Name: Calliss (Signed) · Date: 05/16/2015 - 02:19 pm · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse

I want so much more of this. To know what happens onward and when they get older.


this was so beautifull, I sheed a tear on several ocations.


gotta be the Best Universe I ever read, Well done..

Name: I_T (Anonymous) · Date: 01/16/2012 - 02:42 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
Just read the whole fic over the last three days - now to get back to course readings! *groan*

I loved it, just as I've loved all your other fics in the 'verse. I was really afraid for a while after Buffy returned that Rack had her caught in a dream-world, but it seems I was wrong about that - thank goodness!

I would like to see Wanda honoured by having her name as a second name for the new babe. First name would work, too. I noticed a discussion in the reviews that Avengelyn was Spike's name for Buffy, but it could be shortened to Ave (pronounced Avi - or even spell it Avi). It could be a way of honouring Buffy's sacrifices. Besides, there's no better way to 'avenge' Hallie's wish than Buffy getting pregnant with William's child! *bwaahaahaa!*

Thanks for sharing your creations. You'll never know how sane you keep some of us mere mortals by giving us a place to escape to once in a while!


Author's Response: Hi I_T!! Thank you so much for stopping in here! I'm so happy you've enjoyed the story! There is another part posted (Can't Buy Me Love) which isn't yet complete, but is close, just in case you need further distraction. I'm glad to offer an escape for your sanity - writing them is my escape, as well (although some people I know may disagree with my assertion of sanity!). heehee! Thanks soooo very much for reading the whole story - it's gotten so long ... much longer than I ever imagined when I began, and I'm honored that new people continue to discover it and enjoy it! The baby's name was decided via votes from readers a while back when this was first posted. Thanks again!! -p4s 2012.01.15

Name: carrot (Anonymous) · Date: 07/09/2011 - 10:44 am · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2
I wonder is ring on the chain is your manipulation or it always been there and I never noticed

Author's Response: Hi, No, I didn't manip it ... I think it's always been there ... I hadn't even noticed it until you mentioned it. -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: carrot (Anonymous) · Date: 07/07/2011 - 07:13 pm · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
I like Nevaeh. Phoenix is strong and beautiful name but how can you shorten it?

Author's Response: Hi carrot! Thanks for the votes ... I really like Phoenix too, but yeah, hard to pull a nickname out of it .. Phe maybe? Thanks so much for stopping in and voting on the names. Will try to have a new story soon so we can find out the name of the baby! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/06/2011 - 09:17 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
The above names all sound good, your muse is going to have a hard time picking a name. I love the fact that this baby girl is their reward for over-coming Hallie's wish.
Other name suggestions... (Fire names)

Suggested names meaning "Fate"

Suggested names meaning "Conquest"

Well that's all I have, good luck!

Author's Response: Hi Vette!! You already gave me so many great names --- thanks so much for them all! Ooooo - I love Seraphina! That's so pretty! You're determined to make this extra hard on my muse, aren't you? Thanks so much for all the suggestions! {{hugs}} -p4s 7/15/11

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/06/2011 - 08:21 am · For: Follow Your Heart
Sad about Bess, that bit of news was more torturous for Spike than what hell put him through. Glad that they had news on what happened to her, no news is worse over knowing the truth to a tragedy. Nice ending with Buffy enjoying the family she fought so hard for. Gives your muse a hug.

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Thanks for the hug ... after so many death glares and threats ... he loves getting hugs in the end! Yay! (Of course, he liked that spanking you gave him before too ... he's such a devil!) Glad you enjoyed the ending ... will try to have a new story soon ... and try to figure out the baby's name! {{hugs}} -P4S 7/15/11

