there ... EVERY day! LOL!

Glad you liked the chapter! Yay for happy Spuffy!! :D

Thanks so much for hanging in thru the angst to get here! I knew you'd like it if you could just get past that unhappy Angel stuff!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! I do love hearing from you!

{{hugs}} -P4S 2010.10.04

PS: PaganBaby sends her best wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery, too!! :D

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 09/30/2010 - 09:20 pm · For: Mother and Child Reunion
Oh hell yeah! Go Tara! I'm so happy she dusted Mr. Broodypire...yup she's the only one that could IMO. And he never would have stopped harrassing Rome! Spuffy. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. =)

Excellent action chappie and I'm so happy Lindsey helped out..he's a good guy I think and what Angel did to him in AtS was horrible. God I hate him. OK my rage is still strong. lol

Loved the reunion with sweet! Yay! And the honeymoon for Rome! Spuffy sounds amazing. I have a third cousin in the Canary Islands and she went to the Maldives for her honeymoon too...absolutely gorgeous and awesome. I'm sure Rome! Spuffy will have a great honeymoon especially since Spike Shanshued. :) I loved Buffy reassuring our Spike that he's perfect as is and doesn't need the Shanshue. Love our Buffy (but it would be nice if he got the Gem of Amarra back *hint hint*)

I live in Fl and am the BIGGEST Disney whore there is...I get Fl. residents annual passes every year and go as often as I can. Spike will be able to do so many things at night cause the parks are open late in summer. :)

Can't wait to read the Disney chappie. *iz bouncy* We did a night in Cinderella's castle with the godkids...super amazing!

Loved this chappie sweetie. =)

Author's Response: Hey AMI!! I'm in central FL, too!!! Been to Disney more than I can count, but never did the castle thing ... so I had to sort of make that up! I hope it meets your approval...let me know (I know you will!)!!

Glad you liked the dusting of Angel by Tara ... I knew if you could just get to this chapter, you'd be happier! That is so neat that you actually know where Maldives is, let alone know someone that's been there! I must simply look at the pictures on the internet and dream ... and let Spuffy live it! :D I will touch on their honeymoon in that dimension a bit in the last chapter.

Yes, I've been getting lots of hints from different people about the Gem of Amarra and my muse is working on that ...he has totally not forgotten it!

Glad you enjoyed the chapter!! I hope you like the Disney chapters, too! It's all good from here on out!!

{{HUGS}} -P4S 2010.09.30

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 09/30/2010 - 08:29 pm · For: Every Breath You Take
Hi P4S! Finally back to reading...*whew* RL has been hectic lately.. Dad had a heart catherization and stent placed in his heart and had to stay overnight in ICU. Everythings good now and my internet probs have been resolved too so Yay!

OMG I loved this chappie. Spike told Angel off and told him the truth right to his face. Yup he never did shit until Whistler showed him Buffy...all done to get in her pants IMO, and it's what's going on still in S8 of the frikkin comics...that's why I was so upset with reading about the wanker...except Joss! Buffy is a twit so what can we do? (believe me it's bad.) Anywho this is the perfect Buffy.. er Buffys lol
Loved the Andrew and Spike scenes too. Amazing snark!

So off to read the next chappie. *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI! Glad to hear that your Dad is doing ok now! I wish him a speedy recovery!

Also glad your internet problems have been fixed ... I don't know how you stood it that long! You're a strong, brave woman!

I don't know why Joss had to make Buffy such a twit with regard to Spike ... of course, from what I've heard in interviews, he never even wanted Angel to be that major of a character at first ... so I guess Spike never stood a chance.

I've never read any of the comics ... found fanfic after I watched all the dvd's and never looked further for any other canon stuff after that!

Glad you like our Buffys better than Joss'! Finally, some Buffys that can get in touch with their true selves ... and Spike! That's what we needed all along!

Glad you liked Andrew, too - -- I realized too late that I shouldn't have killed him off in my universe ... oh well - at least I have this one we can visit from time to time!

Thanks so much for sticking with it! Hope RL cuts you some slack and your Dad makes a full recovery!!!

