Summary: Buffy finds out Spike is alive and that something big is going down in LA She shows up to help out and confront a certain blonde vampire. She finds out about the Shanshu and helps deal with the after math of the destroying the Circle of the Black Thorn and the pissed off senior partners.

.:: Cookie Dough is Overrated ::.

by Chelsea ::.

{Los Angeles – Hole in the wall bar}

Spike sat in a bar on waiting until it was time. He wondered why he hadn’t let Buffy know he was alive. He felt stupid after returning with Angel from Rome and never even saying hello. Just because they would never be together didn’t mean he couldn’t just see her and the niblet. And he also wondered why the hell he had thought he could move on.

:: ~ :: ~ ::

{Los Angeles – The Alley}

Buffy was pissed. The last time she was this upset 43 vampires were dust in less than 27 minutes. She grabbed the scythe from the floor of the van and hopped out. She ran into the alley where thousands of demons were headed towards two vampires, a black guy, and a blue former god.

She hears the voice she had been waiting to hear for over a year.

"In terms of a plan?" the blonde vampire asks.

"We fight," the other vampire replies.

"Bit more specific," her vampire adds.

"Well, personally I kind of want to slay the dragon…Let’s go to work..."

The four of them step up to fight. Buffy runs forward and pushes between a surprised Charles Gunn and Spike. She turns towards the latter.

"We are so having a conversation, Mister!"

"Buffy?" he whispers.

"Miss me, luv?" she say’s in a perfect mimic of his voice. They both turn to the sound of a loud roar. "Okay...fight now and talk later." She gives him a quick peck on the lips and runs straight into the fight.

A shook up Spike grins and follows the woman he never thought he would see again into the fight.

:: ~ :: ~ ::

The battle waged on for over an hour, before the rest of the Scooby’s and Slayer’s made there way from the other end of the alley towards Angel’s gang and Buffy.

Illyria’s hand punched through the last demon and as he fell to the ground everyone let out a breath and fell to the ground exhausted. Buffy looked around and cringed. She had lost three more slayers and also saw the body of the man she guessed was Charles Gunn. She heard Willow chanting and the bodies of the demons dissolved before her eyes.

Buffy slowly crawled over to Spike and began to check him for injuries. He seemed relatively okay, just battered and bruised a bit. Angel stood up and looked at the carnage around him.

"We can all go back to my hotel and get fixed up," Angel finally said. The group of people finally began to rise and help the ones around him that couldn’t do it on their own.

"Great trick there, Red," Spike said as he looked over at her referring to the disappearance of the demon bodies.

"Thanks. Good to have you back," she said and then she was off to help Kennedy.

"Angel? I wish for more violence. I still feel this…grief," Illyria said.

"It will lessen…with time. And I’m sure there will be more violence for you soon."

"You have turned human since I was last in your presence," she said as she cocked her head to the side. Everyone turned and looked at Angel when she said this.

"How?" Buffy asked in awe. Spike saddened at this. It looked like she had actually come for him. But, he should have known that now Angel was human, he wouldn’t be able to compete. Loves bitch, again.

"Shanshu prophecy. It’s my reward."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Come on girls let’s head inside the hotel," Buffy finally said as she helped Spike inside.

:: ~ :: ~ ::

{Los Angeles – The Hyperion Hotel}

Buffy and Spike were in one of the many hotel rooms, just sitting next to each other on the bed.

"Why?" she asked.

"I thought you would be better off not knowing I was back. Andrew said you had moved on and I should too," he answered quietly.

"No, I mean why didn’t you believe me?" She looked at Spike and saw he was confused. "Why didn’t you believe I loved you?"

"I did, Buffy. I knew you did along time before that. But, if I told you that, I know you would have stayed. I needed you to get out of there so you could have a life, kitten."


"So you and the Immortal. Your taste in men has seriously declined since me." She chuckled then suddenly looked up.

"I’m not dating the Immortal."

"Pet, don’t lie. I saw the two of you dancing and Andrew said you cuddle on the couch a lot." Buffy laughed.

"I danced and cuddled with Xander…That didn’t mean we were boinking."

"That’s an image I don’t need luv."

"I was friends with him, but we haven’t seen as much of each other in the last few weeks. He got mad, because he thought with time I would be in his bed and he was also pissed that I couldn’t get over you."

"Oh. Well, that ‘s good. Let’s head down and get some food."


Twenty minutes later Spike and Buffy where in the kitchen talking and eating with the people who were well enough. Angel walked in and everyone was silent. He must have been really happy to be human again.

Buffy walked over and hugged Angel. Spike felt his heart drop…again.

"I’m really happy for you Angel. I hope you can find someone to spend your life with," she said hoping he got the message that that someone wasn’t her. She began to walk back to Spike, who looked lost.

"Buffy? What about the cookie dough?" Angel asks.

"Cookie dough is so overrated," she says while looking at him apologetically. She looked back to Spike as she headed towards him.. He was grinning. She’s actually picking me over the poof and he’s human! Spike thought.

So then he leaned and kissed her with everything he had.

:: ~ :: ~ ::


:: ~ :: ~ ::

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