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Been a huge fan of Buffy since its humble beginings. Love reading and writing Spuffy, though this is really the first time I've been brave enough to actually show it to the world. I've attached my site link. It's not much, nothing fancy, just a place for me to post my work. Thnx to anyone who reviews. It's greatly appreciated.

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Stories by Aurora

A Not So Blue Christmas by Aurora

Rated: 15 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: A holiday fic. Takes place directly after “Into the Woods”. After the emotionally strenuous experiences of her mother’s life saving surgery and her recent break up with Riley, a jaded Buffy reluctantly finds herself having to take on yet another burden of organizing Christmas for her family. When she feels about ready to give up completely on the holidays, a surprising helping hand comes in the form of one William the Bloody.

Master by Aurora

Rated: NC-17 • 458 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU. Buffy was never called as a Slayer. On a summer road trip, she gets taken prisoner by Sunnydale's Master Vampire, Spike. Her emprisonment changes not only her life but flips Spike's world upside down. Warning: Earlier chapters contain BDSM and sex that's on the verge of non-consentual.

Out of the Shadows by Aurora

Rated: 18 • 88 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if Buffy had been infected with the demon mist at the end of the episode 'Get It Done'? The story uses the possession as a catalyst, making Buffy evaluate many aspects of her life, one of which being her relationship with Spike. *The way Season Seven should have gone!!!