{{hugs}} -P4S 2010.09.30

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 09/17/2010 - 11:14 pm · For: Take Me There
This was a lovely,hot sexy chappie...I luv the way u write the Spuffy lovin' :) And yummmmy chocolaty,whipped cream covered Spike. ;)

I kinda love Dru even tho shes bat shit crazy. Spike cant dust her like B cant dust Angel.Thats just how it is.

Loved it. *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! :D I'm glad you liked the Spuffy lovin'!! A litte fun, a little romance .. a lot of hotness ... that just seems to fit them! :D And yeah, yummmmy Spike ... what could be better than chocolaty, whipped cream covered Spike?!(TWO Spikes is the only thing I can think of !!!)

I really like Dru - such a great character really ... I hated to have to dust her in our universe, but I knew that was the only way to get Spuffy that quickly ... sooooo ... I'm glad I could get both her and Andrew into a story ... :D

Glad you liked it!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!! :D Thanks for coming back to it - I love hearing from you!!
-P4S 2010.09.18

Name: Inwen (Anonymous) · Date: 09/17/2010 - 08:18 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Loved it! such a great addition to your universe. I'm also glad that they finally got to have a nice family vacation. That was awesome. So excited to see what you have in store for us next!

Author's Response: Hi Inwen!! I'm so glad you liked it!! :D {{happy dance}} That was a pretty nice vacation - for both Spuffys!! I'll try to have more soon ... getting ready to move into a new house, so not sure how musey I'll be, but you never know!! Thanks soooo much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!!

{{HUGGGZZ}} -P4S 2010.09.18

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 09/17/2010 - 02:48 am · For: Taking You Home
Damn..Spike always breaks my heart...he just wants to be loved like he loves. Damn you Joss why couldn't you give him that? :
I love your Buffy cause she loves Spike and will do anything for him. I really liked the smashing of the clocks, and Buffys trip into Spikes past.Scary stuff..but she did it.:)
The end was great...loved the chocolate lake ....yummy chocolaty Spike.;) YAY for Spuffy together again.

And where the frilly hell is Mr. Giant Asshole?

Loved it. =)

Author's Response: Hi AMI! I agree... Spike's heart rules him ... and that's really all he ever wants - someone to love him like he loves ... I don't know why Joss wouldn't give us that ... but, that gives us something to fix for him, at least... Glad you like my Buffy ... I like her a lot better than Joss' , that's for sure!! :D Glad you liked the chapter! We'll check in with Mr. Broodypants soon ... my muse got sidetracked by Spuffiness for a while ... not sure how that could've happened!! :D

thanks so much for reading and stopping in here!! I love hearing from you!!

-P4S 2010.09.18

Name: Spuffy6 (Signed) · Date: 09/17/2010 - 01:03 am · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
loved it as usual! :) keep these stories coming, i always look forward to them.

Author's Response: Hi Spuffy6!! Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you stopped in here --- it's great to hear from everyone that's been reading!! I'll be working on some more ... hopefully a little less angsty for a while ... (but you just never know what my muse will want to do!).

Ta ever so for stopping in here!! {{huggs}} -P4S 2010.09.16

Name: Blue Eyes (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 11:24 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Love the ending like the back and forth with the spuffy vacation. As to the eye candie pics oh wow yeah. Which I could have a couple of licks maybe even a suck but no not for me damn it.

Author's Response: Hi Blue Eyes!! Glad you enjoyed their vacations! :D Oh, if we could sell Spike candy, we'd make a million ... well, assuming that we didn't eat it all first! :O

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here!!! I love hearing from you! {{huggs}}

-P4S 2010.09.16

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 10:03 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Such a sweet ending, both Buffy's and Spike's deserved to have their time to love and be loved. Annie worried about her parents until she heard their howls are too funny and precious! But I feel sorry for Snow White, she may not feel like sleeping after that noise. Loved it! Hope your muse is resting too, I'm sure he is ready to make his mark on all of us with his black heart!

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yes, poor Snow White ... she might feel like she just changed into Little Red Riding Hood! My what big teeth you have!

Muse boy is kicking back and having a pint right now ...I'm sure his evil mind is working to figure out what fun to have next, though! I'm gonna try to keep him on the light side for a little while (At least until I can get moved into my new house next month!!) He just smirks at that!! LOL!

Thank you SOO much for reading and reviewing here!! I do LOVE to hear from you, Vette!! Your reviews are always so wonderful and full of insight!

