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Summary: AU. Buffy was never called as a Slayer. On a summer road trip, she gets taken prisoner by Sunnydale's Master Vampire, Spike. Her emprisonment changes not only her life but flips Spike's world upside down. Warning: Earlier chapters contain BDSM and sex that's on the verge of non-consentual.
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1. Chapter One- A Whole New World by Aurora [Reviews - 9] Liked (5237 words)

2. Chapter Two- Things Change by Aurora [Reviews - 3] (2334 words)

3. Chapter Three-Decisions by Aurora [Reviews - 4] (4436 words)

4. Chapter Four -New Wardrobe by Aurora [Reviews - 5] (4332 words)

5. Chapter Five- Revelations by Aurora [Reviews - 3] (3649 words)

6. Chapter Six- A Vampire's Layers by Aurora [Reviews - 4] (3248 words)

7. Chapter Seven- A Night Out by Aurora [Reviews - 5] (3666 words)

8. Chapter Eight- Aftermath by Aurora [Reviews - 4] (2850 words)

9. Chapter Nine-Unraveling by Aurora [Reviews - 13] (3743 words)

10. Chapter Ten-Some Things Never Change by Aurora [Reviews - 13] (4332 words)

11. Chapter Eleven-Hesitation by Aurora [Reviews - 9] (4411 words)

12. Chapter Twelve-You Always Hurt the Ones You Love by Aurora [Reviews - 14] (4097 words)

13. Chapter Thirteen-Et Tu, Damon? by Aurora [Reviews - 12] (2903 words)

14. Chapter Fourteen-He's Gone by Aurora [Reviews - 15] (4087 words)
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15. Chapter Fifteen-Whisper to a Scream by Aurora [Reviews - 12] (3923 words)
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P.S Spike get's tortured in this chapter so beware if you're schweemish.

16. Chapter Sixteen-Cassette Tapes and Flying Fur by Aurora [Reviews - 17] (4697 words)
Hello readers. Thx for all the support and reviews. They're very much appreciated. Just wanted to thank everyone who loved the last chapter even if it was a bit dark and morbid. And again sorry to the schweemish but I figured if you're reading this story and have gotten this far, you could definitely stomach a bit of torture. So like before, there is some graphic yuckiness in this chapter, so beware!

17. Chapter Seventeen-Don't Let Him Hurt the Girl by Aurora [Reviews - 22] (5864 words)
Hello gentle readers. I would just like to thank everyone for their wonderful support and the great reviews that've been posted. Just warms the heart. Okay so here's the sitch, this chapter deals with some iffy issues, so here it goes. !!WARNING!!:This chapter contains attempted rape. So if it bothers you, please don't read it anyway and then post a flame. Yet again I say that if you're reading this story, you're not looking for warm fuzzies. Thnx again and I hope you enjoy!

18. Chapter Eighteen-Reunited by Aurora [Reviews - 16] (4290 words)
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19. Chapter Nineteen- And It Feels So Good by Aurora [Reviews - 18] (4354 words)
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20. Chapter Twenty-You Won't Get to See the Tears I Cry by Aurora [Reviews - 15] Liked (3712 words)
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21. Chapter Twenty-One- Preparation...Preparation...Preparation by Aurora [Reviews - 18] Liked (3884 words)
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22. Chapter Twenty-Two-If You Were Meant To Be My Lover I Wouldn't Have To by Aurora [Reviews - 24] Liked (2593 words)
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23. Chapter Twenty-Three-Showdown by Aurora [Reviews - 17] Liked (5345 words)
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24. Chapter Twenty-Four- Spill My Heart for You by Aurora [Reviews - 20] Liked (3880 words)
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25. Chapter Twenty-Five- Pleasant Surprises by Aurora [Reviews - 25] Liked (3646 words)
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26. Chapter Twenty-Six- If I Lose You, My Heart Will Be Broken by Aurora [Reviews - 21] Liked (3533 words)
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27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sins of the Past by Aurora [Reviews - 22] Liked (4206 words)
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28. Chapter Twenty-Eight-Seeking Solace by Aurora [Reviews - 13] Liked (4206 words)
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29. Chapter Twenty-Nine-Games by Aurora [Reviews - 16] Liked (5684 words)
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30. Chapter Thirty-Never Leave Me by Aurora [Reviews - 12] Liked (5210 words)
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31. Chapter Thirty-Save Your Scissors for Someone Else's Skin by Aurora [Reviews - 17] Liked (4233 words)
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32. Chapter Thirty Two- The Sound of Marching Feet by Aurora [Reviews - 18] Liked (5792 words)
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33. Chapter Thirty-Three: Just Out of Reach by Aurora [Reviews - 19] Liked (4868 words)
Hello to anyone who is still reading this. It had been over a year since I've updated which is pretty inexcusable but my motivation and creative drive for this fic entered a comatose state over the course of the past year (you can thank uni and a very busy summer for that). I can't promise a quick follow up but I'll do my best. I'm adding a recap before the chapter because I don't expect anyone to remember what happened previously not do I expect people to reread previous chapters. I would like to thank those of you who left me reviews and emails letting me know you were still interested. I really gave me the kick I needed.