Guardian Angel by Lolita

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Chapter 1

The dim, street was completely deserted,
apart from the tiny blond that was making
her way to the diner her friend Alyssa, had
wanted to meet her at. The sound of her
heals clanking on the sidewalk echoed in
her ears. She pulled her coat tighter around
her to keep out the chill of the cold, October
night. She had been walking for what seemed
like hours to her, but it had only been about
30 minutes.

Her hair was long and golden, and the light
from the moon made it look almost silver as
it cascaded down the back of her expensive,
labeled coat. Her hazel eyes glittered like
frozen glass, her skin was pale and her lips
were red and full, glistening from her strawberry
flavored lip gloss.

A casual observer never would have guessed
the weight that was on that tiny blonde’s
shoulders. It didn’t seem obvious, but this
girl was no ordinary girl. This was someone
special, a chosen special. Not a chosen one…
The chosen one. She was the longest living
chosen one, since the beginning of it all.

You may have heard of her, but then again,
maybe not. You may be one like her, a
chosen one. But it’s possible you don’t even
know of the things that go bump in the night.
She does. And she doesn’t fear them. She
loathes them; she is destined to fight them.
And she never looses. Never.

You can’t really say that she lost when it
came to… him! Just because she
didn’t kill him, didn’t mean she lost… I’d
say she gained something else instead.

And neither did he loose when it came
to her. Except for his life… or unlife, if
you prefer it that way. He lost it willingly,
though. Knowing it would save her, save
the world. Knowing where it would take
him, and that he would have to face the
consequences of all the things he’d done.
And he faced them with his head held high,
and with something else too. Because,
you see, when he lost his life, he gained
something else in return… something that
meant the world to him.


Only… *the asshole didn’t believe me!!!*

It wasn’t uncommon for her thoughts to
wonder off and think about him!
Actually it happened quite often lately!
But she didn’t mind. She had been living
with only the memory of him for
the past 7 years, and every memory was
well cherished. That didn’t mean she didn’t
get mad from time to time, especially
when she thought about the last time
she saw him.

*That egoistic bastard kept telling me
how much he loved me and kept begging
me to tell him in return… but the minute
I do… The minute I break down my walls
and admit it… all I get is “No, you don’t.
But thanks for saying it.”

THANKS! That’s all I get. And he, the
most selfish ‘poncy bugger’ I have ever
met, had to go and get himself killed,
just to save this stupid world. I thought
that was ‘supposed’ to be in MY job

Usually when she had finished those
long speeches in her head, the look
on his face when she told him she loved
him, kept popping up in her head. The
look of utter surprise and joy, mixed with
fear and pain, and it was enough to melt
away her anger. Those trains of thoughts
were usually followed by grieving the
rest of the night. Grieving and thinking
about how much she missed him and
how much she had really loved him.

The tiny blond pulled to a stop when
she finally found a sign that said ‘McGinty’s’
and hurried over to the door. It was a
small but a cozy diner, with not many
customers, but enough to keep the money
flowing in, she guessed. She looked
around but didn’t see her friend so she
took a seat at the bar. A young,
very attractive man came up to
her and asked her if he could get her
anything. ‘Marc’ it said on his nametag.
*Well hello… Marc! Aren’t you just

“No, thanks,” she said and gave him a
smile that would have had any man on
his knees in just seconds. But this man
just smiled back and went over to another
customer. * Damn, the good looking
guys are always gay!
She stooped
back in her chair and jutted out her
lover lip in a pout that he had
always thought was so adorable.

The door to the diner opened up, and
a woman hurried in, along with a cold
breeze that ran through the diner, causing
most of the people there to shiver. This
woman had mousy brown, shoulder length
hair and dark brown eyes. She wasn’t
very tall, slim looking and wearing a
black overcoat and a blue scarf and
mittens matching the scarf.

The tiny, blond turned around to see
who had entered and smiled as she
saw her friend. “Alyssa, I was starting
to think you weren’t going to make it.”
The brown haired girl looked up and
smiled. She walked over to the bar and
gave the tiny blond a big hug. “Hi,
Buffy. It’s been way too long.”

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