{{hugs}}-P4S 2010.09.16

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 08:26 pm · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
I really liked the ending.

Author's Response: Thanks magnus!! I'm so glad you liked it!! Thanks so much for all your reviews (here and on ef!!) I really love hearing from you, wherever it may be!!

-P4S 2010.09.16

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 07:06 pm · For: Everything is Different Now
Wow...very exciting. I love the trip thru Spike's memories.Poor William..I love Spike cause underneath hes alwaysWilliam. I really cant understand why Spike haters dont get tha.:(
Yay for Illyria knockng out Dru..too bad she did'nt dust her.
Yeah where is the Broody One?

Love R&R at the dentist.:)

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! Well, that makes the dentist a little more bearable!! You're a trooper! :D

Yeah, that's definately the thing that makes Spike such a wonderful character ... he's got the bravado but underneath is always William ...whereas Angel has Liam underneath... :O Most people agreed with you .. they wanted Illyria to dust her ... sorry!

We'll get back to Mr. Broodypants soon ... actually I think it takes another couple of chapters before we find him again ...

Thanks so much for your devotion ...R&Ring at the dentist!! :D

You're the best! -P4S 2010.09.16

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 02:18 pm · For: Destiny
Damn bloody Dru and her friggin thrall. :( Im glad Spike seems to have some glimpses of memory...the bond is strong.
Very exciting fight Im worried for poor Buffy..evil blue eyed muse. Dru staying at the Hyperion and does I mean Angel, know? He probably set it all up.Jerk

Loved the nekkid Spike pic. *drools*
*spanks your evil muse, but I bet he luvs that*

Will read more later.:)

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! Oh, that barmy Dru and her thrall! Can't blame her for wanting her deadly boy back, though ...

Ooooo ... why, yes, I do believe she is staying at the Hyperion ... isn't that a coincidence? Angel will, of course, deny any knowledge of it later ...

I gotta get those nekkid Spike pics in as often as possible... perhaps I should have them move to a nudist colony...excuse me . . .clothing optional resort ... when this is all over! :D

Yes, evil muse does love to be spanked ... whip it, whip it good! :P I think that's why he tortures us so.... there is a little monster in the muse ....

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in to see us, especially on your fone!! You're the best! {{hugs}} -P4S 2010.09.16

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 04:45 am · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Beautiful honeymoon moments for both Buffys and Spikes. I hope these happy moments can last for a while for everyone.

Author's Response: Hi WWW! You and me both!! :D My muse hasn't shared the Gem of Amarra story with me yet, so we'll probably just have some light short stories next ... But my evil blue-eyed-muse-boy is thinking about getting that Gem back... maybe I can talk him into doing something *easy* for them to get it! (I know - take ring, stake Angel ... sing "celebrate', the end)

Thanks SOOOO much for reading and all your comments! I really appreciate them and love hearing from you! {{{super Spike hugs to you!!}}}

-P4S 2010.09.16

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 04:33 am · For: Baby, I Love You
Disney, love that place, it really is a family oriented getaway that both adults and kids enjoy. Sounds like you've been there judging from the description of the cute mickey and minnie ears. Annie describing the sex noises was hilarious, seems like you can't take Spike and Buffy anywhere that they don't make themselves heard. Really enjoyed reading this chapter.

Author's Response: Hi Vette!! I may have been to Disney a time or two in my life! :O

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and got a kick out of Annie's descriptions of Spuffy sounds! :D You just can't take those two anywhere!

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!!

-P4S 2010.09.16

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 03:41 am · For: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River
Loved the punch line. Annie is adorable. Wonder when they'll figure out about Angel and Tara. And if Angel is gone, who's going to pay his credit card bill? Dum, dum Dum! Love it. Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi BuffyRat!! My muse has been un-sharey regarding who knows about Angel other than Tara ... and possilby Andrew (from the button cam) ... but he's not even confirmed that to me ... ??? I guess one day, he'll let me know! Hopefully, Angel had some paperwork prepared so Wes (and Illyiria?) can take over operation of AI ... and get stuck with that credit card bill!! :O That may send him right back into the hospital!

Will try to post some more when I can ... right now, I'm getting ready to move to a new house (can you hear the screaming? That would be me, not Buffy! and not in a good way! :P ), so I'm not sure when I will have more, but there will be more, I assure you!!