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/06/2011 - 07:59 am · For: Wild Angels
The memories of hell that Spike has are terrible, can Buffy give him her memories of heaven to ease his torment? Anyway, the twins apparently can communicate telephathically, that might come in handy in the future. Can they share each other's physical sensations with an open bond? Some twins seem to have that uncanny ability to know when the other is hurt. Buffy's pregnancy seems to be one that will be unique of her other previous ones according to her feelings of well-being and lack of fear, could it be because human William impregnated her instead of turned Spike? It is fun to read about the twins and Annie, let's have more point's of view from them. Perhaps a special moment celebrated (twins official birthday) they can each look around them and give their account of how they perceive their lives and the roles they have within their family...does Annie feel like her special ability toward languages be used for future research? Will she learn demon languages as well as human? Will Billie be a watcher in training? He is bookish and a thinker, so maybe he can start accumulating his very own library in his room, not just human folklore but demon as well. Dani is through and through a little warrior princess, how she comforted her brother and assured him that the noises he over-heard were not anything but a game his parents played was adorable and quite telling of her verocious need to protect her sibling. Look forward to more, the name brain-storming is fun, already put in my two cents worth and will wait and see what you and your muse decide to use.

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Be careful what you wish for ... got lots more with the kids in the next story already ... I hope it doesn't turn out to be boring to everyone!! You'd tell me, right? Just say .. 'ok, enough of the kids!' LOL! I'll get it! Good question on the feeling physical sensations on the twins ... we'll have to find that out later. I'm glad Dani's coming across as the protector ... she definately is that. Billy ... hmmm, could be a Watcher in training, we'll have to see on that. And Annie will definately go into a field working with languages ... perhaps not demon to start with, that may come later. Maybe later I'll try a chapter strictly from the kid's POV ... Christmas maybe when everyone is there... unless you tell me before that to nix it! heehee! I've got a few chapters written on the next story, LOTS more interaction with the kids in there. Hopefully I can get them beta'd (and make sure I can get them out of the trouble they get in) and start posting soon. Thanks so much for all your wonderful name suggestions and your thoughtful and insightful reviews! I love them. My blue-eyed muse sends you a big, sloppy kiss!! {{hugs}} -p4s 7/15/11

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 07/06/2011 - 05:37 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
So, the twins have a bond, and Bess was a slayer who disappears out of the record books. That's gonna come back to them. And I do hope that Buffy calms down about the counseling, may actually do her some good. Glad we got to a reasonably happy place. Thanks for sharing. Ready for the next installment whenever you are!

Author's Response: HI BuffyRat! My muse just wouldn't let it go 100% happy, had to get that last bit of angst in there right up to the end. You're quite right about the Bess situtaion coming back into the story later ... in fact, quite soon. Will try to have the next story soon, been working on it. Thanks so much for reading and stopping in! Love hearing from you! -p4s 7/15/11

Name: Spuffy6 (Signed) · Date: 07/05/2011 - 03:39 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
MacKenzie is a great name.
Although i love the name Anastashia, i think its too close to Annie, might get confusing if you shorten it with a nickname.

Emily has always been a favorite girls name for me, so im gonna suggest that one too! :)

loved how you finished this story out. it was so sad and i couldnt wait to see how you fixed everything. great job! i love that Buffy is pregnant again :)

Author's Response: Hi Spuffy6! I really like MacKenzie too ... I'm leaning really hard towards that name. I like Emily as well ... it's a fav girls name of mine .. .although I like the French version of it even better. Glad you enjoyed the story and that Buffy's prego again! I really hadn't planned on that when I started writing this ... I actually hoped to be past having to write things to do with babies, but my muse, obviously, had other ideas! Thanks so much for the votes and reading and stopping in! Love hearing from you! Will try to have more soon! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: Inwen (Signed) · Date: 07/04/2011 - 11:48 pm · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
I like these ones, but I also really like Valeria (strength and valor) and Marcella (female warrior, and can also be shortened to Marcy...meaning and function ;) )

Great job with the story, loved it all. The pain, the heart break and the whole family reunited, but fast forwarded. Awesome. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi Inwen! Oh, Valeria is a lovely name ... wow, so many great names, it's gonna be sooooo hard to choose! Glad you enjoyed the story, pain and all! Thanks so much for reading and stopping in and the name suggestions! Will try to have a new story soon! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: Catrine (Anonymous) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 10:12 am · For: Follow Your Heart
A perfect ending to a wonderful story. I just love this series. Even with all the angst this story had, I still knew that the love between Buffy and Spike would prevail. I feel this story revealed even more of the depths of these characters,for instance Buffy ability to kill a human being. You have made this characters so much more than what they were on the screen, made them what they could have been given the right circumstances. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of their lives (but I really hope it won't be as angsty;) )

Author's Response: Hi Catrine! Well, I can assure you that I don't think any future story will be as angsty as this one ... I honestly don't think my muse could top this one for angst. But, I've thought that before! :O I'm so glad you've enjoyed my universe and our Spuffy family as much as I've enjoyed creating it and giving these characters a chance to shine together that they never got in canon. Will try to have a new story soon! Thanks again for reading and stopping in! Love hearing from you! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 10:06 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
When you first asked for names I thought about Avengelyne. I like that name, but that is what Buffy was called so it feels a bit wrong, but I want something like that. Then I rememberd some historical romance books my mother had. The main character was named Angelique and that could be a good name but I don't know which other names could work with that. Anyway the writer of these books was Anne Golon (thanks google) if you want to check it out.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! I really like Avengelyne as a name, but you're right, I think Spike would think of Avengelyne always as Buffy now that probably won't work, at least as a first name. Angelique is a lovely name, though! Very pretty! I'll chect out those books ... gotta love historical romance! :) Thanks so much for the suggestion! And, I know I always say this, but I always mean it .... THANK YOU for stopping in EVERY SINGLE TIME... you have NO IDEA how much it means to writers to get feedback. It's really priceless!! Thank you! Will try to have a new story soon! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 09:44 am · For: Follow Your Heart
First some hot sex, the predator part felt good, then they met the guardien angel again to hear about what happend to the children. It was both good and sad, but that's life. This has as always been an excellent story with much angst, but that makes the happines that follows that much greater.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! Yeah, my muse just couldn't leave even one chapter angst free in this story ... Glad you enjoyed it though, even with the angst in the middle there. I could just see their souls as big cats racing across the savannah ... graceful and elegant and deadly. One of these days I'm gonna run out of methaphors for that high ... that feeling of freedom ... I guess I'll just start over then, re-use them ... heehee! Thanks again for reading and stopping in! Glad you enjoyed the story!! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: A (Anonymous) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 04:49 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the vote! I really like that name, too!!! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: rkm (Anonymous) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 03:24 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
WOW! so very, very glad wanda visited buffy and spike - they both needed to know about their children. and to hear that bess became a slayer ... and was then turned and then had to be dusted - so very, very sad and heartbreaking for our warrior couple.

and i'm so glad we learn that it was wanda's wonderful intervention that had buffy visiting william in 1890.

this ended on such a hopeful note; i'm not pushing for more soon, but will enjoy when the next installment is posted ...

this was quite an interesting ride!

Author's Response: Hi rkm!! Yeah, I was happy that it was Wanda that got Buffy out of Rack's grip and took her where she needed to be ... she's a good guardian angel, I hope she doesn't get in trouble for that and lose her wings! Thanks sooo much for reading and stopping in ... I'm gonna try to have a new story soon! It won't be nearly as angsty ... but of course, my muse can't do a story without angst. Thanks again for reading! Love hearing from you! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 07/03/2011 - 01:14 am · For: A note from P4S and 'Blue-boy', her blue-eyed muse
Ellen (Hebrew for light)
Elena (Spanish for the bight one)

Author's Response: Thank you for the names! Lovely!! I'll add them to my idea list! -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 06/30/2011 - 01:08 pm · For: Wild Angels
More reconnection, good and we got to hear about Spikes time in hell, poor him.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! There were a lot of chapters at the end here with them reconnecting ... but I think it needed to all be done, so I hope it wasn't too much. I hope neither of them have to face that hell dimension again ... it sounded quite hellish! Thanks and {{hugs}} -p4s 2011.07.15

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 06/27/2011 - 08:47 am · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2
Gets in line dressed as wonder woman to lash your muse with her lasso of truth! Heehee! So Buffy had red hair when she stepped on the butterfly in the past so her baby will have red hair and green eyes! Very interesting! Buffy wandered lost for five years and ultimately had her prayers answered. So my suggestions to name the baby girl are as follows…
Wanda Eliana Weckerly - (Wanderer, Gods Savior Weckerly)
Dawn Aveline Weckerly – (New Day, Wished For Weckerly)
Shiloh Vanessa Weckerly – (New Beginning, Butterfly Weckerly)
Scarlet Shanley Weckerly – (Red, Child of The Hero Weckerly)
Nikki Xin Rong Weckerly – (Victory, Beautiful Martial Weckerly)
Anastashia Mackenzie Weckerly – (Resurrection, Born of Fire Weckerly
Well, hope that your muse will consider these suggested names, ties him up with the lasso of truth to play truth or dare.