Thanks SOOO much for reading and stopping in here so regularly!! We love hearing from you ... {{{{Spike hugs comin' your way!!}}}

-P4S 2010.09.15

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 09/16/2010 - 01:26 am · For: Shades of Grey
YAY!! Rome!Spike Shanshued..FUCK YOU ANGEL! LOL..
Poor Buffy ,shes so desperate to find her Spike and that insane wench Dru has him.:) I dont even wanna know what she has planned for Spike ...and Mr Broodypire prob had something to do with it too.

Go find him Buffy and kick Dru's ass.

Loved it...(still R&R on my fone) *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! Oh, Buffy wanted to get to Spike so badly and make sure he was ok ... and now Dru has him! That''s bad news, for sure! I know that Spike thinks that Angel is definately involved in Dru showing up .... although Angel will, of course, deny it...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing ... especially on your fone!! I love hearing from you ... you know that!! :D

-P4S 2010.09.15

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 09/15/2010 - 08:29 pm · For: Baby, I Love You
A happy chapter, and an amusing one.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! After all they've been through, they need a little happy! :D Glad you enjoyed it!! I love hearing from you!! Will have more soon! -P4S 2010.09.15

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 09/15/2010 - 05:42 pm · For: Baby, I Love You
Spike in Mickey ears brought tears to my eyes...tears of insane laughter. The sex conversation was hilarious. Poor Spike, Buffy, and Giles for having to suffer through the embarrassment. Good of Spike to concur about the buffalo wings and blooming onions, but he might get in so much trouble when Anya finds out that doesn't work. Very sweet of Buffy to renew her vows and give Spike a new ring.

Now I wonder, does that charge on Angel's credit card effect this demension's Angel Investigations or the other ones. Because Cordelia and Gunn might show up to have something to say about it if it is this one's.

Author's Response: Hi westwingwolf!! :D I'm glad I had you in tears of laughter!! LOL! How cute would Spike be in Mickey ears?!! How mad would he be about it!? LOL! I think Xander will definately owe him big time ... he better watch out for Anya if she still has any vengence demon friends -- - he could be in big trouble! :O

Cordy and Gunn may show up ... not sure if they would know *who* made the charges, though ... just thought the card was stolen maybe ... or, if they still don't know where Angel is, maybe they'll think it's him!! LOL! Angel as Disneyland ... oh, that brings me to tears of laughter ...

I haven't forgotten your email .... hope the next chapter will bring closure to that issue ...

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here - you always have wonderful insights! :D

-P4S 2010.09.15

Name: Bridget (Anonymous) · Date: 09/15/2010 - 03:24 am · For: Baby, I Love You
i love the Weckerly family and their extended family. I enjoyed everyones reaction to Annie's question and how it devolved into silliness. At least Giles was there to give Annie the answer she needed. I wish that Joss has the foresight to see that Buffy and Spike could have been so much more. That is why I love fanfiction. There are so many talented writers who get it. I have told you how much I enjoy your universe. Your writing is fantastic and the characters are true to the tv show but they are not as limited as they were in the show. Looking forward to their next adventure.moreThe writing in

Author's Response: Hi Bridget! Thanks so much for your note! I'm so glad that you're enjoying this universe! :D I like it much better than Joss' ... {{sigh}} oh, to have happy Spuffy on the show would've been so great ... on HBO would've been even better! :O

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here!! We really do love hearing from you!

-P4S 2010.09.15

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 09/15/2010 - 02:12 am · For: Baby, I Love You
Loved Annie's concern. She had one hell of a story! Poor Giles. Love their vacation, too. Sounds like a good way to go and enjoy being alive. :) Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi BuffyRat! OH-OH, UH-UH! LOL! How can I get in on that 'game' with Spike? Yes, poor Giles ... will Buffy ever be older than 15 for him? :D

Glad you enjoyed it ... will have more soon!

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!

-P4S 2010.09.15

Name: Nova (Anonymous) · Date: 09/15/2010 - 02:04 am · For: Baby, I Love You
so sweet, looking foward to more disney fun, and spuffy hijinks :) ;)

Author's Response: Hi Nova ... Glad you enjoyed it!! There will definately be some hijinks coming up soon!! :D

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!
-P4S 2010.09.14

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