Author's Response: I will definately add those to the list of names ... if you come up with more at the end of the story, LMK ... I'm gonna say now that naming one Dawn may get confusing, so that probably won't happen for a first name... I do really like Mackenzie however! I was also thinking about Phoenix, can that be a girl's name? Hmmm ... great suggestions, those will provide lots of fodder for my Blue Eyed muse ... Thanks! Oh ... he loves the lasso idea but not so much the lasso of truth ... heehee! He swears to me he didn't blab to you about the future plot .... I don't knooow.... {{hugs}}} -p4s

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 06/27/2011 - 06:15 am · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 1
Did William get Buffy pregnant? If so, then it should be fitting that out of all the misery and loneliness that Buffy and Spike have endured that something good come out of it like a baby that never would have been if not for how the timeline got changed. It was good that Buffy revealed to the Scooby’s all that she endured, it makes it more explainable as to her over-reaction to Faith. The scythe in this timeline has magical healing powers which I like and who have to say that in this new timeline that whatever magic’s it has to super-power the potentials, that it only does it on a temporary basis when evil out-balances the good in the world. That way, the potentials can be trained and “on call” as they may be needed and returned to normal strength once the evil has been kept at bay. Or even harness the combined strengths of the potentials to roll them all into Faith and Buffy like the spell used on the episode “Primeval” to super-power Buffy to defeat Adam on the TV series. Rupert is going to be a papa! The Scooby’s are growing exponentially and that is a good thing! Still, Dawn is a missing piece of the puzzle and can only hope that she is happy in another dimension. If the theme “hearts desire” is to be followed, then Anya could also use her own wish to improve their lives monetarily. Who knows if Buffy invented scrunchies in this new timeline and Anya is to be her CEO in running that enterprise. Your muse is writing this verse like a chess player with all the complex scenarios and strategies that make it unpredictable, which I like! Wraps up a suggestion box to fill with outrageous ideas to gift to your muse. First suggestion, is to have Anya invent the female finger vibe! He is naughty enough to research this idea to death! *Wears Glazed expression thinking of him being the little researcher rivaling Giles in that department!*

Author's Response: Damn my muse and his big mouth! I'm telling ya, he's getting waaaay to predictable ... you guys keep guessing my plots! I won't tell you which bit you guessed right, though ... but damn! You'll know when you see it ... it won't be until the next story arc. Ok ... rant over ... definately need some punishment for my loose-lipped muse! hmmmmmm .... {{heeehee!}}

Interesting theory on the scythe working differently in this world with the Slayers/Potentials ... I'll pass that idea on to Blue Boy and let him knock that around a bit... I haven't forgotten about Dawn in the other dimension and I'm pretty sure my muse has a trip planned there in the future to see how she's doing ... maybe she can come for a visit, assuming she's the 'good Dawn' that Buffy met in the 'wish-world' and not the brat from the Evil Joss dimension....

LOL! Female Finger Vibe ... yep, Anya would research that one for sure, pretty sure Buffy and Spike would help, too ... heehee! I'll defnately pass that idea on, too!! Right now ... @_@ heehee!

Thanks, as always, for your insightful and idea filled reviews! Even if you have already guessed at least *one* future plot line ... {{sigh}} -p4s 2011.06.27

Name: rkm (Anonymous) · Date: 06/26/2011 - 02:32 pm · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2
and now the scoobies are in the know. i'm still kinda on the fence about then possible plan of removing the magic - i can see both sides. hmmm. but LOVE the idea of buffy's pregnancy and how it occured.


Author's Response: Hi rkm ... putting the magic back in the scythe is a tough question ... I think both Slayers had valid points. I hope they made the right decision ... I honestly don't know yet, but I'm sure we'll find out one day. Thanks so much for reading and stopping in! Glad you like the pregnancy! -p4s 2011.06.27

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 06/26/2011 - 01:42 pm · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2
I had forgotten that I thought about her being pregnant in earlier chapters than the previous one, that must mean that I am double right :)

Author's Response: Yes ... you are DOUBLE RIGHT .. I still think my muse has been blabbing! heehee! {{hugs}} -p4s

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 06/26/2011 - 01:27 pm · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 1
Poor Buffy of course she would be scared of her bearthday. I loved Buffys reactiom to Taras pregnancy. It also seems like Buffy is pregnant again, but could William be the father? Buffy has become a lot harder during the five years. She needs to learn to control herself.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus ... yes, sick Buffy = preggers Buffy .... that's a pretty good clue, but you did predict a pregancy WAAAAYYY back at the beginning. I was like SHOOT! how did he know that!? {{heehee}} Yes, Buffy definately needs to chill a bit ... but I'd imagine it's hard after what she's been through. I'm sure Spike will help her with that ... and Giles will have some ideas for her, too ... Thanks so much for reading and stopping in every time! Love hearing from you, even if you do predict my plot way in advance ... :) -p4s 2011.06.27

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 06/26/2011 - 05:04 am · For: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2
That's a lot of babies they have going on right now! Glad she finally got all the angst off her chest. It will be better when the world isn't surprised by her memory loss. Also got to say I'm glad that Spike is all proud and not jealous of William knocking up his lady. More to come is always a good thing. Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi BuffyRat! A lot of babies and bunch of kids! Geez! I had no idea when I started this story that Buffy would get preggers again (I did plan on Tara, but not Buffy)... my muse has a habit of keeping me in the dark until he types it on the darn computer screen! Nahhh, I don't think Spike would be jealous ... I mean, he remembers it, so, he'd be cool with that. Thanks so much for reading and stopping in! Will have more, hopefully soon! -p4s 2011.06.27

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 06/25/2011 - 05:21 am · For: It’s a Small World
Heaven or Hell no one can tell whether Buffy or Spike will end up crazy or lost its a coin toss to your evil yet seductive muse. Your muse's Jekyl and Hyde ride has my head spinning, just when your readers start getting a happy with the Spuffy lovin'...Wham! Here comes the pain! So now that Spike's memories flooded back, did Buffy's from the past 5 years return too? I mean, I kinda miss reading about the twin babies and their wonderment at the world and their extended family. The mission for your muse should he decide to accept, is to spell out to us what happened to the victorian kids for Buffy to be at peace with their well-being. Looks toward your muse in anticipation unable to resist his most sinister attraction!

Author's Response: Heya Vette ... oh, my muse loves to keep you on your toes ... can't be too happy, can we? He loves to toss more pain and anguish into the pie just to spice it up!

No, Buffy didn't get the memories back from the 5 lost years ... and I'll do a true confessions and tell you why: 'Cos I don't do babies well! argh! and BB (my dear, blue boy muse) comes in and gets her preggers again! You cannot be serious! Actually, what this will do will allow me to fill in the blanks over time, so I don't have to think up everything all at once ... I will try to do that little by little so we don't completely miss everything that happened. Now, as for the Victorian kids ... there will be more info on them coming up *and* even more in future story arcs, so don't worry about that ... they will not be forgotten. I may even bring in some of their decendants at some point, BB hasn't really shared his plan on that with me yet.

"Sinister attraction" ooooooo .... that got a smirk out of him! heehee! Thanks so much!! {hugs} -p4s 2011.06.27

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 06/25/2011 - 04:38 am · For: You Save Me
Wow! Talk about rough foreplay, Buffy nearly dusts Spike into an ashtray. The day to day talk about life, fianances, family and friends while intimate is really good writing, reality even though your muse makes it tough makes it good reading. On to the next chapter! Tosses your muse an "air kiss" for the comedic romance.

Author's Response: LOL! Poor Buffy .... poor Spike! They are 'human' after all! :D Ooooooooooo .... Blue Boy catches that air kiss right on the lips and tosses one back! :) Thanks much! Glad you're liking it! -p4s 2011.06.27

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